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Hamilton, W. D., 147 W. George st
Hamilton, Wm. D. & Co. 69 Bath 8t
Harvey Engiceering Co., Ltd. (late
M'Oiiie, Harvey & Co., Ltd.)
(sugar machmt!r3'), 224 vVest st
Harvey, G. & A. Ltd. Woodville
street, Go van
Hill, Thos. &Co. 66 and 68 Robert-
son street
Hopkinson, J. & Co. Ltd. of
Huddersfield, manufacturers and
patentees of safety boiler moun-
tings, parallel slide valves,
asbestos- packed water gauges
and cocks, steam and vacuum
gauges, &a; Glasgow office and
showroom, 41 Bothwell st. ;
telegrams " Hopkinsons," Glas-
gow ; Nat. tel. No. 1555 Argyle
Jamieson, Prof- Andrew, M.Inst.
C.E., F.R.8.E., electrical labora-
tory, and special instruction for
engineerw' exams. &c., 16 Rosslyn
terrace, Kelvin side
Johnsons, Messrs., patent office,
37 W. Nile st. (St. Vincent st.
corner); handbook, " Hints to
Inventors," gratis
Keith, James & Blackman Co. Ltd.
ventilating mechanically with
filtered and warmed air, 90
Mitchell street
Ker, W. Arthur, A.M.LC.E. (con-
sulting), 124 St. Viucent street
Kerr, J. B., 50 Wellington st
Kerr & Crawford, 145 Bath st
Key, Wm. ventiladog mechanically
with filtered and warmed air,
109 Hope St. and 11 Qu^en Vic-
toria St. London, E.C.; works,
131 Houldsworthst. Cranstonhill
and 80b Battersea rise, London.
iiandale, Alfred, & Co., steam
and gas eugines, producers,
pumps, and air compressors,
shafting, &c.; repairs always
given prompt attention ; 100
Port-Dundas rd
Lawfon, Jas., 318 Byres road,
Lawson, John, 17 Albion crescent,
Leitch, Archd. M.LMecb.E. (con-
sulting and inspecting), Argyle
arcade, 30 Buchanan st
Maccallum, P. ¥., 93 Hope st
Macdonald, John, & Co. Bridge
Turbine Works, Pollokshaws
M'Farlane, Geo., M.LMecb.E. (of
A. R. Brown, M'Farlane & Co.,
Ld.), 34 West George st
Macfarlane, James, W., 138 West
Regent st. and Cartbank,
Oath cart
M'Gee, Walter, & Son, Ltd.,
Lai^hpark, Puisley.
M'Gilvray, John A., 12 Dixon
Mackay, Lewis C, 56 W. Regent
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. 129 Tron-
M'Lellan, Quintin B., 120 and 122
St. Vincent lane
M'Onie, A. & P. W. (sugar ma-
chinery), Cessnock Engine
Works, Govan
Manlove, AHiott & Co., Ltd. ; re-
presentative, Herbert Yates,
Glenbank rd., Lenzie; Nat.
teL 56
Marshall, Fleming & Jack, Mother-
Mather & Piatt, Ltd. (sewage,
mechanical treatment), 124 St.
Vincent st
Mathieson, Ales., & Sons, Ltd., 9
13 E. Campbell st
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd., 47
Broad St., Mile-end
Maxwell, Alex., 121 W. Regent st
Meldrum Bros., Ltd., 93 Hope
Ml ore Machinery Company, 121
St. Viacent st., and 116 Hope
st ; showrooms, 31-37 Canning
st, Bridgeton
Morton, Andrew Home, Assoc.
M.Inst. C,E. A.M.LE.E. 130
Bath st
Morton, David Home, M.Inst. C.E.,
M.I.MecLE., 130 Bath st
Motion, Robt., M. LMech. E.,
M.I.E.S. (consulting), 180 W.
George st
Muir & Forsyth, 97 St James rd
Munro, R. D , M. Inst.Mei;li.E.,
121 West Rejrent st
Norman, John, M.LE. & S., 65 W.
Regent street
Palmer, W. D., & Co., Ltd., 50
Wellington &t
Pickering, Jonathan, M.I.M.E.,
50 Wellington st
Piatt Bros. & Co. (Ltd.), 109
Hope st
Pollock, John, & Co. 76 LanceStW
Pott, Turnbull & Co., 65 West
Regent street
Ricbardsons, Westgarth & Co.,
Ltd., 34 West Geortre st
Robertson, Alex., & Co., 101 St.
Vincent ft
Robertson, Wm. & Sons, 62 Argyle
Robey & Co., Ltd., bos 13, Royal
Ross, Wm. & Sons, 27 Thistle
St., s.s.
Rudd, J. A. & Co., 68 Gordon st
Russell, Geo. & Co., Ltd.,
crane builders, Motherwell
Sayers, James E., & Caldwell
(consulting), 157 W. George St.;
teleg. " Schedule," Glasgow ;
telephone, 471 Argyle
Simpson, Edward, & Co., Harriet
street, Rutherglen
Sterne, L. & Co., Ltd., makers of
refrigerating and ice mactiinea,
g'inding wheels, grinding and
polishing machines, also spiral
springs, emery wheels, etc.; The
Crown Iron Works, No. Wood-
side rd
Steven, A. & P., lift makers of
all de-criptions, Provanside En-
gine Works, 179 St. James' rd
Stevenson, John, 9 Doune terrace,
Kelvinside, N.
Stewart, D., & Co. (1902), Ltd.,
London Road Iron Works
Stuart, Geo. & Co. 83 Renfield st
The Finnieston Engioeering Co ,
169 Finnieston st
The North British Lifting and
Moving Appliances Co., Ltd.,
56- 58 Robertson st
Thomson, George, A.M.Inst.C.E.,
M.LM-ch.E., 11 Randolph pL,
Thomson, Thomas, 284 Dobbie's
Turnbull, Alex. & Co., Ltd., St.
Mungo Works, Bishopbriggs
Turnbull, John, junr., &
Sons, M.F.Mech.E., Canal Basin
Foundry, Charlotte st, Dobbie's
Wemyss, George B., M.I.N.A,, 5
Oswald st
Williamson, John, 65 W. Regent st
Young. Thomas, M.LMecb.E.,
M.I.E.E., 203 W. George st.
Carlaw, David & Sons, (and
engineering agents), makers of
Barclay's patent valve gear,
compass makers, 11 Finnieston
St. Tel. Nos. Nat. 363 Argyle,
P.O. 1262
Carruthers, J. H. & Co. Ltd.,
Hamilton st. Polmadie
Chambers, Scott & Co, ("D.L,"
electric coal cutters, haulage
gears), Dalziel Engineering wks,
Christie, Thos. Train, 134 West
Campbell st
Clark, Wm. 208 St Vincent »t
Cowan & Co., 40 St. Enoch sq
Davidson & lo. Ltd. ("Sir*
occo " mine fans for main and
auxiliaiy ventiktion), 63 Both-
well st
Davidson, W. M., & Co., 23
23 Elmbank st
Dick, Kerr, & Co., Ltd., 175
West George st
Dunn, Roht. A. 208 St. Vincent st
Ferguson, David, 140 Hyndlandrd
Galloway, T. Lindsay, M. Inst.M.E.,
Assoc. M Inst. C.E., 175 West
George st

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