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Andei'fcon, John, 131 Dundas street
Baird, Jas. & Co. 58 W. Regent st
Barbour, Hugh, & Co., 132 Tron-
Bowman, John A., 12 Trongate
Brownrigg, James A. (at Nicol &
Halliday'tf), 31 Argyle st
Buchanan, John, of. Robt. M'Tear
& Co. 6 North Court, St. Vin-
cent pi
Buchanan, Robt. (of Walter J. &
R. Buchanan & M'Cloy), 72
Renfield St., The Victoria Halls,
13 W. Regent street
Buchanan, Waller J. & R., &
M'Cloy, auctioneers, valuators,
and fire assessors, 72 Renfield st.,
Victoria Halls, 13 W. Regent st
CameroD, J. W.(of the late firm of N.
& J. W. Cameron), Sun Buildings,
121 West George street, and 23
King street, Poilokshaws
Cameron. Nicol, & Son, 140 West
George street, and 109 King
strett, Poilokshaws
Charteris & Doogan, Cattle Market,
Graham square
Cochrane, A. M. & Co., 4" Oswald
Collins, Arthur E. 114 Trongate
Crown Sale-rooms, 98 Sauchiehall
Dalziel, R. H. (of A. P. Muir &
Dalziel), Herald buildings, 74-
76 Mitchell st
Davidson, J. & Co. 22 Argyle st
Dick, David (of Morrison, Dick &
M'Culloch) 98 SauchiehaU st
Dick, Edward, & Son, 261 Hope
Dixon & Wallace, 64 Gordon st
Donohoe, Michnel J. (rose, bulb
and fruii), Bazaar, and North
Albion street
Dow, Duncan, 92 Gallowgate
Drain, David, 16, 18, and 20 Dale
street, Bridgeton
Duff, Paul & Ferguson, 265 Duke
Eccles, A, & Co., 121 Canning st
Edmiston, Douglas Raskin, 7 West
Nile street
Edmiston, J. & R. 7 W. Nile st
Edmistf^n, Richard, 7 W. Nile st
Edmi=ton, Ricbard,jr. 7 W.Nile
Fai^v, Jas. (at Morrison, flick &
M'CuUoch's), 98 Sauchiehall .st
Gardner & Wallace, Sunnyside
road, Coatbridge; ho. Coathill
House, Coatbiidge
Gibb & Clunes, Fishmarket
Greig, J. & R. 83 Renfield st
Grindlay, John S., 21 Drury st
GuUiland, J.C. (of R.M'Tear& Co.)
6 North Court, St. Vincent pi
GuUiland, Wm (of Robt. M'Tear
& Co.), 6 North Court, St Vin-
cent p]
Halliday, Jas. 6 Monteith row
Hegarly & Kelly, 275 Duke st
Heggie, Andrew, 129 Bridgegate st
Henry, Francis, 132 Trongate
Henry, Stephen, J. 13 i Trongate
Hewat & Co. Fishmarket
Hill, Thomas, & Co. (engineers,
contractors, and marine auc-
tioneers), 66 and 68 Robertson
Hunter Bros. 194 Buchanan street
Kidd, Peter, 2 1 Drury st
Laird, James (of Robt. M'Tear &
Co.), 6 North Court, St. Vincent
pi. and 42 Frederick st., Edin-
Laird, .James, & Son, 76 Bath st
Laird, James, 70 Bath .street
Laird, John (of R. M'Tear & Co.)
6 North Court, St. Vincent pi
M'Cheyne& Muiray, 132 Tiongate
M'Chlery, George C. (of Morrison,
Dick & M'Culloch), 98 Sauchie-
hall st
M'Cloy, J. H. (of Walter J. & R.
Buchanan & M'Cloy), 72 Ren-
field st The Victoria Halls, 13
W. Regent st
Macdonald, Fraser & Co. Ltd. 63
Bellgrove st
M'Donald, J. W., 269 Buchanan
M'Elhone, Jas. S. (at Henry's), 132
M'Ewing & Co., 166 Renfield st
M'Farlan, W, M., 161 Trongate
M'llwraith, Hugh, 269 Buchanan st
M'Kellar & Co., 96 Renfield st
M'Killop, Alex., 261 Hope st
M'Lachlan, And., 108 Cowcaddens
M'Leod, Adam J. (of Nicol &
Halliday), 81 Argyle st
M'Leod, John (of Nicol & Halliday)
31 A' gyle st
M'Landie, Hugh, 135 Ducdas st.,
M'Neill, A. D. (at Monison, Dick,
& M'Culloch), 98 Sauchiyhall st
Macpherson & Buchanan, Bank
buildings, Cattle Market
M'Tear, R. & Co. Royal Exchange
Salerooms, 6 North Conn, St.
Vincent pi., and 42 Frederick
St., Edinburgh
Mar.-hall, J. & M., 22 Bath st
Martin, Wm. & Sons, Bazaar
Milne, John, Fishmarket
Morrison, Dick, & M'Cnlloch, 98
Sauchiehall street
Morrison, Jas. (of Morrison, Dick
& M'Culloch), 98 Sauchiehall st
Muir, A. P. & Dalziel, Herald
buildings, 74-76 Mitchell street
Muir, A. P. (of A. P. Muir &
Dalziel), Herald buildings, 74-
76 Mitchell st
Muir, John W. (of A. P. Muir &
Dalziel), Herald buildings, 74-
76 Mitchell st
Nelson, Thos. C. 39 Bell^Tove st
Nicol & Halliday, 31 Argyle st
Oliver & Son, Ltd, 250 Dnkest
Paaley, John, 120 Main street,
Quigley & Co., 155 Gallowgate
Russell, Sons & Co., 18 Bath lane
aid 37 Bath street
Scott, Roderick, 19-23 Moore st
T.he Strathmore Auction Co. Ltd.
69 Bellgrove st
Walker, Fraser & Steele, 74 Bath st
Walker, Neil, 12 Trongate
Wallace, John B , 67 Waterloo st
Wallace, John, 51 Gordon street
Ward, Martin (at Henry's), 132
Watson, Edward, & Ritchie, Cattle
Market, Graham square
Weir, Norman Made id, 7 West
Nile st
Wilson, James, 261 Hope st
Wotherspoon, John, Fish Market
Wotherspoon, Robert, Fish Market
Wright, A. M. 275 Duke st
Young, Morison & Co. 145 West
Nile street
Barr, J. Stoddart, M.B., Ch.B., 13
Woodside place, Charing cross
Barr, Thomas, M.D. 13 Woodside
place, Charing cross
Downie, Dr. Walker, 4 Woodside
crescent, Charing Cross
Srskine, Br. Jas., 351 Bath st
Fullarton, Robert, M.D., 24 Newton
Biernatzki & Co. (Willock, Reid &
Co., Ltd.), 109 Hope street
Macdonald, Adamson, Swinburne
& Co., Ltd , 256 Argyle street;
works, Record Machine Tool
Works, Barrhead.
Salter, George, & Co ; agentS)
Chisholms & HendryBros , Ltd.,
28-34 Robertson street
Clancey, Son & Brown, Royal Ex-
change buildings
Hogg & Heath, 19 Waterloo st.
May & Richards, Roya! Exchange
Wilcox, Peck & Hughes, New
York; Purdie, Glen & Millar,
agents, 55 West Regent st

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