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Stewart, D. & Co. (1902), Ltd.,
London Road Iron Works.
Stewart, John, 66 George square
Thomson, R. B., & Co., 38 Stock-
well street ; telephones — Nat ,
508; P.O., 4037; telegrams,
" Pistons."
The Firhiil Lime & Whiting Co.,
Ltd., 60 Firbill rd
The United Alkali Co. Ltd. Scotch
works, St. Rollox, Eglinton,
Henderson, and district office,
St. Rollox, Glasgow
Alexander, Wm., & Co., Helen
street, Govan
Campbell, Andrew, & Co. Spring-
field quay
Campbell's Patent ; R. Christie,
agent, 29 Waterloo st
Clarkson Bros., Strathcona road,
Darroch & Espie, 27 S. Kinning pi
Dempster, Moore, & Co., Ltd., 49
Robertson st
Donald, Jas. T. & Co., Limited,
36 M'Alpine st
Fairbanks Co., 64-56 Bothwell st
Gibbins, R. C, & Co., Berkley st.,
Birminghini ; agent, John S.
Bishop, 5 1 Cadogan st.
HigginsoD & Co., Liverpool (cargo
blocks) ; sole agent, G«o. Blair,
38 Queen street
Holt & Wilietts, Cradley Heath
(makers of pulley blocks) ;
agent, John Orr, Kenilworth,
Leith, Cardie, & Co. sole makers
of "The Clyde" clutch double
worm pulley block, with self-
lowering arrangement ; Leith &
Westwater patent, also sole
makers of our improved cham-
pion pulley blocks, and Thom-
son's pattern pulley blocks, 19
Eaglesham street
Mackay, Neil, 66 Howard st
M'Kenzie& Co. (ship), 15 Houston
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. 129
Matthew, Andrew, sole maker of
the '' New Champion " double-
worm pulley block (Matthew's
patent i, also maker of Thom-
son's pattern bloefes, all kinds
repa'rtd, pitch chains and wheels,
28 Carrick st
Murchie, Jas., 39 Main st
Priest, Rowland, pulley block
works, Cradley Heath (wholesale
only); agent, J. Thomson Mac-
leod, 76 Robertson street
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow),
Ltd., 28 32 Oswald st
Tangyes Ltd. Ill Hope st
Taylor, Pal lister & Co., Dunstan-
on-Tyne, cargo block, winch,
and ath hoist makers ; agents,'
Brown, Primrose & Smyth, 68
Gordon street
The North British lafting
and Moving; Appliance Co.
Ltd., spur gear and worm chain
blocks, wire and ■ hemp rope
blocks, extensive stock, 56-58
Robertson st
Thomson, Wm., & Co. sole makers
and patenteesof Thomson's patent
self-sustaining screw pulley
blocks, 57 Smith st. Kinning pk
White, David, & Co. 23-29 Eagles-
ham street, Govan road
Wilietts, Chai-les, jun. Cradley
Heath (pulley blocks), agent,
J. J. H. Cruickshank, 95 Bath
M'Gregor, D. & Co. Ltd. 37 Clyde
pi. (shipping forms and B. T.
Whyte, Thomson & Co. (shipping
forms and B.T. publications),
144 Broomielaw
SCHOOLS (Ladies').
Campbell, Andrew, & Co. Spring-
field quay
Chugg, James, 21 Woodville street,
Connell, W. S., 84 Galbraith st
Darroch & Epsie, 27 S. Kinning pi
Greddes, George, Humane Society's
Hill, Thos. & Co. (auctioneers and
valuators), 66-68 Robertson st
MacBrayne, John, & Co., 247
Paisley road
M'Alisttr, R., & Son, Dumbarton
Moir, Robt. 4 Drumoyne terrace,
Ritchie, Graham & Milne, Park
Shipbuilding Yard, Whiteinch
Shearer, John, & Son, Ltd. (iron
and wood), Elderslie Graving
Dock and Shipyard, Scotstonn,W
The Seamless Steel Boat Co., Ltd.,
Wake6eld ; representative, W. A.
Kinghorn, 81 St. Vincent st
White, David, & Co., aluminium.
Iron and wood boat, launch, and
barge builders, 23-29 Eaglesham
St., Plantation
Whyte, J. & J. Whitefield rd
Bell's Water Softener, Doddrell !
Bros., 11 Bothwell street i
Blackley, Young & Co., "Griffin" '
anii-cnist 70 Wellingten st
Cresswell's Asbestos Co. Ltd, 11 ]
Bothwell street '
The Glasgow Patents Co., Ltd.,
pateat " Electrogens," 94 Hope
street .
Zjnkara Co. Ltd. (The); The Clyde
Stores Co Ltd., 7 York street;
telegraphic address, " Zynkara,"
Glasgow ; telephone No., Nat.,
1445 Argyle (also at 4 Brymner
St., Greenock)
British (The) Asbestos Coy.,
Ltd., 53a Oswald st
Braby, F. & Co., Limited, Eclipse
Woi'ks, Petershill rd
Carbon (The) Cement Co. Ltd.;
office and works, 166 St. James'
St. Kinning park
Carty, J. L., & Coy., agents.
Tees Slag Wool Coy., Ld., " Im- ti
proved" slag wool or silicate
cotton, &C., 219 St. Vincent st
Cochran, Thos., & Co., agents,
Rochdale Asbestos Co., Ltd., as-
bestos compositions, mattresses,
ropes, &c., 73 Robertson st
Croggan & Co. Ltd. 7 John st
Duff, Wm. & Co. 60 Elliot st;
telephone Nos., Nat. 771 Argyle;
P.O. 4056; telegraphic address,
" Coverers." — See Advt. in Ap-
Haacke, A. & Co. (Conrad
Lauer), and at London, Liver-
pool, and West Hartlepool.
Telegraphic address, " Haacke,"
165 .\ St Vincent st Goods
entrance, 78 St. Vincent lane;
telephone No. Nat. 235 Ai-gyle
Bafter, A., all kinds of covering,
speciality patent " Eclipse "
cork composition and cork seg-
ments, lightest and most efficient
insulators of heit and cold, 462
Dobbie's loan and at London
Keenan, Matthew, & Co., Ltd., 80
Great Wellington st
Lang, Wm. & Co. 120 Salkeld
Magnesia Coverings, Ltd., 19 Ex-
change square
Moore, F. W. & Co. Drumoyne,
Reid, M'Farlane & Co., Ltd.,
b'i and 60 Hydepark street —
See adot. in appen.
Reid, Parker & Co., boiler and
steam pipe coverers and manu-
facturers of improved non-con-
ducting asbestos composition,
106 Clyde St., Anderston

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