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Kirkpatrick & Barr (coal), 67 Hope
"Kit" Coffee, Ltd. (coffee
essence and sauces), 195 Broom-
loan road, Go van
Law & James, 140 West George
Lawrie, Thomas, & Stewart, 166
Buchanan st
Lawrie, Walter, & Co. (provisions),
100 Brunswick st
Leisler, Greig & Co. 19 Waterloo st
Love & Stewart, Ltd. (coal), 140
Hope street
M'Coard, Wm- & Son, exporters of
engine waste and sponge
cloths, Whitevale Mills, 15
East Nelson street. Telegrams,
" Maccoard, Glasgow ;" tele-
phone Nos., National 2659;
P.O. y25
M'CoU & Rogers, 249 W. George st
M'Creath, Tajlor & Co., 170
Hope s reet
M'Crone & Anderson (iron, steel,
firebricks, creosote, tar, pitch),
82 Mitchell street
Macdonald, F. C, & Co., Ltd.
(machinery metals, &c.), 55
West Regent st
M 'Don aid, Peter, & Co. (whisky),
4 Carlton place
M'Farlane, J. & A., Limited,
Albert works, 40 Springbankst,
New City rd
M'Gregor, D., & Co., Ltd., clocks,
barometers, telescopes, binoculars,
binnacles, compasses, &c., 37
Clyde pi
Macgregor, Ronald, & Co. (cotton
goods, chemicals, &c.), 50
Wellington st
Mackay, A. B., Ltd. (whisky), 48
Rentield street
M-Kie, Speirs, & Co., 48 West
Regent st
Maclachlan, G. & J. (whisky), 67
W. Regent st
MaoLachlan, Peter, & Co. (every
description for wines, spirits,
drugs, coffee essence, confec-
tions ; special makers of minia-
tures and small fancy botiles ;
every requisite for bottlers), 222
St. Vincent st
Maclean, A., & Co., 87 Union st
MacLellan, Lewis & John, oils, &c,
65, 67 and 130 Port-Dundas
Main & Co. (machinery, tubes, &a)
43 Hope street
Martin & Co. (machinery metals
and general), 52 St. Enoch sq
Mastey, Alex., & Sons (provisions),
11-21 Cleland street
Mather, John, & Son (whisky), 147
Queen street
Menzies, Jas. (Scotch whisky), 68
Bath st
Miller & Allan, Ltd. (machinery),
11 Bothwell street
Murray, M'Vinnie & Co. (ship's
stores) Mavisbank quay, s.s. —
See Adv.
Naismitti, King & Co. Ltd. (Eastern
and Colonial), 180 Ingram st
Neill, J. & R., 3-2 Clyde pi
Neilson & Maxwell, 142 St. Vin-
cent st. and 503-606 Coronation
house, 4 Lloyd's avenue, London,
Oliver, Kirk & Co. (teas), 115
Douglas street
Penman, D. A., & Co. (coal), 180
Hope strt et
Peteisen, Honeyman & Co, (coal),
11 Bothwell st
Poynter, John, Son, & Macdonalds,
chemicals, metals, oils, &c. 72 Gt.
Clyde street
Ramsay, John (Scotch whisky),
16 Bothwell street
Reid Brothers (Glasgow), Ltd. 62
Bothwell st
Reid, R. A & Co. (coal tar pro-
ducts), 125 Buchanan st
Richardson & Co., 11 West Nile st
Richardson, Mills & Co., export
ai d import merchants, glass
bottles, paper, &c., &c , 157
St. Vincent st
Risk, Moaes, & Sons, Ltd. (Scotch
whisky), 58 Dundas st
Rowe & Co., 142 Queen street
Russell & Co. (exporters of provi-
sions and spirits), 71 Robertson
Samson, Wm. & Co. (iron, steel,
metals, machinery, and general),
88 Great Clyde st
Smith, Andrew, 12 York st
Smith's, R\chard, Executors Ltd.
(chemicals), 182 West st
Speedwell Chemical Co. (coal tar,
pitch, creosote oil, asphalte, &c.),
177 Ciownpoint road
Stephen, Smith & Co. Ltd.
(whisky), 16 Bothwell st
Stevenson, D. M. & Co. (chemicals,
metals, coals, oils, and fireclay
material), 12 Waterloo st
Stevenson y Romero, Ltd. (coals,
coke, iron and chemicals), 12
Waterloo street, and Valencia
and Barcelona (Spain)
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. 28, 30, 33 Oswald street
Storer, James, & Co. Ltd. (of dry-
salters and oilmen's stores) Bar-
rowfield Works, Bridgeton
Summers, KoUberg & Co. (coal and
tar products), 166 Buchanan st
Taylor Brothers & Co. (wines and
spirits), 4t Leven street; tele-
phones, 1900 Nat. ; Z 400
P.O.; tel. address, "Spirits."
The Clyde Salvage Co., Ltd., 4
Howard street
Thom & Cameron, Ltd., 93 Cheap-
side st
Tower, Archd., & Co., Ltd. (whisky
blenders and exporters), 14
Dixon street
Tulloch, Wm., & Co. (chemicals,
&c.), 7 West George st
VValker & Cameron (coal), 28
Royal Exchange sq.
Walker, George, Sons & Co. (tar,
pitch, creosote, chemicals, &c.),
45 Rerifield st
PVallace & Forbes (coal), 50
Wellington street
Westwood, M-Neill & Co. (pitch,
tar, creosote, oils, chemicaU,
&c.), 118 Queen st
White, Adam, & Co. (chemical and
coal tar products), 104 West
George street
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co., papers
and account books, 335 St.
Vincent st
Wood, James & Wm,, Ltd. (coal),
28 Royal Exchange square
Wood, Jas. & Wm.., & Lamond, Ld.
(South American merchants,
exporters and importers), 28
Royal Exchange square, and 195
Calle Reconquista, Buenos Akes
Doulton & Co. Ld. stoneware pipes'
mantels and stoves, tiles, cruci-
bles, chemical ware, electrical
conduits and appliances ; sani-
tary appliances, baths, lavatories,
closets, urinals, glass enamelled
pipes, &c. 38 and 40 Bothwell st
Ferguson, John, & Sons, household,
painting, saddlery, toilet, and
fancy brush manufacturers, also
machine and foundry brushes
of every description and cocoa
mats and matting. 54 York st
Morier, Wm. (painting brushes and
all classes of household and
machinery brushes), Oopeland
road, Govan
Stewart Bros., painting, household,
and maohiue brush mannfiac-
turers, 12 Stock well st
Adam, Tho<i. & Co. 31 Bath street
Blacklock & Macarthur, 166 to
173 West .St., Tradeston; works,
102 to 118 Dale St., Tradeston,
and at London, Cardiff, and
Carrnthers, Son, & Co., 70-78
King street, Tradeston
Craig, John S. & Co. Ltd. 50 Pater-
son street, s.s.

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