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Ingram, Cbas., 18b Renfield st
Landell, Wm. 106, IttS Trongate ;
factory.Silvan Works, 187 Broad
St. Mile-end
Iiawson & Co., 85 Buchanan st
Lawson, James, 70 Argyle street
M'Pherson Brothers, 78 and 80
Argvle st
Marshalls, 176 and 277 Argyle st
Martin, Alex. 20 Royal Exchange
square, and 128 Union street,
Panton, G. & Son, Ltd. 24 Miller
Robertson, Wm. 27 Wellington st
Panton, G. & Son, Ltd. 24 MUler
Aitchison, J. T., 167 Byre^ rd
Anderson, H. S. 37 St. George's rd
Anderson, T. (Sawers, Ltd.) 58,
60 W. Nile st
Andrew, Wm., 184 Byres rd
Bain, L., 1007 Argyle st
Blackwood, Benjamin, 1051 Argyle
Boyd, J. W. & Co. 263 Byres rd
Brown. Stewart, 625 Duke st
Brown, Wm. 492 and 207 Great
Western rd. and 12 Queen Mar-
garet place
Brown, Mary, 1036 Dumbarton rd.
Burgess, David, 34 Sinclair drive,
Cochrane, Wm. 69 Cowcaddens st
Cooper & '^0., 8 to 38 Howard st
Cruiokshank, Jas. S,, 1067 Dum-
barton rd
Currie, W. A., 182 Cumberland st
Davidson. Wm. 109 Norfolk st
Dunlop, Thos. 540 Springburn rd
Fairfield, D., 244 A.llison st
Ferguson, John, 165 Eglinton st.;
160 Kilmarnock rd., Shawlands;
and 1073 Pollokshaws road,
Finbie, W'. B. 199 Paisley rd. W.
Garroway, John, 6 Whitehill st
Giffen, Miss E. L. & A. 242 St.
George's road
Graham, J., 434 Dumbarton road,
Green, Andrew, 135 George st
Hailstones, A,, 146 Langlands rd.,
Hailstones, Andrew, 35 Morrison
street, Govan
Hailstones, J. F., 165 Garscube
Hall, John B., 3.n Garscube rd
Hamilton, A., 800 Argyle st
Hart, J., 3 Hyndland st
Hill, Andrew, 411 Dumbarton rd.
Hodge, Miss A. 557 Duke st
Hogu, Geo., 68 L Dumbarton rd.,
Imrie, Alex. 54 Candleriggs
Ingis, Ja?., 68 Alexandra parade
Inglis, W. H. 301b Parliamentary
Inglis, Mrs H., 367 New City rd.
Jamieson, H. B. 90 Stirli- g rd
Keys Joseph, 193 and 195 Parlia-
mentary road
Lawrie, James, 103 Gt. Hamilton
Ligertwood, Geo. (game dealer),
677 Cathca't rd
Little, R. A., 219 Albert road,
M'Callum, R.,226 St. George's rd
M'Dermid Bros. 52 New City rd
M'Gre^r, John, 385 Cumberland
street, s.s.
M'George, J. S., 137 St. George's
M'Lay, Daniel, 261 and 385
Cumberland street, s.s.
MacL'^od, Ma'colm, wholesale shell
fish dealer, 17 Taylor st
M'Milian, Alex., 319 Byres rd
M'Millan, J. H. 147 Crown street
M'Nab, James, 494 Duke st
M'Niven, Jas. & Sons, 133 Mains
M'Taggart, D., 649 Govan rd
Mairs, John, 212 Gallowgate
Malcolm, Wm., 464 Dumba' ton rd,
Malcolm, Wm., 7 & 9 Stockwell
Miller, A. 69a West Nile st
Nairn, John, 395 New City rd
Neil, S. L. 120a Duke street
Paterson, John, 7 & 9 Albert rd..
Paterson Peter, 23 Gt. Western rd
Paterson, Thos. 29 George st
Paterson, Wm,, 1345 Duke street,
Paul, J. & A. 421 Gt. Western rd
Reid, Alex. 437 Victoria rd
Ryder, John, 160 New City road
Sawers, Ltd. 11 to 17 Howard st.
and branches
Sclanders, Thos., 158 Paisley road,
Sclanders, Wm., 333 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Smith, Wm., 178 Butterbiggins rd
Smith, Miss J. 623 Gallowtiate
Stretton, J. B. 2.55 North street
Sutherland, Daniel. 12 Dunlop st
Taylor, George, 16 Kensiugtoa ter,
Walker, John. 245 Byres road
Walker, Jas , 654 Alexandra parade
Wilson, R. & Co., 183 Cathedral st
Aitkeo, Campbell & Co., Ltd., 99
Glassford st
Barlow, T. C. flag and banner
maker, flags for hotels, missions,
schools, ships, societies, trades ;
also banners and bannerets, 276
St. Vincent st
Bishop, 52 Clyde pi
Boardrasin Bros., Manchester; 99
Waterloo st
Campbell & Hall, 94 Broomielaw;
factory, Robertson lane
Campbell & Hall (flags on loan for
decorations), 94 Broomielaw
Kenning, George, & Son, Jlag^ for
ships, trades, schools, and socie-
ties, also banners and bannerets,
9 Howard street
Lamberton, H. & Co. 133 and 135
Renfieid street
Lang, Cbas , Vernal Bros., suc-
cessors (and banners for all
societies), 28 Bridgeton cross
M'Gregor, D. & Co., Ltd. for mer-
chant vessels, yachts, and land
purposes, 37 Clyde place.
Telephone No. 1505 South
M'Symon & Potter (ship flags),
33 Great Wellington st
Mitchelson, William B., banner
and flag manufacturer, 98 So.
Portland street
Paisley, Peter, & Son (and banner),
82 to 96 Jamaici St. and 2 to
12 Broomielaw
Ship Chandlery & Sailwork Co. 18
Finnieston lane
Simpson, R. & Sons, Jamaica st.
Stevenson, James, 1103 Argyle st
Wright, William (flag and banner
maker for wedding cakes), 315
Argyld st
Wylie & Lochhead, Ltd., 45
Buchanan st
Ewart, Wm. & Son, Ltd. 90
Mitchell st
M'Harg, G. M'Kenzie (and jute),'
142 Qoeen st
Mackay, Donald, 51 Ingram st
Millar, Hamilton, & Co., 73
Hutcheson street
Stewart, John, & Co. 7 Royal
Bank place
Thomson, M. C. & Co. Ltd.
98 Holm street
Webster, Francis, & Sons, 49
Paisley road
Adams, Geo. 779 Gallowgate
Allan, Peter, 105 Crown st
Anderson Bros., 33 Howard st
Anderson, Graham, 476 Duke st
Anderson, B., 356 Victoria road
Anderson, T. 666 Eglinton st
Anderson, Thomas, 101 Rottenrow
Anderson, Wm 107 Norfolk street
Anderson, Wm. 727 Pollokshaws rd

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