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WatsoD, Miss J., 227 Allison
Weir, Robert. 339 Garscube road
Weir, T. & W. 302 Garscube road
White, Thoj. & Smith, 7 and 9
Gordon St. 84 Gordon St. 89
Glasbford St. and 88 Virginia st
Williamson, B, 11^ W. Milton
Wilson, H. Stirling, & Co., 68
Langlands rd; bakery, 54 Shaw
Wilson, John, 7P King st. Calton
Wood, Gilbert B., 726a Dumbar-
ton road, Pariick
Wotherspoon, David, 730 Argyle st
Wyllie, Barr & Ross, Ltd., 856
Paisley road
Young's Bakery, 620 Argyle st
Younger, J. C. 90 Nelson st. s.s.
Oauldeld & Co. confection cans,
glass comports, dishes, &c. 16
Adams Court lane
Hamilton, Archd , brass window
fittings, 68, 70 Glassford st
Hill, Thos., & Co. auctioneers and
valuators, 66-68 Robertson st
Reid, Wm. & Sons, manufacturers
biscuit wire show trays, sieves,
&c., 114 Candleriggs
Scohie & M'Intosh, ll Springfield
court, Buchanan street
Thompson, Eobf.. B., & Co., show
glasses, met'il capped jars, &c.,
fur bakers and coufectioneis, 54
Howard st ; Nat. tel. No., 1415;
P.O., 2648
Ballantyne, John, 127 London
Board man, James, bread and bis-
cuit stamps, pan dies, 55 Char-
lotte lane
Campbell, John S., 55 Charlotte
Craig, A. M., II and 19 Queen st
Dove, John, van, message, and
factory baskets of all kinds,
bakers' barrows and handcarts,
31, 33 St. Andrew's st. and 1
St. Andrew's sq
Elloiore, W. T., & Son, Ltd
biskets and hand carts, 73
Hutcheson street
Gillesjde, And. & Sons ; a large
stock kept of all ki'ids of
uteisils and fittings; a specialty
made of loaf pans, flat pans,
wires, &c., 43 Smith street,
Kiuning park ; telephone Nos.,
Nat, 1666, P.O. x225; tele-
graphic address " Considerate."
Hamilton, Jas., 68 Market street
Hamilton, Robert, & Son, hand
carts, trucks, trollies, dough
troughs, racks, wires sieves.
Thistle Truck Works
Kay, John & Graham, 258 Main
8t, Bridgeton
M'Farlane, J. & A., Ltd., Albert
Works, 40 Sprir-gbank street.
New City road
Melvin, Thos., & Sons, Ltd; works
28 Charles street; telegra-
phic address, " Velox ;" tele-
phone Nos., Nat. 3639, P.O.
V567 ; branch, 466 Gallowgate;
P-0. telephone No. Y309
Reid Bros, (wedding cake), 9
Ho>vard st
Reid, William, & Sons, patent
improved steel cased biscuit
wires for hand and travelling
ovens, and strong galvanised
cooling and carrying baskets,
show trays, every kind of sifter,
&c. 114 Candleriggs; telephone
No 196 Bell
SchafFer & Budenberg, Ltd., bakers
ovens, pyrometers, thermometers,
pressure gauges, &c., 5 Welling-
ton s'reet
Scobie & M'ln'o-h, 11 Spring-
field court, Buchanan st
Thompson Brothers & Co. (Glas-
gow) Limited, all kinds of
show glasses for bakers ; also
makers of all kinds of cardboard
boxes for cakes and pastry, 29
to 39 Surrey st., s.s.
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co., show
glasses, metal-capped jars, &c.
for bakers and confectioners, 54
Howard st; telephone Nos.
Nat. 1415, P.'\ 2648
Watson & Co., 12 to 16 Brunswick
Whyte, J. R, fiSParniest
Wilkie & Paul (Edinburgh), manfrs
of coirugated pans for Windsor
loaves, biscuit and shortbrfad
tins; representative, C. R. Irving,
37 Roslea dr. Nat. telephone
2829 Bridgeton
Ballantyne, John, 127 London st
Clarkson Bro=., Strathcona rd.
Gillespie, Andrew & Sons, makers of
mixing, kneading, and donghing
machines, brakes, biscuit- cutting
machines, all kinds of ovens, bis-
cuit cutters, pans, wires, and
every description of bread and
biscuit machinery and utensils,
&c. ; plans and estimates pre-
pared for fitting up bakeries and
factories arranged to work by
steam, electric, or gas power,
machines to be seen ic motion at
showrooms, the largest in Scot-
land, 43 Smith street, Kinniug
park; telephone Nos. P.O.
x225, Nat. 1666; telegraphic
address, '' Considerate,''Gla3gow
Hill, Th s., & Co. auctioneers and
valuators, 66-68 Robertson st
Melvin, Thos. & Sons, Limited,
patentees and manufacturers of
dough kneading machine3,sponge
flour bleoding, sifting,& weighing
machines, hot plates, proving
presses, whisks, cake making ma-
chinery, bread ovens, reel ovens,
steam ovens; draw-pkte ovens,
working plans and specifications
executed for bakeries ou the
most improved modern systems,
St. RoUox Iron Works,
Charles street ; telegraphic
address, " Velox : " telephone
Nos. Nat. 3639, P.O. 2667;
branch, 466 Gallowgate, tele-
phone No. P.O. Y309
Watson & Co., 12-16 Brunswick
81 reet
Cameron, Herriot & Co. Ltd. 139
Brook street
Clyde (The) Rubber Co. Ltd., 2
Clyde St., Port Dundas
Dick, R & J. ; city office, 46 St.
Enoch sq. ; works, Greenhead,
Donald, Jas. T., & Co. Ltd., 35
M 'Alpine street
Duif, Wm. A. M , & Co., 74 York
Elsworth, John, Se Sons, Ltd.,
39 Robertson st
Fairbanks Cj., 64, 56 Bothwell
Fleming & Co , 31 Robertson st
Goudie, James T., & Co., 49 Queen
si reet
Irwell & Easton Rubber Co., Ltd.,
Manchester, "Lanco" brand; J.
& W/. Tinto, agents, 95 and 97
Holm street
Nort hern Rubber Co , Ltd., Retford,
Goudie & Whittet, agents, 60
Howard street
Philip & Chisholm, Baltic
chambers, 50 Wellington st
Smith & Christie, 115-127 James
St., Biidgeton
Steel, Thos. C.,& Co., 52 Cumber-
land SI reet
Stewart, A, M'P., & Co., 48 Oswald
The Gandy Belt Maanfacturing
Co., Ltd., 33 Queen st

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