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Shearer, H. wholesale depot for
roundjOval, & square glass shades,
marble, gilt and polished stands,
propagating glasses,shade stands
and cases; memorial wreaths and
crosses; manufacturer of wreath
cases and stands, 42 Howard st.
and at 27 St. Enoch pqnare
The Scottish National Glass and
Glazing Co. Ltd. 273 Hope st
■'Barr, John, & Co., 95-97 Wallace
street, s.s.
Barrowman, Peter, 1252 Duke st
Burnhim & Co., 83 Jama'ci st
Fleicher & Sons, 834 Argyle st
Forrest & Son, 1 1 to 1 9 Bishop
siret-t, Anderston cross
Grieve, John A. 11 St. Peter's lane
I>aing. Ja'". F. fi8 Bain st., Calton
M'Ewan, A & Co. air-tight glass
show cases and window enclos-
ures for all trades, 13 Mair st.
off Paisley road, W.
■Mair, James M. (shop fittings and
show cases of every description,
signs, mirrors, glass sbelvet and
window enclosures), 194 Max-
well rojd, Pollokshields
Malloch, C. & J. 304 St. Vincent
Meikle, Wm. & Sons, 19 and 21
Wellington st
Muir, John, & Co. show cases of all
kinds for jewellers, chemists,
&c ; mirrors, glass shelves, and
brass shop-fitiings of every
description, 17 Ward street
Templeton, B. 0. & Sons, 87 to 96
Pitt st
Forrest & Son (every descrip-
tion of incised, embossed acd
coloured grounds, stained and
rough cast), 11 to 19 Bishop st.,
Anderston cross
Adam, Stephen (estab. 1866,
medal awans, London, Edin-
burgh, and Glasgow), 168 Bath
Adam, Stephen, jun., 105 Bath
I rdet
Baird, John, Ltd , 99 Milton street,
Port- Dun das
Benfon, James (ecclesiastical and
domestic), 187 Bothwell st and
92 Pitt st
British and Foreign Glass Co.
(domestic and ecclesiastical),
137 Howard st; telephone No.
4762 ; telegrams, " Embossers,
Glasgow "
British Luxfer Prism Syndicate,
Ltd. (London), artists in electro-
copper g)azing. 45 Hope st
Bull, D. & Son, 72 Henrietta st
Burnham & Co., 83 Jamaica st
Caldwell, Jas. & Co. 371 Egliuton
City Glass Co. 23 Charing Cross
Cotterell, Wm. & Sons, 100 Elliot
street, Anderston
Couper, James, & Sons, 19 Kylest.
Couper, J. R. ; showrooms and
offices, 22 India street; works,
34 and 36 Elmbank st. ; res.
22 India ttreet
Crystalline Glass Co. (savdblast),
53 Candleriggs
Dotchin, James (best imitation), 83
St. George's road
Fletcher & Sons, 834 Argyle st
Forrest & Son, 11 to 19 Bishop
street, Ander^t m cross
French, Richd. & Son, 105 Gars-
ouhe rd
Glasgow (The) Glazing Co.
(.John Kemp, jun), 61 Hutclie-
son St.; also at 886 Govan road,
Hall, J. C. & Co , 278 St. ViLcent
Hunter, George, 45 Bridge st
Jarvie, William, hydro fluoric acid
manufacturer. Eclipse Chemical
Work, Coatbridge
Kier, W. & J. J. 368 St. Vincent
Kirk, Geo. G. 20 Cook street
Knox Bros. 16 York street
Laing, Jas. F. 68 Bain street
Lonajdon, Richd., 42 M'Farlane st
M'Culloch & Co. 154 W. Regent st
M'Laugblan, A., & Co., 5 and 9
B.)thwell cir
M'Lellan & Co, 209 Stobcross st
M'Phie, Jas. P. 6 Bishop street,
Anderston, and 84 Gt. Western
Malloch, C. & J. 304 St, Vincent
Marshall, Wm., 29 Abercromhy st
Meikle, Wm. & Sons, industrial
art studios, 19, 21 Wellington st
Melville, J. Stark (at Oscar,
Paterron, & Co.), 10 Blythswood
Milli^an, David, 113 Albion st
Paterson, R. L. & Co, 298-302
Abercromhy st
Pattison, Jas. M., 41 London rd
Pilkington Broa., Ltd., 44 to 48
Robertson st.
Pardon & Callander, 106 George st
Rae, G. & J., Ltd. 13-21 Ingram
St. and 629-631 Govan road,
Sedding, Frederick, 181-183 Clay-
thorn st
Smith, H. & Co. 161 BothweU st
Stewart, Robert, 16 Ferguson st
Summers, C. & W. 16,18,20 Kentst
Summers, Ja»., 85-41 Moir st
The GUss Stain^rs' Co.; Oscar
Paterson & Co., 10 Blyihs-
wood square ; 167 VV. Regent st
The Scottish National Glass and
Glazing Coy., Ltd , 273 Hope st
Tytler,Matthew,& Sons, Caledonian
Glass Works, 9 Howard street
Walker, Wm., 282 Buchanan st
Those marked a are glass stainers
aad beudera.
aAdim, Stephen, jr., 105 Bath st
Benson, James, 187 Bothwell st
Black, Geo. 150 North st
Borland, Jas., Belhaven Crfs. lane
a British and Foreign Glass Co. 137
Howard st
Brown, H. 44 So. Kinning pi
Caldwell, Jas., & Co., 371 Eglin-
lon st
Caldwell, John, & Son, 120 Bain st
Caniiicbael, Allan, 367 Dalmar-
nock rd.
aCity Glass Co., 2.3 Charing cross
Crawford, Hugh, 171 Gt. George
Cruicksbanks, J., & Co., 231 and
233 Maxwell rd., Pollokshields
Currie, A. P. 165 Calder street
Duncan, Jas. 175 Maxwell rd
Elvin & Co., 164 Cathedral st
Elvin, Andw. jun.,104 Cathedral st
Findlay, Jas., & Sons, 8 Otago st
Fletcher & Sons, 834 Argyle st
French, R. & Son, 105 Garscube
Gait, Thomas, 45 Buchan street
aGlasgow (The) Glazing Co.
(.John Kemp, jun.), 61 Hutcho-
son st ; also at 886 Govan road,
Guthrie, J. & W. & Andrew Wells,
Ltd. 237 West George st.
Hall, John C. & Co., 278 St. Vin-
cent street
Hamihon, James Imrie, 30 East
Wellington st.
Haran, W. & Co., 74 Cropkston st
Helliwell & Co., Ltd.; sole agent,
R. B. Howatson, 180 West
Regent st
Higgins, A. S. 133 Sword st
Hunter, Geo. 45 Bridge street
Jackson, W. 183 W. Scotland st
Kerr, Geo. 71 Hyndland street
aKier, W. & J. J. 368 St. Vincent
Kilbride, John, wrought-iron win-
dow ventilator maker, 65 Pitt
Kirk, Geo. G. 20 Cook st
aKnox Brothers, 16 York st
L^urie, Geo., 358 Gairbraid st,
Mary hill

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