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Eobb, James, 164 Springfield jd;
Nat. telephone, No. 261 7 ; P.O.
Scottish (The) Asbestos Co.,
Ltd., 25 Cadogan st
Stewart, W. W., & Co., 365
Scotland st
United (The) Asbestos Co.,
Ltd., 212 Broomielaw
Taylor, S. T., & Sons, Newcastle-
on-Tyne; Tynos patent asbestos
mattresses, Tynos patent com-
positions; agents. Brown, Prim-
rose & Smyth, 68 Gordon st
The Finniesion EngiLeering Co.
(and repairers), 169 Finnieston
The Firhill Lime & Whiting Co.,
Ltd., 60 Firhill road
Tinto, J. & W., manufacturers of
asbestos composition for boiler
covering, 95 and 97 Holm st.;
•works, 26 Falfield street
Wormaid & Co., 43 Victoria st,
Wotherspoon, James, & Son, asbes-
tos, 221 Wallace street, s.s.
Carruthers, J. H. & Co. Ltd.
(feed pumps), Hamilton st, Pol-
Clarkson & Beckitt, Maryhill En-
gine Works, Maryhill; telephone
Nos. Nat. 10 Maryhill, P.O. m18
Dempster, Moore & Co., Ltd., 49
Robertson st
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. (Ltd.),
(Handcock inspirator) 35 M'Al-
pice street
Hill, Tho.s. & Co. (" Buffalo In-
jectors "), 66 - 68 Robertson
Landale, Alfred, & Co., feed
pumps, feed heaters, and in-
jectors, 100 Port-Dundas rd
MacLellan, P. & W., Ltd, 129
Tr on gate
Ritchie, James, feed pumps and
water heaters, Glenavon
Eugineering Works, Sawmill rd,
& Milton St., Partick.
Schaffer & Budenberg, Ltd. 5
Wellingt(.n street
Stewart, John & Co.(Glasgow) Ltd.
28-32 Oswald st
Tangyes Ltd., Ill Hope st
Weir, G. & J. Ltd. Holm Foundry,
British Engine, Boiler & Electrical
Insurance Co., Ltd., 65 Renfield
St. ; Michael Lotgridge, chief
engineer. Telephones — Nat.,
759 Argyle; P.O., 4769
Hamilton, W. D., 147 W. George
The National Boiler and
General Insurance Co.,
Ltd., 48 West Regent street;
W. T. Harrison, Giasgov/, man-
The Scottish Boiler Insur-
ance Ss Engine Inspection
Co., Ltd., bead office, 111
Union st
The Vulcan Boiler and General
Insurance Co , Ltd., 155 Hope st
Airtight (The) Sirioke Bos Door
Syndicate, Ld. (Silley's patents);
repre., John F. Macdonald, 65
West Regent st
Aitchison, Blair & Co., Whitecrook
Engine Works, Clydebank
Aitken & Co. 147 Bath st
Alley & M'Lellan, Sentinel Works,
Alma Boiler Works, 824 Gallow-
gate and Alma st., James Neil-
son & Son
Arnott, W. & Co., Coatbridge Boiler
Works, Coatbridge
Arrol's Bridge & Roof Co., Ltd.,
Germiston Works, Petershill
Arrol, Sir William, & Co., Lmtd.
Dalmarnock Iron Works, Preston
Babcock & Wilcox, Limited,
29 St. Vincent place. Works,
Barclay, Andw., Sons & Co. Ltd.
Caledonia Engine Works, Kil-
Barclay, Curie & Co. Ltd., Clyde-
side RepauiDg Works, 22 White-
field road, Govan
Barclay, Curie & Co. Ltd. 90
Kelvinhaugh st
Barclay & Mathieson, 159 Centre
street, s.s.
Barr, Thomson, & Co. Ltd. Kil-
marnock, makers of embossed
manhole and sludgehole doors,
flanged and plain compensa-
tion rings, saddles, dome
ends for boilers, &c., seamless
unbreakable steel ladles of all
kinds for moulders, mounted
and unmounted
Barrowfield Iron Works, Ld. (The)
(late Laidlaw Sons & Caine Ld.)
100 Fordneuk st
Bennie, Jas. & Sons, Clyde Engine
Works, Drumoyne road, Car-
Bennie, John, Star Engine Works,
149-155 Moncur street
Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean, Ltd.,
Woodville st. Govan
Blake (The) Patent Vertical Multi-
tubular Boiler ; agent, A. E.
Shute, 114 Union st
Bolton, A., & Co., Bolton's
Patent Steam Super-
heater, 49 Deansgate, Man-
chester ; D. Ballingall, repre.,
20 West Campbell st
Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co., Ltd.,
Thistle Works, Paisley
Bowman, John & Co., 95 Waterloo
St. and at Milliken Park
Braby, Fred., & Co. (Limited),
Eclipse works. Petershill rd
British (The) Boiler Cleaning and
Enamelling Co. 201 Stobcross
Burnet & Co. ( Lindsay) Monrepark
Boiler Works, Helen st. Govan
Butters Brothers & Co. Percy Crane
and Engine Works, M'Lellan
street, Kinning Park ; head
office, IS, 20 Waterloo st
Campbell & Calderwood, Murray
street, Paisley
Carruthers, J. H. & Co. Ltd.,
Hamilton street, Polmadie
Chaplin, A. & Co., Helen street,
Clarke, Chapman & Co. Ld. Gates-
head-on-Tyne ; representative,
W. A. Kiughorn, 81 St. Vincent
Clyde (The) Shipbuilding & En-
gineering Co Ltd. Port-Glasgow
Cochran & Co., Annan, Ltd.,
Annan, N.B.; representative, W.
A. Kinghorn, 81 St. Vincent st
Cochrane, John, Grahamston
Engine Works, Barrhead
Cockburn Bros., Helen st. Govan
Craig, A. F., & Co., Ltd., Mac-
dowall St., Paisley
Dalglish, A. & W., West of Scot-
land Boiler Work-i, Pollokshaws
Dempster, Moore & Co. Ltd. 49
Robertson street
Denny & Co., engine works, Dum-
Dunnett, William, 176 Glenpark
DuDsmuir & Jackson, Ltd Govan
Engme Works, Windsor street,
Ewing & Lawson, Ltd ,Crownpoint
Boiler Works, Crownpoint road,
and St. Marnock st. Mile-End
Fairfield (The) Shipbuilding and
Engiiieering Co. (Ltd.), Fair-
field Works, Govan
Ferguson, M., & Son, Carntyne
Boiler Works, Shettleston, Carn-
tyne Station
Fleming & Ferguson, Ld. marine &
land, specialty water tube boilers
for all purposes, Phoenix Works,
Fullerton, Hodgart & Barclay, Ltd.,
Renfrew road. Paisley
Galloways Ltd. (Patent "Galloway"
boilers, and other types), 128
Hope fct

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