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^cott, Robt. (spray), 30 Carrick st
Shanks & Co., 103^ St Vincent st
Sniitb & Snns, Darnley Works,
Smith & Wells' ood, Ltd., 9 and 11
Dixon St
Stevenson, Wm , & Co., 72 to 80
Brown st., city
Twyfords, Ltd. fire-clay, &c., 95
Bath street
Verel Brothers, patentees
and maniifacturt'rs, " Hydro,"
Turkish ard Russian Bath
Cabinet, 159 West George st
Wallace & Connell, 44 St. Enoch
square and branches
Waters, A. R. (s<pray and shower
in zinc and copper), 11 Centre
st. s.s.
Watson, Gow & Oo. Lmtd. Etna
Foundry, Lilybank rd
Cochran, Alex., & Co., 97 St.
George's road
Craig, Jas, & Go. 498 Sauchiehall
Lamberton, H. & Co. 133-135
Benfield street
Wylie & Lochhead, Ltd., 45
Buchanan at
Anderson Bros., makers of agate
brass beams, iron beams, stand
scales, and counter balances,
and all kinds of weighing
machines and steelyards; ware-
house, 86 Stockwell st; works,
29 So. Shamrock st; telephones.
National, 670 Tron ; P.O., 4658
Avery, W. & T., Ltd. (makers of
beam scales of every descrip-
tion, the originators of brass
Agate beams), 8-10 Stockwell
Davies, T. & Co., makers of Agate
brass beams, iron beams, stand
scales, and counter m.achines,
and all kinds of weighing
machines and steelyards, 470
Gallowgate ; telephone Nos.,
Nat. 109 Tron; PC. Y602
Fairbanks Co , 54-56 Bothwell st
Pooley, Henry, & Son, Ltd.,
contractors to H.M, Government,
Brit, and fort ign railways, paten-
tees and manufacturers of every
description of weighing appara-
tus for railways, ironworks,
collieries, mills, warehouses,
farms, &c, ; Albion Works, 69
M' Alpine st. ; Nat ttl., 1506
Ross, Peter, 9 Hunter street
Wright, R. E , & Son, 3 Trongate
BlackwoodsLtd. Springfield Bleach
Reid, John, Thistle ('Cabinet Works,
12 to 42 Douglas street and 384
Dumbarton read, Partick
(Iron and Brass).
Hoskios & Sewell, Ltd., ship's
berths manufs., J. M'Candless,
representative, 19 Waterloo st
Hulse, W. & A W.. Birmingham;
representative, R. Muirhead, 31
Robertson st
M'Phun, J. P., & Co., 38-40 Mill
St., Bridgeton
Sharp, Andrew, & Sons, 57
Campbellfield st
Whitfield.-< Bedsteads, Limited,
Watery lane, Biniiingham ;
agent, James Orr, 68 Gordon
Ballantyne, John T. (bindings for),
9 South Frederick st
Bow's Emporium, 61 to 71 High
St., 2 to 22 Bell St., and 2 to 10
Walh St. city
Boyd, John, & Son feather, wool,
aod hair merchants, 42 Govan
street, s.s.
British (The) Hair Co. Ld. 164
Trongate ; works, Govan
Bryce, M., & Son, 122 to 126
Sauchiehall st
Campbell, Barr, & Peddie, 99
Maxwell st
Cartwell, Archd., 938 Argyle st
Copland & Lye, 165, 167 tiauchie-
hall street
Copland, Thomas, wholesale
bedding and furniture manu-
facturers, hair and feather puri-
fier, down and kapoc quit
(agent), carpet underfelt paper;
price list on application; Nat.
telephone 3 X Gorbals, P.O.
2001; 14 Bridge street
Gumming & Smith, Conper pi.,
ofi' North Wallace st
Duncan, D., 1 to 9 Gt. Western rd
Dnmbreck, Wm., 13 N. Albion st
Edgar & Crerar, Ltd., 18 Glass-
ford st
Evered & Co., Ltd., 57 Howard st
Ferrie, Wm., 83 Cowcaddens st
Ford, A. W., & Co., Catherine
lane> Cathedral street
Fraser, Wm. A. R. & Co. (spring
mattress), 118 Parliamentary rd
Gardner, A. & Son, 36 Jamaica st
Gemmell, Geo., 10 Queen Mar-
garet drive
Gemmell & Glen, 214, 216 Parlia-
mentary rd
Glen, John, 159 & 161 Ingram st
Gow, J. & Sons, 175 Trongate
Hamilton, D. & Co. 133 N. Wallace
Heaton, Tait & Co., 98 Hope
street and 64 Bothwell circus
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co. Lmtd., 20
Buchanan st
Hodge, Thomas, & Co., 638-562
Argyle street, Anderston
Hoirston, Jas., 461 Gallowgate
Huie & Agnew, 19 ( Argyle st
Kirby Brothers, bedstead manu-
facturers, Clyde Bed itead Works,
Carntyne, Sheltleston
Laird, John, & Son, 1113 Argyle
Lamberton H. & Co. 133 to 135
Renfield st
M 'Connell, A., 69 Gallowgate
M'Crae, R. & J. 13 Queen street
M'DoDald & Hunter, 15 South
Portland street
M'Geachy, J. & Son, 20 Stockwell
St. and branches
M'Kenow, J., & Son, 123 Both-
well st
M'Phun, J. P. & Co. 38-40 Mill
street, Bridgeton
Masco Cabinet and Bedding Co.,
manufacturers of spririg mat-
tresses, wood and iron bedsteads,
flocks, hair fibre bedding, furni-
ture mouldings, and timber mer-
chants, 358 Broad st. (five
minutes from Bridgeton Cross,
two minutes from Whitevale st.,
Gallowgate). Telephone Nos.,
Nat, 2567, P.O., Y245; tcls.
"Masco,"' Glasgow.
Moore, Taggart & Co., Trongate
North British Bedding Co 39 Stan-
hope street
Ogg Bros. Paisley road toll
Paterson, Bugh, 158 Crown st
Pettigrew & Stephens, Ltd., 175
to 193 Sauchiehall st
Peyton & Peyton, Ltd., Birming-
ham; agent, W. Thomson, 52
St. Enoch square
Reid, John (manufacturer),
Thistle Cabinet Works, 12 to 42
Dout;las street, off Dumbarton
roid, Partick, and 3?4 Dumbar-
ton road
Reynolds, M'Culloch & Buyle, 581
Sauchiehall street. Charing cross,
corner Granville street
Robertson, John A. braas and iron
bedsteads, bedding and spring
mattresses, manufacturer of
bedding, 130 West Regent »t

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