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-TRADES omxcr^oKV.-
Hamilton, Jas, 208 St. Vineent st
Hunter & Jack (electric power and
light), 101 St Vincent st
Hurd, M'Kendrick & Co. (makers
of coal-cutting machines). Oak-
field Works, Motherwell
Huid, Fredk. W., patentee car
coal cutting machine ; house,
Raith view, Bothwell
Johnsons (Messrs.) patent oflBoe,
37 West Nile st. (St. Vincent
st. coiner); handbook, " Hints to
Inventors," gratis
Johnstone, Ronald, & Son, 190 W.
George st
Ker, W. Arthur, A.M.I.C.E. (con-
sulting), 124 St. Vincent st
Lahmeyer Electrical Co., Ltd.
(electric haulages, pumps, fans,
and winding gears), 50 Well-
ington st
Laird, And. 95 Bath st
Landale, Alfred & Co., (high
lift, centrifugal pumps, con-
veyers and fans), 100 Port-
Dundas rd
Landale, Frew, & Gemmell, 180
Hope st
Lewin, H. W. 164 W. Regent et
Luhrig Coal and Ore Dressing
Appliances, Ltrl., 127 St. Vincent
MacArthur, J. S., & Co., 74
York st
M'Creath, Geo. W. 208 St. Vincent
M'Creath, Jas., 208 St. Vincent st
M'Creaths & Stevenson, 208 St.
Vincent street
M'Creath, Wm. 208 St, Vincent
Macfarlane, Nigel, 2 13 St. Vincent
Maclellan, A. & Co. electric
lighting, power, and furnishing,
63 Waterloo st
Mather & Piatt, Ltd. (electrical)
124 St. Vincent st
Mavor & Coiilson, ltd. (manu-
facturers of the " Pickquick "
Bar Coal Cutter), 47 Broad st,
Moore, R. T., 142 St. Vincent
Ormiston, J. W. & Sons, 213 St.
Vincent street
Parsons, C. A., <& Co. (steam
turbines, dynamos, fans, ptimps),
99 Gt. Clyde st
Paterson, Thomas, 223 St. Vin-
cent st
Eankine, David, 238 W. George
Rankine, D. & G. R. 238 West
George st.
Rankine, G. Ronald, 238 W. George
Richardsons, Westgarth & Co.,
Ltd., 34 W. George st
Robertson, Wm., & Sons, 121 St.
Vincent st
Sayers, James, E. & Caldwell
(consulting engineers, and elec-
tricians), 157 W. George St.;
teleg. *' Schedule," Glasgow ;
telephone, 471 Argyle
Simpson & Wilson, 1 75 Hope st.
Syson & Midgley, 58 Bath st
Telford, Grier & Mackay, Ltd.
(electric haulage plants, tur-
bine pumps, coal cutters, smith
boards, and controlling devices),
220-222 Broomielaw
The Finnieston Engineering Co.
(fans, piping, etc), 169 Finnies-
ton st
Watson, Andrew, 21 Bothwell st
ENGINEERS (Sanitary, &c).
Anderson, Wm. 133 Wellington
street, 212 Bath st , 80 Clelaud
street, s.s.; 30 Gower street,
Bellahouston ; 89 7 Dumbarton
rd; tel. Nos., Nat. 726 Douglas,
216X8 Douglas, 237Y4 Gorbals,
13 Ibrox; and 291x1 Hillhead,
P.O., 2464 and 1197
Arnot, James L. 204 Bath street
Bowie, Robert, 583 Cathcart road
Boyle, Robert, & Son (venti-
lating), 110 Bothwell st
British Sanitary Co., 341 Bath lane,
Norih st. at Charing Cross
Brown, Wm., 509 St. Vincent st
: Brown & Young, 7 Bath street
j Bruce, Arch. 194 Buchanan street
j Bryce, John, & Son, 82 Oswald
; street
Burns & Glover, 23, 25 and 27
i Oswald st
Cairns & Laing (registered), 5
j Carlton place and 240 Albert
I rd., Pollokshields
Climax Ventilating and Heating
I Co., 61 Stafford st
Combe, James, & Son (established
j 1840), patentees of public baths
! and washhouse arrangements,
j laundries and drying stoves,
steam cooking ranges, &c 103
North Hanover st
Cormack, Jas. &Sons,Ld.,patentee8
1 and manufacturers of man and
\ soot-hole doors, heating and
ventilating of wash-houses,
j laundries, and baths, direct
heating radiators, and steam
I cooking ranges, 36 Abercom st
Co'stelle, James, 296 Cathcart rd
i Outhbertson, Jas. 423 Shields rd.,
branch, 136 Nithsdale rd.,
j Pollokshields
Donald & Donald, ventilating and
' heating, 60 Bothwell circus
Doulton & Co. Ld38 & 40 Bothwell
Drysdale, D. A., 33 Rosevale St.,
Duncan, A. & C. 300 Calder st
Fletcher, Donald, 249 St. Vincent
Forrester, Thomas, 111 W. Nile st
Fulton, D. &. R., 68-74
Woodlands road, 174 Gt. George
St., Hillhead; tel. Nos. Nat. 518
Charing Cross; P.O. 3381
Fyfe & Allan, Ltd., 43 St.
George's road
Gourlay Bros., 691 Duke st
Graham, Wm. (Reg.), 3 Wilson st.
Hillhead, telephone Nos., Nat.,
234 Hillhead, P.O. W451
Grant, Alex. 8 1 Byres rd
Gray, T., & Co. 10 Merkland st
Greive, David, 9 Whitevale st
Hegney, Chas. & Son, 471 Great
Western road, Hillhead
Hendry, Wm., & Son, St. Vincent
cross, 310 St. Vincent st
Hulme & Struthers, 127 W. Regent
Ini^leton, James, & Co. 166-168
George street
Johnsons (Messrs.) patent office,
37 West Nile street, St. Vincent
street corner; handbook, "Hints
to Inventors," gratis
Johnston, Jas. & Son, 194 Cam-
bridge st.
Keith, James & Blackman Co. Ltd.
(ventilating and heating), 90
Mitchell st
Key, Wm. ventilating by mechan-
ical means, 109 Hope st
King, Dav'.d, & Sons, Keppoch
Iron Works, Possilpark
Lindsay, Wm., & Sons, 165 Holm
Logan & Ferrie, 156 Albert road,
Pollokshields, aid 195 Crow rd ,
Lumsden, John M. 183 Thomson
street, Dennistoun
M'Combe, James, 120 West Nile st
M'CuUoch & Bennet, 216 Dum-
barton rd., Partick
M'Farlane, John, R.P., 184
Eglinton street
Macfarlane, Walter, & Co., Saracen
Foundry, Possilpark
Macleod, Wm. & Co. 62 Robertson
Manlove, Alliott, & Co. Limited
(refuse destructors, sewage
plant, steam disinfectors, Alliott
& Paton's & Lyon's patent, also
medium and low pressure dis-
infectors) ; repres. for Scotland,
Herbert Yates, Glenbank road,
Lenzie. Nat. tel. 56
Meighan, James, & Son, 328-332
Abercromby st., Gallon
Meldrum, Bros., Ltd., 93 Hope st
Mellowes & Co., Ltd., 93 Hope st.
Miller, G. & Son, 367 Byres road

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