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The Finnieston Engineering Co.
(rivetted mains, &c.), 169
Finnieston st
The National Gas Engine Co. Ltd.
195 St VinceDt st
The Patent Paraffin Gas Lighting
Co. Limited, 40 Houldsworth
The Power Gas Corporation, Ltd.,
manufacturers and contractors
for power gas and producer
plants, with and without by-
product recovery gas engines,
&c., representative. Wen. G.
Turnbnll, 144 St. Vincent
Tumbull, Wm. G., 144 St. Vin-
cent ti
Young, Thomas, M.L,Mech.E.,
M.IE.E., 203 West George st
ENGINEERS (Heating).
Allan, Anderson & Co. Eastwood
Engine Works, Harriet street,
Anderson, Wm. 133 Wellington st.;
212 Bath St.; 80 Cleland st. s.s.;
30 Gowf r street, Bellahouston ;
and 897 Dumbarton rd ; tele-
phone Nos., 726 Douglas, 216X8
Douglas, 237 Y4 Gorbals, 13
Ihrox and 296X1 Hillhead ;
P.O. 2464 and 1197
Angus, John, 3 Hayburn street,
Pan ick
Amot, James L. 204 Bath st
Bain, W. B. & J. agents for Row's
calorifiers and Royle's steam
traps, 66 Waterloo street
Bowie, Robert, 583 Cathcart
Boyd, Jas. & Sons, Macdowall st.
Bryden & Middleton, Merlin Iron-
works, Windsor st, Scotstoun,
Combe, James, & Son, heating
and ventilating engineers by
steam, high and low pressure,
direct and indirect apparatus,
mechanical ventilation, radiators
by best makers, 103 N. Hanover
Cormack, James, & Sons, Ltd.,
heating, ventilating, and laun-
dry engineers, patentees of
the Maxim steam control regu-
lator for heating apparatuses and
hot water supply systems; manfs.
of radiators, steam & hot water
apparatuses and steam cooking
ranges ; sole agents for Scotland
for tHe "Hornei" patent sectional
boilers, and sule licensees for
Scotland for the "Hornet" (Reg.)
rapid circulation hot water heal-
ing system (patented), 36 Aber-
corn st
Davidson & Co., Ltd., "Sirocco "
centrifugil and propelUr fans,
coal and steam air heaters,
btatiog and ventilating instal-
lations, drying plant, &c., 58
Bothwell st
Dixon, John, A.M.LM.E. (con-
sulting), 219 St. Vincent st
Dominion Radiator Co. Ltd.
Toronto (Saflford radiators and
Daisy boilers), sole agpnts, T. B.
Campbell & Sons, Ltd. 29 Well-
ington street
Donald & Donald (and ventilating),
60 Bothwell circus
Finlay, John, & Co Ltd. 18 Ren-
field street
Fulton, D. & R., 68-74 Wood-
lands road and 174 Gt. George
st, Billoead; tel. Nos., Nat. 5i8
Charing Cross ; P. 3381
Fyfe & Allan, Ltd., 43 St. George's
Graham, Wm. 3 Wilson street,
Gray, Wm. (agent for Henitz steam
traps) 4 York st
Green, A. Henderson, & Co., 34
Ann st
Grieve, James Mnnro, 318 Spring-
burn road
Haddow, Hugh, 610 Eglinton st
Hamilton & Co. 230 Berkeley st
Hamilton, Wm. D. & Co. 59 Bath
Hendry, Wm. & Son, 310 St. Vin-
cent street
Bill, Thos. & Co. 66 and 68 Ro-
bertson st
Hunter, M' William & Blair, manu-
facturers of steam and hot water
heating apparatus (high and low
pressure) for churehes, schools,
hospitals, mansion houses, green-
houses, laundry and cooking
ranges (steam and hot- water
radiators), 28 Milton lane
[ngleton, Jas &Co. 166,168 George
Johnsons, Messrs. patent office,
o7 West Nile st. (St. Vincent st.
corner), handbook, " Hints to
Inventors," gratis
Keith, Jumes, & Blackman Co.
Ltd. Keith's patent hot water
boilers. radiator.s, &c., 90
Mitchell street
Ker, W. Arthur, A.M.I.C.E. (con-
sulting), 124 St. Vincect st
Key, Wm., ventilating and warm-
ing on Key's improved plenum
method, steam boilers, steam
and gas engines, electric
motors, air propellers, swim-
ming baths warmed, hot water
supply ; Central Chambers,
109 Hope St. and 11 Queen
Victoria st. London, E.G.; works,
131 Houldsworth st, Cranston- .
hill, & 80b Battersea Rise, Lon-
don, S.W.; P.O. telephone, No.i
1338; telegrams, " Ventilation "'
Glasgow. " Ventiduct " London
Landa'e, Alfred, & Co. (heating by;
air, water, or steam), 100 Port- ■
Dundas road
Leitch, Archihald, MI. Mech.E.
(consulting), Argvle arcade, 30
Buchanan st
Low, Archd., 78 Merkland street,
Lumsden, John M. 183 Thomson
st, Dennistoun
M'Culloch & Rennet, 216 Dum-
barton road, Partick.
M'Gown, J., & Co., 182 West
Regent street
Mackenzie & Moncur, Ltd. (and
ventilating), 121 St. Vincent st
Macleod, Wm. & Co., 62 Robertson
Main, R. & A., Ltd., 136 Renfield
St.; Gothic Iron Works, Falkirk
Main, Thos., 130 Sauchiehall st
Martm, W. C , & Co (electrical),
10 West Campbell st
Matthews & Yates, Ltd., 14t St.
Vincent tt
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. (electrical),
47 Broad st. Mile end
Maxwell, Alex., 121 W. Regent st
Miller, Wm. (Glasgow), Ltd.
(and ventilating), 163 Hope st
Munro, R. D., M.Inst. Mech.E.,
121 West Rejent street
MuoTo, Robert, & Sons, 81 New
Keppochhill road
Murray, M-Vinnie & Co. (for
steamers). Mavisbank quay, s.s.
Mnsgrave & Co., Ltd., 67 Hope
Phillips, Robt. 5 Gt. Hamilton st
Purnell, H. A. (consulting), estab.
1829, Breadalbane terrace, 103
Hill street, Garnethill
Renfrew, Robert S., 136 and 140
North st
Ritchie, James, manufacturer of
heaters and improved hot-air
drying stoves, also ventilating;
Glenavon Engineering Works,
Sawmill rd. and Milton street,
Robertson, Thos, & Co., 132
Bothwell st
Simpson & Farmer, Partick bridge.
Speirs & Frame, 491 G;. Western
road, 40 and 42 Hyndland
road, Kelvinside, W.
Speirs, Moses, & Sons (and venti-
lating), 17 Bothwell St.
Spence, John, & Sons, Bellsdyke
works, Airdrie
Sieel & Wilson, 4 Washington st,
Stevenson, M'Guffie & Milne, 87
Union street
Stewart, Duncan, 111 Main street,

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