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Arrol, Sir Wm. & Co., Ltd.,
fe5 Preston st, Bridgeton
Ashaiore, Benson, Pease & Co. Ltd.
Stockton-on-Tees, manufrs. of
complete gas works' plant, blast
furnace and chemical plant, &c;
repres., Wm. G. Turnbull, 144
St. Vincent street
i Barrowtield Iron Works, Ltd.
(late Laidlaw, Sons & Caine,
Ltd.), Fordneuk st
Oarrathers, Wm,, & Co. (The Scot-
tisb Dental Depot), 68 Bath st
Carty, J. L., & Co., agents for
manufrs., 219 St. Vincent st
Craig, A M., 11-19 Queen st
Dove, Wni. W. (gas meter skins),
14 8 Trongate
Falk, Staddmann&Co., Ltd., 74-
78 Gt. Clyde st
Gibson & Dunn, 35 Cadogau st
Hamilton, Robt. & Co. 122 Main
St. Bridt^eton
Hanna, Donald, & Wilson, Abbey
Works, New Sneddon, Paisley
Heatbfield & Cardowan Fire Clay
Co. (fire clay retorts); office, 52
Robertson st
Johnston, Park, & Co. 15 Oswald
Keith, James & Blackman Co. Ltd
high pressure gas lighting for
works, factories, public halls,
shops (insioe and outside),hotels,
■ &c., &c., 90 Mitchell st.
Laidlaw, R. & Son, Limited,
147 East Milton st
Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine, Ltd. now
The Barrowfield Iron Works, Ltd.
Fordneuk st.
M'Inne3& M'Lachlan, 258 George
Macleod, William, & Co., 62
Robertson st
Main, R. & A. Ltd ISfiRenfieldst.
and Gotbic Ironworks, Falkirk
Milne, James, & Son, Ltd., Ill St
Vincent street
Moyes, Wm. & Sons, acetylene
gas generators for mansions,
railway stations, ligbthouses, &o.
115 Bothwell St. and brani-hes
Nelson, D. M. & Co. 53 Waterloo
Patent Paraffin Gas Lighting Co.,
Ltd. (The), Oil - Gas Plant
Acetylene Generators, &c., 40
Hoaldsworth st
Paterson. Wm. & Son, 65 Pitt st
Plntsch's Patent Lighting
Co., Ltd. (tor lighting railway
carriages, buoys, beacons, light-
houses and lightships), 93 Hope
Pintsch's patent railway carriage.
ship, and buoy gas lighting
system; sole agents for Scotland,
Wm. Lester & Sons, 11 West
Regent st
Pollock, Wm., & Co., 54 Lancefield
Richmond, David, & Co. Ltd. City
Tube Works, and Brass Foundry
35 Rose st. s.s
Rowell, J., & Sons, "EO.S." g^s
plants, for churches, manses,
railway stations, &c.; 66 Gordon
Scotch and Irish Oxygen Co. Ltd.
compressors, seamless and lap-
welded steel gas bottles, valves for
gas bottles and refrii/erating plant
in bronze, steel, and aluminium
(see Oxygen Manufacturers),
Rosehill Works, 493 Aiken-
head rd. Polmadie
Smitb, Hartley & Turnbull, 53
Waterloo street
Smith, Wincott & Co. (gas pro-
ducers, &c ), 53 Waterloo st.
Tangyes Ltd. Ill Hope st
Taylor, Andrew, 47 Oswald st
The Fmnieston Engiueering Co.
(rivetted mains, &c.), 169 Fin-
nieston street
The Glenboig Union Fire Clay Co.,
Limited; offices, 48 W. Rpgent
St.; depot, head of Glebe st.,
St. Rollox. — See Advt. in Appen.
The Tayler Smith Co., 233
St. Vincent st. The Elwell
Smith safety petrol gas plant for
lighting and heating town and
country houses, workshops, villa-
ges, &c.; telegrams, ''Deserving,"
Glasgow; tele . 483 Argyle
The Pnwer Gas Corporation, Ltd.,
minufacra. and contractors for
power gas and producer plaLts,
with and without by-product re-
covery fjas engines, &c.; repres.,
Wm. G. Turnbull, 144 St. VIq-
cent street
Watson, Gow & Co. Limited, Etna
Foundry, Lilybank rd
Campbell, T. B. & Sons, Ltd. (regu-
lator, incandescent, acetylene,
&c.), 29 Wellington st
Falk, St^.delmann & Co., Ltd., 74,
76, 78 Great Clyde st
Johnston, Park & Co. 15 Oswald
Keith, James & Blackman Co. Ltd.;
Keith's patunt high pressure
burner for intensified lighting,
90 Mitchell street
M'Innes & M'Lachlan, 258 George
MacLeod, William, & Co., 62
Robertson st
Milne, Jas. & Son, Ltd., Ill St.
Vincent street
Moyes, Wm. & Sons (acetylene)
1 15 Bothwell st. and branches
Paterson, Wm. & Son (agents for
Geo. Bray & Co. Ltd. Leeds, for
coal and acetylene gas), 65 Pitt
St. ; telephone Nos., Nat. 980
Argyle; P.O. 5980
Acme Engine ©o. Ltd. ; work?,
Budhiil ave., Suettleston
Beard more, Wm., & Co., Ltd.
(Oechelliiinser system gas en-
gines 250 h.p. and upwards),
Parkhead Forge and Dalmuir
British Westinghouse Elec-
tric and Manufacturing
Co. , Ltd., 65 Rentield st
Campbell Gas Engine Co. Ltd.
(The), suction gas engines and
producers, 104 Bath street
Carlaw, David, & Sons, 11 Fin-
nieston St.; telephone Nos. Nat.
363 Argyle; P.O. 1262
Carty, J. L., & Co., agents for
manufrs., 219 St. Vincent st
Clarkson Bros. Ltd. City and
Temple Engineering Work^,
Temple; and at 358 Cathedral
St. city (sole agents for the
" Hornsby- Stockport " gas en-
gines, with producer and suction
gas plant and all accessories,
practical men kept for erecting
and repairing)
Crossley Bros., Ltd., 2 17 St.
Vincent street
Dempster, M»ore, & Co., Ltd., 49
Riibeitson street
Dougill Gas and Oil Engine; agent
for Scotland, Wm. Black, 11
W. Regent st
Fairbanks Co , 64, 56 Bothwell st
Fumival & Co. Ltd., printers and
general engineers, 215 West
George street
Green, A. Henderson, & Co., 34
Ann street
Globe Gas Engine Co., Ltd., engi-
neers machine tool makers, Ghibe
Engineering Works, Johnstone
"Gardner" Eigines; agent, Percy
Lowcock, i(i6 W. Regent st
Key, Wm. patent silent exhaust
for gas engines, 109 Hope st
Landale, Alfred,& Co. (gas and
oil engnies, suction producers ;
quick repairs a speciality),
100 Port-Dundas road
M'Fie, Robert & Sons, St. Mungo
Engineering Works, 9 Shuttle
S' reet
M'Gtiee, Geo. & Co. 72 Market
street, E«st
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. agents,
129 Trongate
Price's Patent Caudle Co., Ltd.
(oil) lubrioanis for internal com-
bustion engines; A. D.Newlands,
agent, 88 York st
Rae, Thos., 10a Carlton court, s.s

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