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^'indlater, J. L., 139 Sword st
^'inrllay. A., 114 Byres road
finlayson, M., 7U8 Argjle street
Finlayson, Elizabeth, 45 Main
street, Biidgeton
Fisher, G. 17 Abercorn street
Pitwell, 37 Reutield ht
Fitzpatrick, Michael, 85 West
street, s.s.
Fleming, Miss J., 169 Castle st
Forrester Brothers & Co , 164
Howard st
Forsyth, R W. , Ltd. (riding, mili-
tary, and field boots for colonial
wear, also Highland brogues
and shoes), Renfield st. corner
Gordon st
Foster, W. A. 91 St. Vincent st
Foulis, J. & Sons, Central Stores,
259, 261, 263 Eglinton street,
and branches
Friskin, Jamep, 254 Albert road,
Falton, Hugh, 803 Gt. Western rd
Galloway, M. 9, 11 Cambridge lane
and at 9 Cambridge st
Galloway. M. 138 St. George's rd
Gamble, H. 5 1 Raeberry street
Gemmell, Wm. 135 Albert road,
Gibb, Peter, junr., 5 Marquis st
Gibb, James, 120 Norfolk st,, and
48 Main s»., Pollokshaws
Gibson, WiTi.,& Son, 687 Cathcart
Gilchrist, R. 28 Moir st
Gillespie, W. 375 Cathcart rd.
Gillespie, W,, 140 Grown street
Gilmour, James P. 439 Victoria
Gilmour, Samuel, 25 Rosehall st
Glen, John, 169 and 161 Ingram
SI reet
Glen, John (boot exporter), 159
and KJl Inaram st
Glen, John (wholesale), 159 and
161 Ingram st
Glen, John, (manufacturer, whole-
sale), 159 and 161 Ingram st
Gordon Boot and Shoe Warehouse,
9 ? Hospital street, s.s.
Gordon, Moses, & Co, 222 Cam-
bridge st
Gordon, R.,&Co.,73 Brunswick st
Gourlay, J. & Co., 55 Glassford st
Gray, Marion, 127 Douglas street
Gray, Miss, 23 So. Portland st
Greeoan, Bernard, 24 William st,
Greenlees, John. 4-'5 Wellington st
Greerdees & Sons, 86 York st
Hamblett, John, 32 Dalmeny
street, s.s.
Hamilton, John (cloaer), 40 Bruns-
wick st
Hammond, Wm. H., 341 Crown st
Hannah, T. 107 North st
Harkins, Robt. J., 513 New City
Hartley & Barnes, London (Louis
heel, turned and dress shoes a
specialty); wholes de agent.Chas.
F.Scott, 19 Waterloo street
Harvey, Frank, 7 Eton pi. Scots-
Haugbey, B. 108 Gallnwgate
Hay, Jas., & Co, 120 Maiu'st.,
Hay, James G., 5 Cross st
Heaney, Charles, 287 High st
Heaney, James, 724 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Henderson H., & Sons, 48 King
st , city, a"d Ladybank Leather
Works, Dundee
Bendry, Wm. & Co. 258 Great
Western rd
Hill, Jas., 25 Gibson st, Hillhead
Hill, John, 615 Cathcart road
Hood, Robt. 160 Garthland drive
Holmes, William, 27 Moriison st
Hossack, Margt. 449 Saucbiehall
Hughes, P. 790 Springburn rd
Hunter, Barr, & Co. Ltd. (whole-
sale), 57 Queen st
Hutchinson, J. H., 16 Harmony
row, G ivan
Hymen, L, 217 Main st., S.S.
Inglis & Davidson, 28 King st. city
Irvine, Tbos., 45 C'aigiehall st
Jackson's Ltd., 41-43 Gordon st
James, H. P. 39 Abbotsford pi. s.s.
Johnston, James, 182 Stobcross
Johnston, G. T., 104 Main st., S.S.
Johnstone, Wm. W., 54 Albert rd.,
Kellock, Wm., 370 Victoria road,
Crosshi 1
Kelly, D. H., 268-270 High st
Kelly, J. & W., 9 Watson st., city
Kelly, Robert, 193 Claytborn st
Kennedy, Robt. 114 W. Campbell
Kerr, J. & Son (wholesale), 38
Albion st
Kerrigan, Francis, 128 Dalmamook
Kirkwood, Hy. 549 Gt. Eastern rd
Knox, Geo. 685 Duke st
Latimer, Jas., 210 New Dalmar-
nock rd
Lattimer, Thos. 169 Crookston st
Learmonth, James, 590 Great
Eastern road
Leckie, James. 135a W. Nile st
Lees, John, & Co. (Maybole), 6
Dixon st
Leitch, C. R., 36 Bridge street
Longden, Jas & S'n, 155 Saucbie-
hall st
Louttit, James, 259 Hope st. and
53 Albert road. Crossbill
M'Aulay, Wm. 548 Springburn rd.
M'Auslan & Sons, 120 Crown st
and branches
M'Bride, Thomas, & Logie (whole-
sale factors), St. Catherine's
Leather Works, 12 to 20
Ingram st. ; telephone Nos.,
Nat. 187 Tron ; P.O. 3S7 Bell
M'Caffrey, Hugh, 188 Butterbig-
gins road
M'&iffrey, John, 33 Dison av
M'Callum, M. 359 Argyle st
M'Callum, M , & Son, 331 and
3,S3 Grflat Western road
M'Clymrint & Alexander (factors),
40 Union street
M'Clymont, Sam. 444 Gallowgate
M'Cnlloch, Alex, (agent), 2 Mon-
teith row.
M'Donald, A. D. , Victoria terrace,
M'Donald, J., 120 Allison st
M' Donald, Peter, 84 Mainst., s.8.
M'Donald, Tbonaas, 121 Claythora
M'Dowali, M., 674 Argyle street,
M'Farlane, A L., 336 Duke st
M'Garvie, D. & Co., 23 Abbotsford
M'Geachie, Daniel, 4 Hill st. And.
M'George, James, 17 Saucbiehall
st and 317 Parliamentary rd
M'Gill, Wm., 116 Henderson stW
M'Gregor, John, 512 Duke st
M'Houl, James, 133 Eglinton st.
M'Houi, W. B., 148 Byres rd
M'lnnes R. 25 Copeland rd
M'Intosh, D. 18 Qn. Margaret dr
M'Intosh, J. 7 Port Dundas rd
M'lvor, James, 35 Millbrae road
M'Kechnie, John, & Sons, 1004
Cathcait rd
MacLaine, Hector, Melville place,
M'Laughland, John, 1129 Pollok-
shaws rd. Crossmyloof
Maclean, A. (agent), 8-12 St.
.Andrew's street
M'Lean, Donald, 466 New City rd
M'Lean, Jas. 11 Park rd
M'Lean, John, 13 Alexandra ter.
M'Leish, Pryde, Gordon & Co., 9S
Parnie st
M'Lintock, Adam, & Son, 81
Eglinton st
M'Millan, John, 54 Elderslie st
M'Neill, James, 709 Gallowgate
M'Phail, J. T., 228 Berkeley st
M'Phee, David, 318 Springburn
M'Quaen,A. 289 Cumberland st s s
M'Quiston, D. & J. (factors), 128-
130 Ingram st
Mailer, John, 408 St. George's rd
Maitland, George (wholesale fac-
tor), 26 Oswald street
Manfield & Sons, 110 Buchanan
Margach, John, 437 Cathcart

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