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Forster, T. S., & Sons, Ltd., Cop-
peras Bank Forge, Pallion. Sole
agents, A. Maclean & Co., 87
Union St
Gutehoffnungshutte Iron & Steel
Co., Ltd., Willock, Reid & Co.,
Ltd., 109 Hope st. Telegraphic
address, " Systematic," Glas-
gow ; telephone Mo^., National,
832 Argyle; P.O. 108
Hawthorns & Co., Limited, Leith ;
agents, Morris, Warden & Co., 68
Gordon street
Henderson, David & Wm., & Co.,
Ltd., 190 Elliot street
Hill, Thos. & Co. (auctioneers and
valuators), 66-68 Robertson
Hiirst, Nelson & Co., Ltd. ;
registered office and chief works,
The Glasgow Rolling Stock and
Plant Works, Motherwell; Glas-
gow office, 40 West Nile street;
Manchester office, Northern As-
surance buildings, Albert sq ;
London office, 14 Leadenhall
street, E.G.; also at Chatsworth
Waggon Works, near Chester-
loce Forge Co. Ltd. on Admiralty
list; agents, G. J. & W. Temple-
ton, 113 West Regent St.; Nat.
telephone, 1024 Argyle; P.O.
Jessop, Wm., & Sons, Ltd.,
Sheffield; sole representative
for Scotland, M. Chapman, 42
Kersland street, Hillhead. — See
Adv. in App.
Lynn, James, & Co., 435 Garngad
Maclean, A., & Co., agents for T.
S. Forster & Sons, Ltd., 87
Union St
MacLellan, P. & W. (Limited), 129
Motherwell Waggon and Rolling
Stock Co. Flemington, Mother-
Nielson & Maxwell, 142 St. Vin-
cent st
Portland Forge Co. Ltd. makers of
engine and ship forgings, Kil-
Pardon, John, & Sons, Lambhill
Forge, by Maryhill
Reid, Matthew, & Co. Ltd. Kil-
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. 28, 30, 32 Oswald st
Sturrock, James, & Co., 17 Os-
wald st
Taylor Bros , Leeds; agents, Chis-
liolms & Hendry Bros., Ltd.,
28 and 34 Robertson st.
The Langley F^rge Co., Ltd.,
Langley, near Birmingham (iron
and steel) ; agent for Scotland,
H. M. Harper, 93 Hope st
The Sunderland Forge & Engineer-
ing Co. Ltd ; representative,
Albert J. Kinghorn, Caledonian
chambers, 87 Union st
Vickers, Sons & Maxim, Limited,
Sheffield; sole agents, W. M.
Wilson & Co., 19 Waterloo at
Woodhouse & Rixeon, Shef-
fitrld i speciality, round or square
bent cracks, block or built
craoks, hydraulically pressed
steel forginga up to 30 tons,
black, rough turned or finished
bright; on Admiralty list. Sole
agents, James Sturrock & Co.,
17 Oswald st
American Express Co., 30
Gordon st
Anderson, James, 87 Washington st
Arbuckle, Smith & Co , head
office, 63a St. Vincent st.
Berryman & Co., 75 Buchanan st
Biggart Fulton & Grier, 7 Royal
Bank pi
Brown, Sam. M., & Co , 12 Water-
loo st
Dalziel, Roltert R., & Co.,
South street, Whiteinch ; Nat.
te!., lOSePartick
Dickson, Geo., 60 and 70 Fox st.
Downings' American Des-
patch, 51 Retifield st
Fleming, Jas. & Sons, 15 York
Fletcher, G. H., & Co., 70 Wel-
lington st
Fraser, Richd., 53 Robertson st
Gellatly, Hankey & Co.,
Gordon chambers, 82 Mitchell st
Grierson, R., & Co., 13 WeUing-
ton st
Hatfield, Cameron & Co., 10 Botk-
well st
Hav, J. & J., Ltd., 58 Renfield st
Hayman, Thomas, & Son,
Ltd., 26a Robertson st
M'Lellan, A. & J., 15 and 17
Stanley st., s.s.
Meadows, Thos. & Co. express and
freight services, 10 Hanover st
Merchants Pespatch Trans-
portation Co., 30 Gordon st
Moffat's Parcel Express Co., Ltd.,
133a Argyle st
Rankine, James, & Son, 45 West
Nile street
Roxburgh, J. & A., 14 St. Vin-
cent place
The Globe Express, Limited, 93
Maxwell st
Union Transit, Ltd., head
offices, 38 1 Argyle St.;
telephones, Nat. 2137 and
2138 Argyle; P.O. 5162 and
Wells, Fargo & Co, 63a St. Vin-
cent st
Wheatley, Geo. W., 51 Ren-
field st
Wingate, W., & Johnston, Ltd., 64
Gordon st
Wright, Jno., & Co., 4 York st
Baird, Archibald, & Son, Ltd.,
Peacock Cross, Hamilton
Biggar & Hendry, 159 Howard st
Barton, C. W., Griffiths & Co. 57
& 59 Finnieston st
Carty, J. L., & Co., agents for
manufacturers, 219 St. Vincent st
Dixlziel & Co. (grind stones, files,
belting, &c.), 1 ! 6 Hope st
Dempster, Moore & Co., Ltd., 49
Robertson st
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 35
M'Alpine st
Evans, James, & Co., manu-
facturers of all descriptions of
foundry blackings, cupolas,
ladles, sandsifters, mills, chap-
lets, &c.. Old Edinboro' road
Fairbanks Co., 64 and 56 Both-
well st
Forbes, J. Gilbert (wood wool core
ropes), 12 York st
Landale, Alfred, & Co., foun-
dry ladles, rumblers, sand
mixers, loam mills, moulding
and gi-inding machines, 100
Port-Duiidas road
Lindegreen & Co., Box, 8 Royal
M'Ewan, Wra. A. 156 James st.
Bridgetan cross
Macfarlane, A. & P., 121 St.
Vincent st
M'Lean, Andrew, & Co. 109 Main
st. Bridgeton
Maclean, A., & Co., 87 Union st
Maclellan, P. & W. Ltd. 129
Miller, A. B , & Co.; sole repre-
sentatives for the " MacClelland"
patent sand moulding machine,
22 Bishop St., Anderston
Mnrchie, Jas. 39 Mains street
Murray, M'Vinnie & Co. Mavis-
back quay, s.s.
Nimmo & Go. 13 Pitt street
Paterson, Wm. & Son (special
quality crane chains, hooks,
sling chains, all sizes in stock),
65 Pitt st
Pegler Bros. & Co., 54-56 Brown
st, Anderston
Potter, Thomas, 41Cumberland St.,
Scbaffer & Budenberg, Ltd.
(hydraulic and steam gauge
makers, engine governors,
Thompson & Richards' indi-
cators (with outside springs),
steam traps, perfect restarting
injectors, &c., &c.), 5 Welling-
ton st

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