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Hannah, Samuel & Co. 189 Ruther-
glen road
Hinshelwood, Thos,, & Co , Ltd.,
Glenpark street
Hird, Hastie & Co., 73 Park street,
Kinning Park Oil, Paint, Colour,
and Varnish Works
Morier, Wm. (brashes), Copeland
road, Govan
Storer, Jas., & Co., Ltd., Barrow-
field Works, BridgetoQ
The Fiihill Lime and Whiting Co.,
Ltd., 60 Firhill road
Adam, J. M., & Co., Ibrox Iron
Woiks, Govan
Airdrie Iron Co., Ltd. (Rateau
patent mining fanj), Airdrie
Aland & Co.; sole agents, Jas. T.
Donald & Co., Ltd., 35 M' Alpine
Blair, George, sole agent, Thwaites
Bros. Ltd. Bradford 38 Queen st
Brierley, Thos., Primrose Bank,
Oldham, Agent, John S. Bishop,
51 Cadogan street
Chalmers, William (electrical)
(exhaust and propeller), 142
Bath st
Cruickshauks & Cook, Ltd. 74
Galhraith street
Davidson & Co., Ltd., "Sirocco "
fans for mine ventilation, in-
duced and forced draught,
cupola, smithy, and stenter
blowers, dust removal, &c., 53
Bothwel) street
Dempster, Moore & Co., Ltd., 49
Robertson street
Donald, James T., & Co., 35
M'Alpine street
Donald, John, Ltd.Cfans, exhausters
and propellers), 42 Cadogan st
Drysdale & Co. steam fans for
forced draught and ventilating,
39 Kirkpauick st. London road
Electric and Ordnance Accessories
Co., Ltd.; J. & A. Anderson,
231 St. Vincent street
Espie, Jas. (electric), 173a St.
Vincent street
Howden, Jas., & Co., 195 Scotland
Keith, James, & Blackmann Co.,
Ltd., Ktith centrifugal fans for
cupolas, smithy fires, forced
draught, dust removing, &c., 90
Mitchell street
Key, Wm. (ventilatin ), Central
Chambers, 109 Hope street
Landalc, Alfred, & Co. (fans
and blowers for drying, ventilat-
ing, and carrying off dust), 100
Port-Dundas road
MacLellan, P. & W. Ld. 129 Tron-
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. (electrical),
47 Broad st. Mile-end
Musgrave & Co., Ltd. (Ulster fan
for ventilatiou, drying, mechani-
cal draft and extraction systems),
67 Hope street
Ritchie, Jas. Glenavon Engineering
Works, Sawmill road and Mil-
ton street, Partick
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. 28, 30, and 32 Oswald st
Tullis, D. & J., Ltd. (engineers),
Kilbowie Iron Works, Kilbowie
Craddock, John C. B. 489 Sauchie-
hall street and 21 Argyle arcade
Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd.
Stuart Cranston, founder and
managing director, 28 Buchanan
St., 43 Ai'gyll arcade, and 13
Renfield street
Harrington, J. P., Ltd., 3a
Hanover street
Hill, K. Wylie, & Co. Lmtd.
20 Buchanan street
Macdonald, A damson, Swinburne
& Co., Ltd., sole agents for the
Standard Engineering Co., 256
Argyle street
Naismitb, King & Co., Ltd.
(Japanese fans and hand
screens), 180 Ingram st
Angus, Wm. 236 Buchanan st
Airol, B. & M., 15 and 16 Argyle
Barber, F. W. 472 Gt. Western rd
Bertram, Peter, & Sons, 335 Argyle
Blair, M., 29-30 Argyle arcade
Bogle, John, Ltd., 634 Govan rd
Boots, Cash Chemists, 101-105
Sauchiehall St.; telephones, P.O.
4437, Nat. 768 Douglas
Bow's Emporium, 61 to 71 High st.
2 to 22 Bell st. and 2 to 10
Walls St. city
Boyd, Robert, & Sons, 59 and 61
King St., city
Burns, William, & Co. (late Burns,
Crawford & Co.), 84 Miller st
Cameron, Allan, 19 Chisholm st
Campbell,Paul,& Sons, Ld. brackets,
glove and trinket boxes, fitted
companions, &c. , Silvergi-ove st
Clydesdale Publishing Co., 39
Jamaica street
Conacher, M. 58 Argyle arcade
Craddock, J. C. B. 489 Sauchiehall
Crawford, R., & Co., WeeMy Mail
Buildings, 114 Union st
Dawson & Co., 65 W. Regent st
Dickson, Devlin & Perkins, 74
Miller st
Dove, John, 31-33 St. Andrew
st. and 1 St. Andrew sq
Elliot, Jessie, 1002 Argyle st
Ferguson, John, & Sons, 54 York
Forgie, J. & T., 133 Sauchiehall
French Robt., 118 Trongate
Geggie, John, 84 Dumbarton road
Harold, H., & Sons (wholesale), 9
Little street, Calton
Harrington, J. P. Limited, 3a
Hanover street
Henderson, Francis, Ltd., 79
Candleriggs; telegrams " Raffia "
Henry, Peter, & Co., 11 Dnnlop st
Hepburn & Marshall, 54-58 St.
George's road
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co. Ltd. 20
Buchanan street
Holmes, William & Co. Ltd. 9
Mitchell lane, off Buchanan st
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, 14 Queen st
Laadell, Wm., 106 and 108 Tron-
gate and Silvan Works, 187
Broad street. Mile-end
Livingston & Miller, 43, 45, 93
and 99 King street, city
Lyle, Mrs. William, 115 Paisley
road, west
M'Donald, Allan, 455 and 458
Duke street
M'Dougdll & Sons, 2-10 Jail sq.
77-79 Buchanan street, and
Marr, Downie & Co., Limited, 57
Ingram st
Marshall, Miss, 15 Gower st., Ibrox
Melling, Wm., & Co., 52 St. Enoch
Miller, A. M., 182 Trongate
Mills, E. J., 465 Sauchiehall st
Naismith, King & Co., Ltd.
(Japanese and Oriental fancy
goods), 180 Ingram st
Neish, M. & A., 317 New City rd
Ncble & Scobie, 74 Miller st
Orr, Francis, & Sons, 131 Ren-
tield st
Rattray, Chas. & Co. (wholesale),
14 to 16 Candleriggs
Ritchie, Wm. & Sons, Ltd. (of Elder
St. Edinburgh), 68 Gordon st.
Grosvenor Buildings
Shearer, H., importer of Japanese,
Chinese, and Oriental and Con-
tinental fancy goods, 27 St.
Enoch square and 42 Howard st
Smith, Mrs S., 27 Argyle arcade
Sneddon, James, & Co. 25 to 31
Queen st
Sptculand, Marcus E., 9 Candle-
Stewart, Miss C. 452 Gallo wate
The Scotiish Penny Bazaar, 251
Argyle street
Thomson, A. R., & Co., 60 Argyle
Thomson, Terris & Co , 26 Albion

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