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Marquis, Robt. 16 Scotia st
Maxwell, J. Shaw, & Co., 152
Sauchiehall sf; P.O. tel. 3666
Miller, John, Ltd., 116 Renfield st
Miller, Stephen, 183 George st
Mitchell, W.R. 62 Argyle st
Moffat, Laidlaw & Co., 64 Union
Moirison & Cameron, 74 Buchanan
Morrison, G. & M. (on wood,
practical), 92 St. Vincent st. —
See Advt. in Appen.
Muir, E. J. 488 Cathedral st
Muir, John, copper plates, wood
engraviogs, process and zinc
blocks, &c., 109 Tronga'e and
14 King st, city; tels., P.O.
Bell 116, Nat. 219Y3 Iron.
See also under Artists, Printers,
Murray, Jos. S. (silver), 101 St,
Vincent st
Napier & Wilks (copperplate), 111
West Regent st
Eennie, Robert, St St. Enoch sq
Eiddoch, Geo. (silver), 64 Buch-
anan street
Robertson, Wm. & Sons (tomo-
graphic stamp and seal), 62
Argyle st
Rosenberg, Adolf (glass). Canal
bank, Eockvilla
Shields, Henry C, 146 N. City rd
Sneddon A., & Sons (glass),
123-127 Stockwell st
Stewart, Jas., 74 Argyle street
Strathern, Alex. S. 82' Mitchell st
Taylor, James, jun., Ltd , 1 West
Regent st
Tennant, John, & Co. 30 Gordon st
Terras, Robt .57 West Nile street
The Metallic Art Co., Ltd.
(metals & ivory), 63 Waterloo st
The Parata Rubber Stamp Co.,
Ltd. (in wood and all kinds of
metal), 116 W. Campbell street
The Standard Bureau of Design
and Engraving, 27 Bothwell st
Tillotson & Son, Ltd. (fine art
process), 50 Wellington st
Urquhart, Geo. G., 25 Gordon st
Walker, William, & Co. (brass)
125 London st
Watson, Wm. 75 Buchanan st
Wilson, Ciuthrie & Co., 335 St.
Vincent st
Wood & Whitelaw, 82 Mitchell st
Woodrow, Alex. & Son, 75 Glass-
ford street
Allan & Ferguson, 126 Renfield st
Duff & Co. exceptional facilities
for addressing, personal super-
vision, latest directories, 49
Cadoganat; P.O. te). 611
Macgregor, Rob Roy, 67 W. Camp-
bell street
M'Miu-trie, John, 11 Bothwell st.
Telephones, Nat, 398 Argyle;
P.O., 117. Telegrams, " Cour-
age,'' Glasgow
Allan & Ferguson, 126 Renfield st
Anderson, Whan, & Co. (knives
for cutting envelopes), 21 Mnslin
street, Bridgeton
Baxter, Thos. S. 40 John st
Bertram, Peter, & Sons, 335 Argyle
Campbell, Duncan, & Son, 96 St.
Vincent street
Garlaw, D. & Sons, self-feeding,
folding, gumming, and stamping
machine makers, also cutters for
envelopes, 11 Finmeston street.
Telephone Nos. Nat 363 Argyle;
P.O. 1262
Collins, W. Sons, & Co. (Limited),
Herriot Hill Works, 118 to 144
Cithec'ral street
Craigside Envelope Co., 118 Queen
Dickinson, John, & Co., Ltd.,
Gordon chambers, 82 Mitchell st
Findlay, James, 7 Mitchell lane
Jacobsen, Welch & Co, Ltd., 45
Hope st
Kerr & Richardson, Ltd., Tower
Works, 58 Renfrew st
Laughland, W., & Co., 241 George
Livingstone Bros. 85 Maxwell st
Lumsden, James, Son & Co., Ltd.,
21 York st
MacLachlan, Peter, & Co.,
largest importers & best makers,
also corks, capsules, bottles, ma-
chinery every description, stop-
pers, &c. 222 St Vincent street
Macniven & Cameron Ltd. (of
Waverley Works, Edinburgh),
144 West Nile st
Miller, John, Ltd. 116 Renfield at
Morgan, Chas. & Co. 22 King st
Orr, Francis, & Sons, 131 Renfield
Pirie, Alexander, & Sons, Lmtd. 43
Queen st
Raukin & Tod (for bottles, &c.), 27
Oswald st. City
Robertson, D., & Co., Ltd., 23
Gordon street
Smith, James & John, Ltd. (label
makers and black borderers), 64
Osborne st.
Smith, John, Son, & Co., 97 W.
Campbell ttreet
Spicer Bros., Ltd., 14 King street,
Spicer, Jas. & Sons, 68 to 64 No.
Frederick st
Thompson Brothers & Co. (Glas-
gow), Ltd., Eclipse Works, 29
to 39 Sm'rey st, a.s.
Walton, James, & Co., 51 Coch-
rane street
Watson, John, & Co., 35 Gordon st
Wilson, F. F. & A., speciality,
large envelopes for catalogues,
prospectuses, samples, and
patterns, 58 Cadogan st. — A^ee
Advt. in front of Gen. Directory
Wilson, Guthrie, &, Co. 335 St
Vincent st
Esperanto Agency, The, 7 Garth-
land street. City
Esperantibta Konsulejo Kaj Infor-
mejo, 7 Gaithland st
The Esperanto Tobacco Syndicate;,
137 V/. Regent st
Cameron, Herriot, & Co., Ltd., 139
Brook st , Mile- End
" Kit " Coffee, Ltd., 1 96 Broom-
loan road, Govan
Smith, T., & H., Ltd., 37 Washing-
ton street
Walker, George, & Son, Ltd.,
48 French st. Bridgeton
Baxter, James, 54 Gordon st
Boyce, Robert C, 35 Arundel dr.,
Craig, E. H. Stanley, C.A., 63a
St. Vincent street
Donald, Jas. 536 Springburn road
Dods, James Harry, Garacube
Estates Office, Cairiihill, Beara-
Dougall, J. D., &, Sons (shoot-
ings ard fishings), 3 West
Nile st
Hunter Bros., 194 Buchanan st
Kirkwood, Chas., F.S.L, 67 W.
Regent st
Kirkwood, John & Sons, 67
W. Regent st; teleg. address,
" Kirk woods," Glasgow; Nat
telephone Nos., 1731 and 1732
Lawson, John, 13 1 W. Regent st
Long, Jex, & Campbell, 58 Renfield
Mackinnon, John, 170 Hope st
Mackinlay, Geo. & Sons, 173 St.
Vincent st
Murray, J. Campbell, 216 West
George street
Park, Alexander, 175 Hope at
Pitcairn, J. 1 47 W. Regent st
Sharp & Fairlie, 172 Buchanan
at. and 109 Gt. Hamilton street
Walker, Eraser & Steele, 74 Bath st
Wilson, R. B. & Co., 12 Ren-
field st

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