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Macdermott, J. B. , 11 Bothwell st
M'Ewati, Wm. A., 156 James st
Bridi>eton cross
Macintosh, Charles, & Co. Ltd.,
5 Royal Exchange square
M'Lellan, George, & Co. Glasgow
Rubher Works, Maryhill ; ware-
house, Baltic Chambers, 60
Weilington sireet
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. 129
Millar, R. D., & Co., Caledonian
chambers, Union st
Milne, Jas. M., & Co., 18 York st
Moore, F. W. & Co. Drumojne,
Munro, Robert, & Co., Kelvin
Rubber, Waterproof, and Tar-
paulin Works, Pariick; offices
and warehouse, l.S Queen st
Murchie, James, 3y Mains street
North British Rubber Co. Ltd.,
60 Buchanan st
Northern (The) Rubber Co., Ret-
ford ; Goudie & Whittet, agents,
60 Howard street
Paterson, Geo. B., 4 Yoik st
Pegler Bros. & Co., 54 and 56
Brown sf, Anderston
Pitt, Sarr.uel, & Co. (crude fibres,
&c.), 95 Bath st
Potter, Tbos. 41 Cumberland st.
Cain n
Price, Frank G., "Eternil"
asbestos cement slates and sheets,
57 Hope street
Reid, M'Farlane & Co., Ltd., 58-60
Hjdepark sireet
Richirds:, Thos. R., 41 Ann st, city
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen st
Roberts', n, R. & Sons, 16 and 17
Clyde Place Works; works,
Commerce s'reet
Robertson, W. Crom, & Co., 318
Ptiiiley rd
Rochdale Asheslos Ci>., Ltd., 73
.R'jbertson st
Scottish (The) India Rubber Co
12 Hanover st
Stewa-t, A. M'P. &Co. 48 Oswald
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow),
Ltd. 28, 30,32 Oswald st
The Dunloo Robber Coy., Ltd.,
61 and 63 Baih street
The Firhill Lime and Whiting Co.,
Ltd., 60 Firhill road
The Reliance Commercial Co., Ld ,
asbestos cement i-heets form a
fire- proof liuing for ceilings,
walls and partitions; also for
lining inm buildings, asbestos
cement slates, terra cotta and
other colours : are fireproof and
inexpensive, 39 Cadogan st
The Rubber Co. of Scotland, Ltd.,
170 Renfield st; R. B. Black,
managing director ; works,
Fo:thvale, Stirling
The Scottish Asbestos Co.
(Ltd.), 25 Cadogan t-t
The Titan Packing Co., manufrs.
of mechanical rubber and as-
bestos goods. 2 York st
The United Asbestos Co.,
Ltd., 212 Broomielaw
Tinto, J. & W., 9o and 97 Holm
St.; work?, 26 F^.ltield st. s.s.
Tudhope Bros. 87 Maxwell st
Unity Rubber Co , Ltd., Woodley,
near Stockport ,• David Baxter,
agent, 15 Ker.field st
Uralite sheets, best fire-resisting
material known ; Carrie & Co.,
L'd., 18 Bo'hwell st
Wallach Bros. 108 Hope street
V/hyte, Peter, 166 Buchanan st
Wood, E. A ; office and w arebouse,
87 Gallowgate ; goods entrance,
28 Ea.'tt Nile st
Wood, Walter K, 30 Renfield
Wotherspoon, James,& Sons,
221 Wallace street
A Speciality — Asphalte ol
all kinds, Westwood, M'Neill
& Co., 118 Queen st
A Speciality — Asphalte of all
kinds, including rock, Wilson &
Leitch, 4 Charlotte St., Dobbie's
Alcatraz .Asphalt Paving Agency
134 St. Vincent st
Asphalt Roof Pavers, Seyssel &
Limmor, Layers, 2 St James'
street. Paisley road
British Paving Co., Ltd., 134 St.
Vincent street
Callender, Geo. M. & Co, Ltd,
50 Wellington st
Carrie & Co., Ld., asphalters; office,
18 Botliwell st ; works, 3 1 Cath-
cart St., Kingston, s.s. and at
Greenock, Edinburgh, & Leith ;
telephone Nos. Nat. 547 and
54« Argyle; P.O. 544
" Eagle " SRys,sel Rork Asphalte
Flats, roofs, floors, basements,
courtyards, stables, roadways,
&c ;" Currie & Co., Ltd., 18
Bothwell St., and at Greenock,
Edinburgh, and Leith ; teleph.
Nos., P.O. 542, Nat. 547 and
548 Argyle
French Asphalte Co. , Ltd., London,
Genuine Seyssel Rock, Asphalte
for floors, flat-roofs, court-
yards, roadways, &c. Sole
agents, Currie & Co, Ltd., 18
Bothwi'l! st
Gibb, M. T. S. , 420 Sauchiehall st
Gil 'ef pie, D. S., 2 St. James' street.
Paisley road
Glasgow Asphalte Felt and Water-
proof Cloth Co., 42 Bath st
Greenshields, J., & Co., 42
Bath street
Howard (The) Asphalte Troug'ning
Co., Ltd., 1911 St. Vincent st.
Imperial Asphalt Co , British
and foreign asphalting con-
tractors, 2 St. James' st, Paisley
rd. Telephone, Nat. 1876,
P.O. X 220
Korner, Chas. H., 137 West
Regent street
Limmer and Sicilian Rock Asphalte
Agency, Thomas N. Wilson, 45
Hope st
Limmer Asphalte Paving
Compy., Ltd. (The)
Estab. 1871. Head Offices,
2 Moorgate st., London, E.C.
Glasgow, 144 St. Vincent st;
Limmer Wharf, Port-Dundas
Edinburgh, 20 George st,
Limmer Wharf, Junction Station,
Limmer, Montrotier Seyssel, Sici-
lian and Lithofalt Rock Asphaltes
All work executed by the
Company s own workmen.
Limmer Rock Asphalt Roof-
ing & Paving, 177 Crown-
point rd
Lithofalt (Regd.), for streets,
foot» ays, platforms, conriyardp,
plai grounds, &c. Builders
and others supplied ;
manfrs., The Limmer Asphalte
Paving Co., Ltd , Glasgow and
M'Neil Pure Bitumen Sheeting ;
agen»s, Ollendorff & Clarkson,
Ltd., 163 Hope street
More, John, Thru^hbnsh Quarries,
Airdri'i ; telegraphic address,
" Contracts," Airdrie ; Nat. tel.,
6 X Airdrie
Nail Holding Bitumen ; James
Greenshields & Co., 42 Bath
National Asphalte & Concrete Co.
58 Renfield street
^Teilson & Co. 116 Bishop street,
tTorth British Asphalt Co. (Currie
& Co. Ltd.), asphalters ; office,
18 Bothwell St., city ; works, 31
Cathcavt St., Kingston, s.s. ;
telephone Nos., P.O. 544; Nat.
547 and 548 Argyle
PattuUo Bros. 177 Crownpoint
Ritchie, D., & Co., Asphalte
Paving, Limmer Rock A-phalte,
Tar Macadam, &c., Pinkston
Station, 41 Robertson street
Seyssel (Montrotier) Mineral
Rock Asphalte, Fre<?hold Mines
at Montrotifr, Lovagny, Bassin
de Seyssel ; sole proprietors, The
Limmer Asphalte Paving Co.,
Ltd., Glasgow and Edinburgh

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