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Ferguson & Timpson (prac-
tical), Baltic Chambers, 60
Wellington st , also at London ;
telegraphic address, " Polarity,"
Fiiidlav, Louis, cotisultifg and
siipfrinteniimg aid surveyor,
Baltic chambers, oU Wellington
Finnieston Engineering Company
(repairs), I6rf Finnieston st
Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd. Phoenix
Works, Paistey
Gardn«r. Walter, & Co., 82 Paisley
road, west
Gauldie, Gidespie & Co., Broomhall
Engine Works, 16 BroomhaUst.
Kii.ning Park
HamilKin, W. D., 147 W. George
Hanua, Donald, & Wilson, Abbey
Works, Paisley
Henderson, D. «& W. & Co. Ltd.
190 Elliot St
Houston, Colin, & Co., 18 and 20
Stanley street
Howden, Jas & Co., 195 Scotland
Hume, James S., & Co , 67 Port-
man St., Kinning Park
Hutson & Sons, Ltd,, Kelm-
haugh Engine Works, 50
Kelvinhaugh street
Inglis, A. & J., Ltd., Whitehall
Foundry, 64 Warroch street,
J'jhnson, (Messrs.) patent oflSce
37 West Nile street, St. Vincent
St. corner; handbook, "Hints to
inventors," gratis
Leitch, Arch., M.I.Mech.E. (con-
sulting and inspecting;), Argyle
arcade, 30 Buchanan st
Liquid Fuel Engineering Co.,
launch and yacht builders,
Poole, Dorset; repres., J. F.
Borthwick & Co., 19 Waterloo
London (The) and Glasgow
Engineering and Iron Ship-
building Co,, Ltd., 172 Lance-
field street
M'Farlane, Geo. (and naval archi-
tect) (of A. R. Brown, M'Farlane
& Co,, Ltd.), 34 W. George st
M'Kie & Baxter, Copeland Works,
MacNicoll & Co. (also naval archi-
tects and surveyors), 6 Dixon
Menzies, Jas. & Co , 52 Mount
8' reet
Moir, Jas. (surveyor), 70 Welling-
ton street
Morison, Wm. M'Arthur(aad naval
a'chitect), 29 Waterloo street
Muir & Forsyth, 97 St. James' rd
Muir & Houston, Ltd., 33 Port
man street, Kinning Park
Murray, M'Vinnie & Co, (marine
engine outfits, stores, and oi's),
Mavisbank quav,s.s. — See Advt.
Napier & Miller, Ltd., Old
Neil & Richmond, 76 Howard st
Pickering, J., M..LMech.E., 50
Wellington st
Reid, John, & Co., Ltd., South st,
Reid John, & Co. (superintending,
also naval architect^), Baltic
Chambers, 50 Weiliujiton street;
and at 95 Leadenhall street,
Lo! don, E C.
Reid, Thos & Sons, Thread street,
Paisley. — See Adv. in Ap.
Renfrew Bros. & Co., Harbour
Engine Wcks, Irvine
Richardsons, Westgarth & Co. Ltd.
6H Gordon street
Ritchie, Graliam, & Milne, Park
Shipbuilding Y'ard, Whiteinch
Ritchie, Ja.nes, Gl-^navon engineer-
ing works, Sawmill road and
Milton St., Partick
Rodger, A. & Co, St. Helen's
Engine Works, Govan
Ross & Duncan, Whitefield Works,
Rowan, David, & Co., 231 Elliotft
Rudrt, J. A., & Co., 68 G irdon st
Russell, F. A., 147 Bith street
Russell, J. R. (consulting), 147
Bath street
Seath, T. B. & Co. 121 St. Vin-
cent st
Shearer, John,& Sons, Ltd., Elders-
lie Graving Dock, Sotstoun, W
Simons, Wm. & Co , Ltd., London;
works, Renfrew
Small, David, 46 Hope st
Stephen, A., & Sons, Ltd., Lint-
house, Govan
Sutherland, Jas. M., 3 Havelock st
The Pulsometer Engineering Co.
Ltd. 8 York st
Tredegar Dry dock and Wharf Co.,
Ltd., Newport, Mon. ; represen-
tative, W. D. Hamilton, 147 W.
George street
Walker, Henderson & Co., 61
Bishop street, Anderston
Wallace, E. K., & Son (consulting),
60 St. Enoch square
Wemyss, Geo. B., M.LN.A.
(consulting and inspecting), 5
Oswald st
ENGINEERS (Mechanical).
Abbor. Engineering Co., L-d., New
Smiihhills, Paisley
Aird, David, & Co., 48 Wilson 8t,,
Pan ick
Airdrie Iron Co., Ltd,, Airdrie
Aitken & Co. 147 Bath street
Allen, W. H,, Son & Co,, Ltd. ;
agents, Charles Henderson &
Co., 73 Robertson st
Alley & MacLellan, Ltd., Sentinel
Works, Polmadie
Anderson, Wm. ^"12 Bath st
Andvews & Cameron, Kelvin En-
gineering Woiki. K.irkiiitilli)ch
Arrol, Sir Wm., & Co., Ltd.,
Dalmarnock Iron Works, 85
Preston street
Barr, Archd., D.Sc.,Caxton street,
Barr & Stroud, Caxton st., Annies-
Bennie, John, Star Engine Works,
149 to 155 Moncur st
Black, Wm , 1 1 West Regent street
Boyce, Robert C, civil and mining
enginaer and surveyor, colliery
surveys and reports, 36 Arundel
drive, Langside
Brown, RobL 16 Wellington st
Bryden, John, & Sons (hind-power
hoist makers), 60 Renfield st
Buchanan, John H. A.M.LG.E,,
M.LN.A. , 5 Oswald street
Campbell, Morton & Co. (late
Alex. Morton), Morton's ejector
condenser, 75 Buchanan street;
N.^t. tel., 5060 Royal
Carlaw, David, & vSons, 11 Finnie-
ston st. Telephone Nos., Nat.
363 Argyle, P.O. 1262
CarruthersV J. H. & Co, Ltd.
Hamilton st. Polmadie
Chaplin, Alex. & Co. Cranstonhill
Engine Works, Helen st. Govan
Clarkson Brothers, Ltd. City and
Temple Engineering Works,
Temple, and at 368 Cathedral
St., city
Clyde Model Dockyard and Engine
Dep'it, 24 Argyll arcade
Coutis & Co., 140 Bath st
Cowan & Coy., 40 St Enoch sq
Davie & Home, Johnstone Engine
Works, Johnstone, near Glas-
gow ; city office, 45 Hope st
Dawton & Downie, Elgin Works,
Dempster, Moore & Co., Ltd. 49
Robertson st
Dewar, Jas, 47 Fitzroy lane
Dick, Kerr & Co., Ltd.. 175
W. George st
Dixon, John, A.M.I M.E. (consult-
ing), 219 St Vincent st
Downie, Wm. D.,104 Clarence dr
Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd. Phoenix
Works, Paisley
Eraser, Wm., 131 No. Frede.iick st
Galloways Ltd. engines for steel
works, Corliss and other engines
for general purposes, high -speed
engines for eleciric light and
power, blowing engines, indepen-
dent condensing plants, 128
Hope street
Grsy, David. M.I.E. & S. (and
machinery valuator), 77 West
Nile st

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