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Bpjal Glasgow Asylum for tlje
Blind, l(tO Ca.-.tle st
Sbarp, Amirew, & Sons,,57 Camp-
bellfield st
Shaw, Walker, & Co. 14 to 18
Uniou street
Shedrfen, Matthew B 368 Victoria
Ship Chandlery & Sail Work Co.,
18 Finni&ston iane
Stewart, Arqbd. & Co. 48 Union st
Stuart & Stuart, 66 to 91 St.
George's road
Walker, Thos. 237 George st
Walton & Co.; factory, 23 St. An-
drew sq.; ofl&ce and showrooms,
86 Chailotte lan^, and 114
London street
Waring. & Gillow, Ltd., Sr. Vincent
.Wylie & Locbhead, Lmd., 45 Bu-
, chanan st
* '/Albany " Patent Automatic,
John M'Gla^han, & Co., Albany
Works, Catherine lane, off
Cathedral st
Allan & Bogle, 246-248 Aber-
cromby st
Bruce, Archd. 194 Buchanan st.
Keith, Jas. & Blackman Co. Ltd.,
Keith's patent automatic liquid
elevator for raising heer, stout,
and spirits, &c., by air pressure,
90 Mitchell street
M'Donald, Peter & Co. 4 Carlton pi
Scotch and Irish Oxygen Co.
Ltd. beer-raising apparatus for
use with liquefied carbonic acid
gas, liquefied carboiiic gas, &c.
(see Oxygen Manufrs.), Ro6ehill
Works, 493 Aikenhead road,
Sim, Thomas (maker of M'Callum
& Harris' beer- raising engines),
2 Mairst. Plantation
White (The) Manufacturing Coy.
(auto - hydro pneumatic and
vacuum pumps for rai-^ing beer,
81 outs, and spit its), 2 West
Regent street
Griffiths, P. W., Sandfield st
Baird, Arch. & Son, Ltd, Peacock
Cross, Hamilton
Broadfoiit, John, & -Sons, Ltd.,
Inchholm Works, James street,
JBryden, John, & S0:n3, 60 Renfield
Bryden, Wm., & Son, 206 Bath
.street; telephone No,, Nat. 627
France & Morgan, Whitefield
Brass WorkSj .Carmiohael B,treet,
Hutcheson, Jas., 199 Bath st.
Reid, J. Miller, & Sons, 110
Lancefield sireet
Steven & Struthers, Eastvale pi.
Wilson,JohnC.&Co. Ltd. 99 Por-
tugal street
Anderson & Munro, 136 Bothwell
Bowie, Robert, 583 Cathcart road,
Bruce, Arch. 194 Buchanan street
Bryden, John, & Sons, 60 Renfield
Bryden, William, & Son, 206
Bail] St.; telephone No., Nat.
627 Douglas
Cameron, D., 142 North street
Chalmers, Wm. 12 Shuttle lane
Chalmers, Wm. (electric and
mecbauical), 142 Bath st.
Crawford, R. & J., 66 Nith^dale rd
Denny, Robert, 94 Bedford st
Espie, James (electric), 173a St.
Vincent street
Finlay, John, & Go. Ld. 18 Renfield
Fleming, P. & R. & Co. 29 Argyle
street and I Dowanhill place,
Graham, William, 3 Wilson street,
Grant, Alexander, 81 Byres road
Gunn, Rich. H., 3G2 Bath lane
Haddow, Hugh, 610 Eglinton st
Hay, Jas. 152 Bothwell street
Hunter, John, 470 Victoria road
Hutcheson, Andrew, 97 Waterloo
Hutcheson, Jas. electric, pneuma-
tic, and mechanical, 199 Bath
street. Telephone Nos. — Nat.
476 Douglas; P.O 1904
[rwin & Campbell, electric and
mechanical, 38 Stockwell st ;
telephone Nos. National 5930;
P.O. 693
Johnsons, Messrs. oflBce for obtain-
ing patents for inventions, 37
West Nilest. (St. Vincent street
corner). Handbook gratis
Kerr, Thomas (mechanical and
electrical), 75 Norfolk lane
Lindsay, Alexandar (electric), 8
Bothwell street
Lumsden, John M. 183 Thomson
street, Dennistoun
Lyon, James, 463 Sauchiehall
M'Call, Wm. & Sons, 110 John st.
M'Coull, Thos. 61 Port Dundas rd
M'Farlane, A. S. 10 Margaret
Street, city
M'Farlane, Duncan (electric, &c.),
11 Albert rd. Cross 'lill
M'Farlane, John (electric and
mechanical), 184 Eglinton st
M'Gibbon, David (mechanical and
electric telephones, &c.), 180
Byres rd. ; Post Office tele-
phone No. W 102; Nat, 273 X
5 Hillhead
Maclellan, A., & Co., electiic,
63 Waterloo st
M'Nautrht, John, 8 1 Hospital st s.s.
Meiklejohn, J. B., 115-1 16a
Bath .'■treet
Miller, John, 26 Albert rd.. Cross-
hill ' -■
Muir, John, 110 SL George's rd
Murray, R. C, & Co., 5 to 19
Carlton Court
Patersoii, Wm. & Son, mechanical,
pneumatic, and electric, for
houses, steamers, and yachts,
also telt phones for same, 65
Pitt St. ; telephone Nos. — Nat.
980 Argyle; P.O. 5980
Pauling & Co. (mechanical and
eleetrical), 91 Cambridge st ;
telephones, P.O. 2796'; Nat.
211 Y 9 Douglas
Peacock, Alex. & Son, 199 Gt
Western road
Rattray, John, & Son, 233 Hope
street, 359 Byres road, and 22
Hyndland road
Smith, Alex. & Co., 138 Allison st
Sommerville, J. &Co. 67 Douglas
Speirs & Frame (electric and
mechanical), 491 Gt Western
road, Hillhead and 40 and 42
Hyndland road, Kelvinside, W.
Spence, John, & Sons, Bellsdyke
Works, Airdrie
Symington, James M (mechanical,
pneumatic, and electric), 671
Calhcart road ; telephone Nos.,
Nat. 41 Crossbill; P.O. Z144
Taylor, Henry, Nfitional Bank lane,
55 St Vincent st
Turrer, Colin, 133 W. Regent st.
116 Byres road, and 10 Ken-
sington terrace, Ibrox
Wilkie, Willidm, 72 Tobago st
Winthorpe, William 106-108 Elm-
bank street
Barclay & Mathieson, 159 Centra
street, .s.s.
Cruickshanks & Cook, Ltd. 74
Galbraith street
Dempster,, Moore & Co. Ltd. 49
Robertson street
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cadoganst.
Donald, J. T. & Co. Ltd. 35
M'Alpine st

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