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Northern (The) Rubber Co. Ret-
ford (leather, col ton, hair,balata,
&c.); Goodie & Whittet, agents,
60 Howard St.
Oldfield, J. & Sons, 8 Dixon st.
and Fox street
Ormerod, John, & Sons, raanfrs. of
buffalo and leaiher pickers,
picking bands and belting, Cas-
tleton, near Manchester ; agent,
11 Bothwell St
Paterson, George B. 4 York st
Pegler Bros. & Co., 54-56 Brown
street, Anderc'ton
Potter, Tho. 41 Cumberland st. east
Kamage& Whitehead, 30 Cadogan
Redda.way, F. & Co., Ltd.,
The " Camel" Brand aod Caaiel
Hair, cotton and india rubber
beliiogs, 45 Hope st. ; works,
Pendleton, Manchestt r
Richards, Thos. R. (leather and
rubberis), 4 I, Ann street, city
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queeu st
Robertson, R. & Sons (improved
genuine Bnlata behing, hair and
canvas belting, &c.), 15 and 17
Clyde place ; works, Commerce
" Roko edge " belt ; agents, The
Engineering Agency, 11 Bolh-
well st
Scottish (The) India Rubber Co.,
12 Hanover st
Smith & Christie, 115 to 127
James st. Bridgeton
Smith Wni. S., 71? New City rd
Steel, Thos. C, &Co., 52 Cumber-
land St., s.s.
Stewart, A. M'P., & Co., 48
Oswald St,
Stewart & Burleigh, 18, 20 Dale
St.. S.S.
Stewart, John &. Co. (Glasgow), Ltd.
28 to 32 Oswald street
The " Chicigo Rawhide " Co., Ld.,
41 Robertson st
The Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd., 61
and 63 Bath st
The Rubber Co. of Scotland, Ltd ,
17 Rentitld St.; R. B. Blair,
managing director, Forthvale
Works, Stilling
The Unity Rubber Co., Ltd.,
Woodley, near Stockport, rubber,
balata, hair; David Baxter, 15
Renfield street
Tudhope Bros., 87 Maxwell st
Walker, Wm., & Sons, Ltd.,
The Clyde Siores Co., Ltd., 7
York bt ; telegraphic address,
" Zynkara," Glasgow ; tele-
phone No., Nat., 1445 Arg>le;
aUo at 4 Brymner St., Greenock
Tullis, John, & Son, Ltd., 86 John
St. Bridgeton
Velvril-Bonnaud, Ltd., 11 Both-
well street
Vortex Pulley and Belting Co.,
B.B. "Cotton," B.B. "Balata,"
and leather beltings, 2 York st
Walker, Wm., & Sons (leather
and balata), 1H4 Howard st
Walton, John, & Sons, city leather
works, 36 Charlotte lane
Wood, Walter K. (the Challenge
brand balata belting), 30 Ren-
field st; Nat. tel., 6487
Wotherspoon, Jas. & Sons (india-
rubber), 221 Wallace street
Young, Rich. & Co., 21 to 27 Old
Young, Tullis & Co., Ltd.,
The Southwark Manfg Co., Ld.
(pi'oprietors), 64 Wilkie street,
Anderson & Nicol, 59 Brown st,
off' Argyle tt
Baird, Aichd., & Son, Ltd., Pea-
cock Cross, Hamilton
Binney & Son. 101 Bothwell st
Brown, D. D., 40 North st. White-
Christie, R., ' Plomo," 29 Water-
loo street
Crawford, A R , '' Green seal "and
anti-oil powdrr for oily belts, 150
Port-Dundas road
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 35
M'Alpine st. (" Government
Eadie, Arch. & Co., Ltd.,Tradeston
Paint, Oil, and Grease Works, 54
Cook street
Elsworth, John, & Sons, Ltd., 39
Robertson st.
Gandy (The) Belt Manufacturing
Co., Ld. "Gandy Belt sjrup,'
and " Sp.'Cial Belc cream" for
balata belling, 33 Queen street
" Green seal " and anti- oil powder
for oily belti; sole agent, A. R,
Crawford, 150 Port-Dundas rd
Hinshehvood, Thos. & Co., Ltd.,
Glenpark street
Hird, Hasiia, & Co , Kinning
Park Oil Works, 73 Park st
Johnstone, Jas. & Co., Glasgow,
Ltd., 8 to 16 George st.. Mile-end
MacLellan, Lewis & John, 65, 67,
130 Port Dundai road
M'Neill, Jame?, & Son, Ltd. 38
French street, Bridgeton
Murchie, Jas. 39 Mains street
Percy & Halden, 54Gt. Wellington
street, Kinning Park
" Plomo" belt rope and cable dress-
ings ; sole agent, R, Christie, 29
Waterloo street
Reddaway, F. & Co., Ltd., 46
Hope street
Robertson, R. & Sons, 15-17 Clyde
place; works, 16, 17 Com-
merce St.
Smellie, R., & Co. (successors to
Lincolne & Co.), 18 Drummond
Steel, Thos. C, & Co., 52 Cum-
berland st, s.s.
Stewart, A. M'P., & Co., sole
mariufactarers of " Adherite "
Belt F'lod, the finest for all
makes of belting in the market.
We h-ive had 26 years' experi-
ence in the manufacture of belt
foods, 48 Oswald street
Storer, .Tas. & Co., Ltd., Barrow-
field Works, Bridgeton
Thomson, G. & J. Barrowfield
Chemical Works, 48 French st
Tinto, J. & W., wholesale agents
for adherite belt food, 95 and 97
Holm st
Tullis, John, & Son, Ltd. John
St. Bridgeton
Walton,J.,'& Sons,36 Charlotte lane
Wood, Walter K. (agent for the
Belline Manufacturing Co.),
30 Renfield st.
Adamson, D., Sc Son, 12 Water-
loo street
Beith, Robert, 87 Union street
Duff" & Co. most extensive business
in Scotland, reference to largest
advertisers, 49 Cadogan street ;
P.O. tel. 611
Forbes, Alex., special supervised
system, 140 and 142 Renfield st
Macdonald, John, & Son, 84 St.
George's rd, near Charing cross
Macgregor, Rob Roy, 57 West
Campbell street
Wilson Advertising Coy., 83
Jamaica st, Glasgow, contrac-
tors for the best firms in the
Unit< d Kingdom ; absolute
fidelity guaranteed. P.O. tel.,
50, and at Dundee.
WooUey, G. & A., 175 Both-
well St.
Alexander, Walter, 225 Paisley
road, west
Bridgeton Billiard Rooms, 9 Orr st
BuUen, F. E., 171 Renfield st
Battlefield Rooms, Battlefield ave.,
Carlton Billiard Rooms, 25
Eglinton street
Crawford, John, 281 Eglinton st
Finnieston Rooms, 927 Argyle st
Gentle, Andrew, 9 Howard st
Gordon Billiard Rooms, 39a
Gordon street
Gordon, Geo. D., 1006 Pollokshaws

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