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Andrews & Cameron, Eelvin En-
gmeering works, Kirkintiilocli
Blair, Campbell & M'Lean, Ltd.,
Woodville St. Govan
Caird & Rayner, London, sole
agents, Blackley, Young & Co.
70 Wellington st
Davie & Home, Johnstone Engine
Works, Johnstone, near Glasgow,
city office, 45 Hope street.
Fullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay,
Ltd., makers of '' Foster's "
patent evaporators, Vulcan
Works, Paisley
Harvey Engineering Co., Ltd. (late
M'dnie, Harvey & Co., Ltd.),
sole makers of Harvey's Patent
Evaporator for sugar and chemi-
cal works. 224 West street
Hocking & Co., Ltd; representative
D. Ferguson, 27 Oswald st
Kirkaldy's '• Compactum ; " repre-
sentative, Andrew Smith, 12
York 8t
Landale, Alfred, & Co, 100
Port-Dundas rd
Lennox Evaporator and Smoke
Washer, Ltd., registered ofJSce,
86 Dale street, Tradeston
Liverpool (The) Engineering and
Condensor Co Ltd. Liverpool;
agent, Neil Mac Vicar, 342
Argyle st
Richardions, Weatgarth & Co. Ltd.
68 Gordon st
Scott, Ernest & Co. 19 Waterloo
The Mirrlees Watson Co., Ltd., 45
Scotland street
Weir, G. & J. Ltd. Holm Foundry,
Willcox Bros., Sunderland; agents
for Scotland, Muir, Tilston & Co.
105 W. George street
Ammonal Explosives, Ltd.; agents,
A. W Reid & Co., 12 Waterloo st
Curtis & Harvey, Ltd., agents Jas.
Ferrier & Son, Htrald Buildings,
68 Mitchell street
Findlay, M. F., & Co., sole agents
for Nobtl's Explosives Co., Ltd.,
19 Cadogan street
Fleming & Co., 31 Robertson
Kynoch, Ltd,, Birmingham; sole
representatives for Scotland,
Hunter & Warren, Ltd., 19
Waterloo st
Nobels Explosives Co., Ltd., 196
West George st.
Swan, James R., & Co., 58 Een--
field street
Aitken & Co., 147 Bath st
Baird, Arch., & Son, Limited,
Peacock Cros?, Hamilton
Balfoar, Alex., & Co. (earthenware,
glass, and china), 196 St. Vin-
cent street
Ballmtine, Geo. So Son (Scotch
whisky), 100 Union st
Barrett & Co. (aerated water), 62
to G8 King sireet, Tradeston
Beedle, Ridge, & Co. (piece goods
and metals), 116 Hope st
Bjerre, S. R., & Co. (coal) 109 Hope
Blundell, Chas. & Co. (Scotch
whisky), 15 Graeme st
Bodden, David, & Co. (china), 54
Gordon st
Bow & Gilniour (coal), 48 West
Regent st.
Brown, Robert, & Co. (Scotch
whibky), 4.5 Washington st
Brown, Stephenson & Co. (iron,
steel, meials, machinery, &c.),
101 Waterloo st
Br\ce & Rum pflf (chemicals), 223
West George st
Bryden, John, & Sons, handpower
lifts, window blinds, &c. 60
Renfield street
Buchanan, Jas. & Co., Ltd. (Scotch
wbisfey), 16 Bothwell street
Buchanan, Scott & Co., 7 and 9
Garthland street
Bulloch, Lade & Co. Ltd., Scotch
whisky, 4 Bothwell st
Cairns, A. A. & Co. (West Indies),
stationery, 112 Bath street
Campbell, David, & Sons, East
Inoian and African merchants
and export agents, 100 West
Campbell st
Campbell, John M., & Son, 31 St
Vincent pi
Campbell, Wm. W., M.LMech.E.,
82 Gordon street
Carruihi^rs, Son & Co., 70-78
King street, Trsuleston
Chisholms & Hendry Bros., Ltd.,
28-34 Robertson street
Claussen, A. L., & Co., 118 Broomie-
Craig & Ross, Ltd., 85 Cadogan st
Craigellacbie- Glenlivet Distillery
Co., Ltd. (whisky), Stu-ling
House, 226 St. Vincent st
Crawford & Co. (coal), 26 Renfield
Crawford, Daniel, & Son, Ltd.
(Scotch whisky), 81 Queen st
Currie, John (Scotch whisky), 18
Kelvingrove street
Dick &. Parker (chemicals, metals,
oils, &c.), 76 Milton st. Port-
Donald, Jasmes T., & Co. 35
M 'Alpine st
Dougans, Andw. (brushes), 3§!
Huti;heson st
Dove, John (baskets, hamp«rs, ,
perambulators, &c.), 31-33 Sti ,
Andrew's st. and 1 St. Andrew^s i
Dunlop, David, 11 Bothwell st
Eglinton (The) Silica Brick ;
Co., Ltd., manufacturers of '
Silica, chrome, bauxite and
magnesite biicks and cements i
for acid and basic furnace ■
linings, &,c., 60 Firhill road
Falk, Stadelmann & Co. Ltd* i
(oil, gas, and electric fittings, ,
glassware for the lighting trades)
74-78 Great Clyde street
Ferguson, Alex. & Co. (Scotch
whisky), 55 W. Regent st
Ferguson, John, & Sons (wholesale
and export household painting,
stable, toilet, and fancy brush
manufacturers, also cocoa mats
and matting), 5 1 York st
For^yth, Buchanan & Co., 11
Hope street
Garroway, R. &. J. (chemicals,
metals, oils, &c.), 58 Buchanan st
Grabowsky, E. A. (coal and iron),
127 St. Vincent street
Grant, A. B., & Sons (shirts and
shirtings), 16 South Frederick
Greenshields, Jas. & Go (coal tar,
products, &c., &c.), 42 Bath st
Grischotti & Co., Ltd., 141 West
George street
Haig & Haig. Ltd. (Scotch whisky),.
38 Oswald street and 57 South-
wark street, London, E.C.
Hamilton, H. H., 16 St. Enoch sq
Harrington & Law, 93 Hope st.
Hatrick, W. & R. & Co. (drugs
and chemicals), 168 Renfield st
Heilbron, David, & Sons (Scotch
■whisky), 72 Bath st
Henderson, John, & Son, Ltd.,
artesian well boring and mineral
prospecting plant. General ter-
minus, Paisley road toll. — (See
name alphabetical section.)
Hillcoat, Robt., & Sons (Highland
whisky), 39 Stockwell street
Hogg, Chas. & Co. (chemicals, oOs,.
colours, <Sc.), 44 W. George st.
Hogg, Wm. & Co. (cotton goods),,
2 West Regent st
Hopkins, John, & Co. (Scotch
whisky), 74 York street
Jackson, John, & Co. (scrap
iron and metals), Balmoral iron
yard, South st. Scotstoun
Kay, Robert, &; Sona (coal), 21^
India. st
Kidston, Ai G., & Co. (iron, steel,
metal, tinplate, copper), 81 Gt.
Clyde street and 155 Fenchurch
street, London, E.C. — See AdxU -
% App.

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