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Glasgow (The) Glazing Co.
(John Kemp, jun.), 61 Hutche-
Bon St.; also at 886 Go van rd.,
Glasgow Plate Glass Co. 99 Murano
Glass Petir, 613|^ Gallowgate
Graham & Noble, 68 Stockwell st
Guthrie, J. & W., & Andrew Wells,
Ltd. (ornamental), 237 West
George st
Hall, John C. & Co. 278 St. Vin-
cent st
Hamilton, James Imrie, 30 East
Wellington street
Heller, J. (estab. 1874), office and
works, 46 Cliarles street, St.
Rollos; tel., P.O. 6626
Hill, B. Wylie, & Co., Lmtd., 20
Buchanan street
Johnsen & Jorgensen Ltd. (bottles,
glasj jars, &c.), showrooms,
18 West Campbell st
Johnston, Mary L. 40 Sauchiehall
Kier, W. & J. J. 368 St. Vincent st
King, William, Firhill Glass Boitle
Works, 81 Murano st
Kirk, Geo. G., 20 Cook street
Knox Brothers, 16 York st
Livingston & Miller, 43, 45, 93,
and 99 King st. city
Iiove & Co., Ltd., 360 Townmill
rd, Alexandra parade
M' Donald, Peter, & Co. (bottles of
all kinds, table and counter
glass for bote's and public-
houses), 4 Carlton pi
M'Dougall & Sons, 77 to 79 Bu-
chanan street and 2 to 10 Jail
M'Dougall & Sons, 665 Great
Western rd
M'Kenzie. C. 445 Victoria rd
macLacbJan, Peter, & Go.
(cobalt, pumice stone, for bottle-
making, also straw envelopes,
capsules, foils, corks, bottles of
every description, machinery, and
all requisites), 222 St. Vincent st
M'Laugblan, A., & Co., 6 and 9
Bothwell circus
Maclean, Wm., 15 Pitt street
M'Nab,Robt., 202 Hope st
Macnair, Wm. & Co. (glassware
of every description), 205 Bu-
chanan st
M'Neil, C. B. & Sons, SpringOeld
Bottle Works, 164 Springfield
road; P.O. telephone No. Y 220
M'Phie, Jas, P. 6 Bishop street,
Anderston, and 84 Great Western
M'Vean, John, 28 Crossburn st
Malloch, C. & J. 304 St. Vincent
Marshall, Wm. 29 Abercromby st
Meikle, Wm. & Sons, 19, 21 Wel-
lington st
Miiligan, David, 113 Albiou st
Moore, Edward, & Co., Tyne Film
Glass Works, South Shields ;
agents, S. Barclay & Co., show-
rooms, 35 Robertson street
Mushet, Wm., 81 Nicholson st
North (The) British Bottle Manu-'
factuiing Co., Lid., 3 Greenfield
St., Shettleston
Paterson, R L. & Co. 298 & 302
Abercromby st
Pattison, James M. 41 London
Paul, Robert, 74 Broad street,
Pilkington Bros. Ltd. 44 to 48
Robertson st
Poths, H., & Co., 13 W. Campbell
Purdon & Callender, 106 George
Rae, G. & J., T.td. 13-21 Ingram
St., and 629-C31 Govan rd.,
Richardson, Mills & Co., glass
bottles, straw envelopes, bottle
wrappers, 157 St. Vincent st
Richter & Kuitner (also table
ware), 95 Bath st
Rosenberg, Adolf (manufacturer &
importer of bottles, table ware,
&c.), warehouse, Canal Bank,
Scott & Co., Caledonian Bot'le
Works, 169 Murano st. Firhill
Sedding, Frederick, polished plate,
sheet, ruugb, tinted and orna-
mental glass of every description,
181-183 Claythorn street
Shearer, H., 27 St. Enoch sq. and
42 Howard st
Smellie, Jas. 248 Main st. Gorbals
Smith, H. & Co., 161 Bothwell
Sneddon, A., & Sons, 123-127
Stockwell st
Sneddon, .James, & Co. 25 to 31
Queen st
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow),
Ltd. 28, 30, 32 Oswald st
Stewart, Robert, 16 Ferguson
Summers, C. & W., 16, 18, & 20
Kent st
Summers, Jas., 35-41 Moir st
The General Fittings Co., 106
Cowoaddens tt
The Glass Supply Co. (wholesale),
75-105 Bishop St., Anderston
The Scottish National Glass and
Glazing Co. Ltd. 273 Hope
Thompson, Bros. & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. bottles of all kinds, table
glass for home & export, and
incandescent electac lamps, 29
to 39 Surrey St., s.s. ; telephone
Nos. Nat. 151 Gorbals; P.O.
Thomp-ion, Robert B., & Co.,
(bot'les, show glasses, &c. of i,
every description, at prices to
defy competition), 54 Howard i
St.; tele. Nos., Nat. 1415;
P.O. 2648.
Tytler, Matthew, & Sons, Cale- '
donian glass works, 9 Howard
st eet
Ward, Geo. H. (bottles), 75 Both-
well street
Wilson, John, 523 St George's rd
Wood, E. A.; office and warehouse,
87 Gallowgate ; goods entrance,
28 East Nile st
Blackwood & Rodger, 17 Oswald
M'Lean, Andrew, & Co. 109 Main
st. Bridgeton
M'Millan, Bros., 112 John s-t., city
Orr, Peter, & Son, 280 Cathedral
street (formerly 7 Stirling road)
Shand Bros. 6 Dixon st
The London Emery Works Co.,
Atlas brand, emery cloth and
glass paper, " Tottenham " flint
paper, ruby or garnet paper for
polishing drums ; sole agents,
A P. Newall & Co. 57 Hope st
Young & Morrison, 13 Shuttle st
Aitchison, Arch, agent for W. E.
Chance & Co., Oldbury, 37 and
53 Bishop street, Anderston
British and Foreign GlassGo.whole-
sale depot for glass shades of
every description, memorial
wreaths and crosses, 45 St.
Enoch sq
Caulfield & Co., 16 Adams Court
Fletcher & Sons, 834 Argyle st
Graham & Noble (wholeiale and
retail warehouse for glass shades
of every description, glass shelves,
shop mirrors, memorial wreaths,
marble books, scrolls and crosses,
monuments), 68 Stockwell st
(under railway bridge)
Henderson, Francis, Ltd., 79 Can-
dleriggs; telegrams, " Raffia."
Knox Bros. 1 6 York st
M'Dougall & Sons, 2-10 Jail
Meikle, Wm., & Sons, 10 and 21
Wellington st
MiUigan, David, 113 Albion street,
Pilkington Bros. Ltd., 44 to 48
Robertson at
Seddinti, Frederick, 181-183 Clay-
thorn st

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