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Milne, Jas. & Son, Ltd., Ill St.
Vincent street
Mitchell, Jas., & Co., 50 Cleveland
Morrison, Wm. B. & Son, 117 W.
Regent street
Muir, John, 110 St. George's road
Muir, R. & Son, 141 Dundas st
Murray, R. G. & Co., 5 to 19
Carlton court
Paterson, John, & Co. 33 Hatche-
son St. and 673 Gt. Eastern road
Park head
Peacock, Alex., & Son, 199 Gt.
Western road
Purdie & Gillespie, 161 Bath st
Rattray, John, & Son, 233 Hope
street, 359 Byres road, and 22
Hyndland st
Renfrew, Robert S. 136 and liO
North St., Charing cross
Robertson & Eeid, 107 W. Nile
Russell, Lewis, Ltd. 330 St. Vincent
st. and 19 Heggie ter. Scotstoun
Russell, Robt., 277 Byres road
Sanitary Association, West
of Scotland, W. R. M. Church,
C.A., secy., 104 W. George st.
Shanks & Co., 108| St. Vincent st
Smith, Alex. & Co., 138 Allison st
Smith & Sons, Muriel street,
Smith, Wm , & Co., 28 Elmbank
Speirs & Frame, 491 Gt. Western
road, Billhead, and 40-42 Hynd-
land road, Kelvinside, W
Speirs, Moses,& Sons. 17 Bothwel] st
Steel & Wilson, 4 Washington st.,
and 30-34 Queen Margaret drive,
Kelvinside, N.
Stewart, Duncan, 111 Main street,
Summers, John, & Cruickshanks,
149 W. Nile st
Sun Ventilating Co., 10 Hydepark
St.; P.O. tel. 1863
Symington, Jamea M., 571 Cath-
cart road
The Septic Tank Co., Ltd., London
& Exeter, the bacterial treatment
of sewage, septic tank system;
agents for Scotland, VVyllie &
Blake, C.E., 219 St. Vincent st
Thomson, Robert, 281 Duke st
Tulhs, D. & J. Ltd. Kilbowie Iron-
works. Kilbowie, Clydebank
Twaddle, Hush, & Son, 163-
167 London st
Twaddle, John, 505 Gallowgate
Twyford's, Ltd. 95 Bath st
Wallace & Connell, 44 St. Enoch
sq. 190 North st. and 723 Great
Western road, Hillhead
Waters, William, 7 Buccleuch st
Young, Thos, M.LMecLE., 203
West George st
Adam, J. M., & Co. (dust control),
Ibrox Iron Works, G»van
Aland & Co., London, sole agents,
James T. Donald & Co., Ltd.,
35 M'Alpine st
Arnot, Jas. L. 204 Bath st
Bain, W. B. & J. agents for the
"Standard" electric and belt-
driven fan, 65 Waterloo st
Boyd, James, & Sons, Macdowall
St., Paisley
Boyle, Robert, & Son, paten-
tees and manufacturers of
the latest patentf'Air Pump"
ventilator, 110 Both well street
Bryden & Middleton, Merlin Iron-
works, Windsor st., Scotstoun,
Carrii-k, James G. & Co. 23 North
Wallace street
Chalmers, Wm. 142 Bath street
Climax Ventilating and Heating
Co. Ltd., 61 Stafford st
Combe, Jas. & Son, mechanical
ventilation, &c. in most ap-
proved manner, 103 N. Hanover
Cormack, James, & Sons, Ltd.,
(improved mechanical and auto-
matic appliances, &c.), 36 Aber-
corn street
Cousland & Mackay, sole
makers of Mackay 's patent direct
acting and "Climax" ventilators,
118-120 Kent road; P.O. tel.
5628 Central ; telegrams,
" Supplies," Glasgow
Davidson Sc Co., Ltd.,"Sirocco"
centrifugal and propellor fans,
coal and steam air heaters,
heating and ventilating in-
stallations, drying plant, &c.,
63 Bothwell street
Dixon, John, A.M.I. M.E. (con-
sulting), 219 St. Vincent street
Donald and Donald (patentees and
manufacturers of self-acting
exhaust ventilators and other
ventilating appliances), 60
Bothwell circus ; works, 27
Douglas street. Telegrams,
" Turret," Glasgow ; telephone
P.O. 4514 Central
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 35
M'Alpine st
Espie, James (electric fans), 173a
St. Vincent st
French, Walter, 101 Broomloan rd
Fulton, D. & B., 68-74
Woodlands rd., 174 Gt. George
st, Hillhead ; telephones, Nat.
518 Charing cross, P.O. 3381
Green, A. Hmderson, & Co., 34
Ann street
Graham, Wm. 3 Wilson st Hill-
Grindlay, Ross & Co. (electrical),
278 St. Vincent st
Hamilton & Co. electric, steam,
and belt-driven fans and blowers,
230 Berkeley street
Harvie, Wm & Co. Ltd. electric
motors and fans, 24 M'Alpine st
Hendry, Wm., & Son, St. Vincent
cross, 310 St Vincent st
Hill, Thos. & Co. 66, 68 Robert-
son st
Howorth, Jas., & Co., Farnworth,
Lanes.; Martin & M'Fie, agents,
8 Wellington st
Ingleton, James, & Co. 166-168
George st
Johnsons (Messrs.) office for obtain-
ing patents for inventions. 37
West Nile street, St. Vincent
street corner ; handbook (gratis)
Johnston, J. D. & Co., 9
Shuttle street
Johnston, Park & Co. (elec-
trical) 15 Oswald street
Keith, James & Blacktnan Co. Ltd. ;
specialists, mechanical ventila-
tion, 40,000 installations at
work, ventilating combined with
warming, Blackman fans and
electric fans, Keith pressure
fans, 90 Mitchell street
Ker, W. Arthur, A. M. ICE.,
(consulting), 124 St. Vincent st
Key, Wm., ventilation and warm-
ing by Key's improved plenum
method, Central Cham.109 Hope
st.& 11 Queen Victoria St. London,
E.C.; works, 131 Houldsworthst
Cranstonhdl, and 80b Batter-
sea Rise, London, S.W. ; tele-
grams, " Ventilation, Glasgow,"
"Ventiduct, London"; telephone
No. P.O. 1338
Landale, Alfred, & Co., fans
and blowers, 100 Port Dundas rd
Lumsden, Jas. jun., 51 Lanark st,
off London st, via Charlotte lane,
branch, 141 Renfield st
Lumsden, John M. 183 Thomson
street, Dennistoun
Macdonald, Adamson, Swinburne
& Co. Ltd., sole agents for the
Standard Engineering Co., 256
Argyle street
Maclellan, A. & Co. (electrical), 63
Waterloo st
Maitland & Co., Kelvinhaugh
Martin, W. C, & Co (electrical),
10 W. Campbell st
Matthews & Yates, 144 St. Vin-
cent street
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. (electrical),
47 Broad street. Mile-end
Meiklejohn, J. B., 115, 115a
.Bath st
Miller, Wm. (Glasgow), Ltd,,
maisers of improved ventilators
of all kinds for buildings and
ships, lo3 Hope street

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