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Kerr, J. B., shafting acd acces-
soiies for power and tiansmis-
sioD, 50 Wellington st
Lancaster & Tonge, Ltd. (steam
traps, pistons, metallic packing,
steam dryers), 38 Stockwell st ;
R. B. Thomson & Co., sole
Lattdale, Alfred, & Co., turn-
ing, planing, and internal
grinding of machine parts, 100
Port-Dundas rd
Landell, Wm. 106-108 Trongate,
and Silvan Works, 187 Broad st.,
Loudon Bros., Ltd., 39 West Camp-
bell st
Macarthnr & Co. (cleaning waste)
Miilerfield rd. Dalmarnock
Macdermott, J. B. 11 Bothwell
Macdonald, Adamson, Swinburne
& Co, Ltd., 256 Argyle st.
Telegrams, " Paragon." Nat.
tel., 152 Argyle; P.O., 1522
M'Ewan, Wm. A. 166 James 8t
Bridgeton cross
M'Geoch, William, & Co, Ltd., 28
W. Campbell st
Macguire & Jago, 13 Union st
Maclean, A., & Co., 87 Union st
MacLellan, A , & Co. (electrical),
63 Waterloo street
MacLellao, P. & W. (Ltd.) 129
M'Leod, J. Thomson (wholesale
only), 76 Robertson street
MacLeod, W.,& Co., 62 Robertson
Mmtland & Co. Kelvinhaugh
Marshall, Alex., & Co., 70 to 74
Parnie st
Martin, Robt. 12 York st
Mathieson, Alex., & Sons, Ltd.,
9-13 East Campbell st
Mavor & Conlson, Ltd. (electrical),
47 Broad st. Mile-end
Millar, R. D., & Co., Caledonian
chambers, Union st
Milne, Jas. M. & Co. 18 York st
Moore, Wm. & Co. 48 King st.
Mile- end
Mnrchie, Jas. 39 Mains street
Murray, MVinnie & Co. (marine
engme outfits, stores and oils),
Mavisbank quay, s s. — See Advt
Neil & Richmond, 76 Howard st
Neilsnn & Cleland, 116 to 126
Main street, Coatbridge
Newlands, A. D. (piston rings,
springs, steam traps, reducing
valves, glass gauge protectors,
chains, Price's lubricants, belt
laces, &c.), 88 York st
Noble, Thos. 56 Lancefield st
Northern (The) Rubber Co. Retford
(india rubber goods, packings,
i»elting8), 60 Howard street 1
Northern Steel and Hardware Co.,
Glasgow, Ltd. 4 and 6 Stock-
well place
Paterson, Geo. B. 4 York st
Paterson, Wm. & Son (crane
chains, slings, and hooks), 65
Pirt ftt; National telephone No.
980 Argyle; P.O. No. 5980
Pooley, Henry, & Son, Ld. Albion
Works, 69 M 'Alpine st.
Potter, Thos. 41 Cumberland at.
Eamage & Whitehead, 30 Cadogan
Reddaway,F. & Co. Ltd. 46 Hope
Raid Bros. (Glasgow), Ltd., 62
Bothsi'ell street
Rivet (The), Bolt, and Nut Co. Ltd.
74 Yoik st
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen at
Robert.wn, W. Cram, & Co., 318
Paisley rd
Ross, Wm., & Sons, 27 Thistle
street, s.s.
Rothschild, C. G, & Co., 72 Water-
loo street
Saltnond, H. & Co., 25 Wellington
Schafifer & Budenberg, Limited,
(hydraulic and steam gauges,
traps, lubricators, indicators,
injectors, counters, and all boiler
and engine appliances), 5 Wel-
lington st
Smith & Gbriatie, 115 to 127
James street, Bridgeton
Smith, David, Craigton File Works
Smith, Wm. S., 717 New City rd
Spence, John, & Sons, Bellsdyke
Works, Airdrie
St. Helens Cable & Rubber Co.,
Ltd., 191 Howard street
Stewart, A. M'P. & Co. 48
Oswald st
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow),
Ltd. 28-32 Oswald st
Stewart, John, 56 George square
The Forth Stores and Trading Co.,
134 St. Vmeent st.; local agent,
Fred. W. Burns (also at Edin-
The Metallic Art Co. Ltd. (metal
name plates), 53 Waterloo st
The Phoenix Asbestos Manufac-
turing Co., Ltd., 77 Queen st
The Scottish Asbestos Co.,
Ltd., 25 Cadogan st
The United Asbestos Co. Ltd. 212
Tiuto, J. & W. (wholesale only),
95 and 97 Holm street
Tudhope Bros., 87 Maxwell st
Vulcan Euiiineering Supplies Co.,
104 West Campbell street
Wallach Bros., I(l8 Hope st
Walton, John, & Sons (leather link
and plain belting), 36 Charlotte
Wilson & Baird, 104 Wallace St.,
Wiseman, Wm. & Sons, engine
cleaning waste, wicks, sponge
cloths, and oils. New Adelphi
Mills, 205 Ratherglen road;
telephone Nos. , Nat. 398 Gorbals;
P.O. Y409; teleg. address,
" Dechei," Glasgow
Wood, Walter K.,30 Renfield st
Young, J., & Co., 72 Waterloo st
YuiUe, William C, & Co., 60
Brown st
Arbuckle, Smith, & Co. (storage
for engineers' tools and machin-
ery), feSA St. Vinceit street
Barclay & Mathieson, 159 Centre
street, s. s.
Barr, Thom.son & Co. Ltd. Kil-
Bowman Bros., 74 York st
Burton, C. W., Griffiths &
Co., 57, 59 Finniestonst
Chambers, Scott, & Co. (cold
sawmg, straightening, planing,
bending machines), Dalziel
Engineering Works, Motherwell
Chisholms & Hendry Bros., Ltd.,
28, 34 Robertson st
Churchill, diaries, & Co. Ltd.,
9, 11 Wellmgton st
Clifton &, Co.', Ltd., Sheffield;
agent, J. A. Murdoch, 23 Rob-
ertson ftreet
Clyde (The) Machine Tool Co.,
Gordon Chambers, 90 Mitchell
Dalziel, Wm., & Co., 53 Waterioo
Davidson, Thos. L.,€2 Robertson st
Davie Brothers, 5 Pitt street
Dempster, Moore, & Co., Ltd. 49
Robertson -st
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 35
M' Alpine street
Ewing, J. L., & Co , 156 St. Vin-
cent street
Fairbanks Co., 54-56 Bothwell st
Harvey, G. & A., Ltd. Woodville st.
Hill, Thos. & Co. 66, 68 Robertson
King, Robert A. & Co. 52 St.
Enoch sq
Landale, Alfred, & Co., band,
jig, and circular saws, sand-
papering and grinding machines,
lathes, &c., 100 Port-Dundas rd
London Bros. Ltd., 39 W. Campbell
st and Clyde Engineering Works,
Macdoi aid, Adamson, Swinburne,
& Co., Ltd., 2.i6 Argyle street;
telegrams, " Paragon " ; Nat.
tele., 152 Argyle ; P.O., 1522

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