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Murray, Angus, & Sous,
Craigton Engineeriug Works,
Craitjton road, oiF Paisley road;
Nat. tel. 195 Govan
Murray, M'Vinnia & Co. (for
steamers) Mavisbank quay, as.
Musgrave & Co., Ltd. 67 Hope st
Osborne & Hunter (electrical), 108a
West Regent st
Purdie & Gillespie, 164 Bath st
Ritchie, Jas., Glenavon Engineer-
ing Works, Sawmill road and
Milton St. Partick.
Sayers, James E , & Caldwell, 157
West George st. ; telegrams
"Schedule," Glasgow; tele.,
471 Argyle
Simpson & Farmer, Partick Bridge
Steel & Wilson, 4 Washington st.
Stevenson, M'Guffie & Milne, 87
Union st
Stewai'f, Duncan, 111 Main street,
Still, W. A. & Co., 104 West
Campbell st
Stott, James, & Co. (^makers
Stott fans and air propellers),
3 W. Reaent st
Sun Ventilating^ Co., 10 Hyde-
park St.; P.O. tele., 1863
Telford, Grier, & Mackay, Ltd.,
electric centrifugal and pro-
peller type fans, ship^, mines,
&c., 220, 222 Broomielaw
Tbe Craig Ozonising and Ven-
tilating Co., Ltd., manufacturers
aid sole vendors of " Craig"
ozone generators and germicide
air filters (patented), for use in
theitres, factories, hospitals,
public buildings, and all pro-
perty, for ventilation and the
purification of atmospheric air,
also for the purification of the
manufacture and preparation of
food. Registered otfice, 18
Coleman st , London, E.C.
The Finnieston Engineering Co.,
169 Finnieston st
Tullis, D. & J. Ltd. Kilbowie Iron-
works, Kilbowie, Clydebank
Veritys Ltd., manfrs. of " Aston "
electrically - driven ventilating
fans and blowers of a'l descrip-
tions, 40 Bath street
Young, Thomas, M.I. Mech. E.
M.I.E.E. (consulting), 203 W.
George st
Alston, Gavin, 99 Waterloo st
Anderson & Nicol, 59 Brown st,
off Argyle street
Anderson, A., & Co., 2? Spring-
field lane, off Paisley rd
Andrews & Co., ISi 8a St Vincent st
Arbuckle, Smith & Co. (storage
for all classes of heavy ma-
chinery); office, 68a St. Vine, st
Avery. W. & T. Ltd. (weighing ap-
paratus and te.sting machites),
8 & 10 Stockwell st
Baird, Arch & Son, Ltd. Peacock
cross, Hamilton
Barclay & IVIathieson, 159 to
163 Centr*) street, s.s.
Barrett, Arthur G. & Co ; azents,
A, Brown & Co. 233 St. Vin-
cent street
Bell's Asbestos Co., Ltd., 185
Hope street
Biggar & Hendry, 159 Howard st
Binney & Son ( ' Klingerit," " Jen-
kins," and other high pressure
steam jointings), 101 Both well
Biihop, Thos. 62 Clyde place
Blackwood & Rodger, 17 Oswald
Boardman, Bros., Manchester, 99
Waterloo st
Borthwick, J. F. & Co. 19
Waterloo st
Brown, Adaii G., & Co.; oifice, 342
Argyle st; warehouse, 43 James
Watt st
Brown, Alex. & Co., 233 St. Vin-
cent St.
Brown, David, & Sons, Ltd.,
Park Gear Wo^ks, Huddersfield;
Cowan & Co., representatives,
40 St. Eooch sq
Buchanan Bros., makers of
Richard's and other patent in-
dicators, steam and hydraulic
gauges, &c., 16 Carrick street;
P.O. telephone No. 1695; Nat
222 X 6 Argyle
Burton, C. W., Griffiths & Co. 57
and 59 Finnieston street
Cairns, A., & Co., 98 Commerce
street, s.s.
Campbell, Achnach & Co., Thistle
Rubber Mills, 110, 112 Com-
merce st, s.s
Carrick & Cfaig, 348 Argyle st
Chisholms & Hendry Bros., Ltd.,
28, 34 Robertson st
Churchill, Chas., & Co., Ltd.,
9-11 Wellington st
Clyde (The) Rubber Works Co. Ld.
2 Clyde street, Port-Dundas
Cowan, Jas. M., & Co., 74 York
Craig, William, 68 Dalmarnock rd,
Bridgeton cross
Crawford, John R. 43 Robertson
Crosbie, A. & W., & Co., 20 W.
Campbell st
Cunningham & Turnbull, 19 Pitt
Dalziel, Wm., & Co., 63 Waterloo
Dalziel & Co., 116 Hope st
Davie Bros., 5 Pitt st
Dempster, Moore, & Co., Ltd. 49
1 Robertson st
Dixon & Corbett, and R. S. Newall
& Co. Ltd., wire and hemp
rope manufacturers, iron, steel,
copper and phosphor bronze
cords, 41 St. Vincent plaie.
Registered tel. address, " Wire-
rope," Telephones, Nat. Royal
4838; P.O. Cen'ral 4838
Dobbie, AE'Innes, Ltd., mana-
facturers of steam engme indica-
tors, pressure gauges, revolution
counters and engine anl boiler
fittings, 45 Bothwell st.
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 35
M' Alpine st
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cadogan
Dron & Lawson, Ltd., Cranstonhill
Tool Works, 69 Elliot st; teieph
Nat 693 Argyle ; P.O. 2444 ;
telegraphic address, " Reatner,
Duff, Wm. A. M. & Co. 74 York st
Easson Bros. 48 King st. Mile- end
Ewing, .J. L., & Co., 156 St Yin-
cent st
Fairbanks Co., 56 Bothwell st
Fairman, Frank, 93 Hope street
Ferguson, John, & Sons (wholesale
and export bnnh manufacturers,
also machine, foundry and tube
brushes of every description), 54
York st
Ferguson & Timpson, Baltic
Chambers, 50 Wellington st, also
at London; telegraphic address,
" Polarity," Glasgow
Findlay, Joseph, & Co. (cleaning
waste and sponge cloths), 113
Virginia place
Fleming & Co., sole representa-"
lives for Matthias Spencer &
Sons, Sheffield, files, tool steel,
&c., 31 Robertson st
Galloway, M. P., Ltd., 74 York st
Gandy (The) Belt Manufacturing
Co. Ltd. 33 Queen st
Gibson, John D., 93 Hope st
Goudie & Whittet, 62 Howard st
Green, A. Henderson, & Co., 34
Ann st
Hafter, A. 462 Debbie's loan
Halliday & Provan, 37 Bishop st,
Hannah, Wm. 9 Washington st
Hannan & Buchanan, manufac-
turers of Richard's & M'lnnes'
pattern engine indicators. Bour-
don gauges, revolution counters,
engine and boiler fittings, 75
Robertson st
Hardie, Alex. , & Son, 7 York st
Bill, Thos. & Co., 68 Robertson st
Hollywood, Wm. & Co. 36, 36a
King street, Tradeston
Johnsons (Messrs.) oifice for obtain-
ing patents for inventions, 37
W. Nile street (St. Vincent st.
corner); handbook (gratis)

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