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Shanks, W. Somerville, 101 St.
Vincent st
Sharp, Joseph (decorative), 269
St. Vincent st
Shaw, A. Wilson, Arnon,
Cardowan drive, Stepps
Sillers, D l:-56 Wellington st
Sloane, Jas. F. 145 Argyle st
Smith & Campbell, 183 West
George street
Stewart, Jas. S. 376 Sauchiehall st
Stewait, J. T., & C. E. Stewart,
stained glass and mural de-
coration, 15 Elmbank st
Sutherland, Robert Lewis, 114 W.
Campbell st
Taylor, John, 15 Walton street,
Todd, R., Buchanan ten, Nitshill
Wane, Marshall, 618 Gt. Western
Warneuke, W. M., Sauchiehall st
Watson, J. Haonan, Gargnn-
noch, Slirliogshire, 20 Ann st.
Whyte, D. MacGregor, 180 West
Kegent st
Whj te & Sons, 20 Union st
Wilson, Francis 66 W. Regent si
Wingate, J. C Faterson, 180 W.
Regent st.
Woolnoth, C. N. R.S.W. 6 Crown
mansions, Gardner st. Paitick
Yonn^, John P. 91 Thistle st. N.W.
YouDg, R. C. R.S.W. 5 W. Regent
Young, Wm. R.S.W., 66 West
Regent st
Abercrombie, Jas., 25 Gt. Western
Allan, John, jun,, 226 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Brown, Hugh A, 310 Sauchiehall
Combe & Co., 160 Buchanan st
Dotchin, Jas., 83 St. George's rd
Frater & Johnstone, 891 Argyle st
Huntly, W. A., 170 Woodlands rd
Johnstone, Wm.,307 New Cityrd
Love, J. W., & Co., 36 Gordon st
M'Ghie, Geo., jun., 569 Sauchie-
hall street
Milltr, Robert, 186 Trorgate
Robertson, P., & Co., 192 Eglinton
stret t
Simpson, Andrew T., 152 Dum-i
barton road, Partick
Adam, Geo. & Son, Temple
Blair & Duncan, 93 Hope st
Boardman, Jas. (engraving, &c.),
65 Charlotte lane
Bostwick (The) Gate and Shutter
Co. Ltd.; agents, Potier, Stewart,
& Hardie, 93 Hope st
Bryden & Middleton, Merlin Iron-
work?, Windsor St., Scotstonn
Chalmers, W. (gas and electric
fittings, wrought panels), 142
Bath street
Davidson, W. A. (repousse
ci-aftsman and designer), 93
Hope street
Falk, Stadelmann & Co., Ltd , 74,
76, 78 Great Clyde s'
Finlay, John, & Co., Ltd., 18 Ben-
field st
Hall, John C, & Co., 278 St.
Vincent st
Hamilton, Archd.68-72GlaBsford8t
Hayes & Finch, 46 Howard st
Holland House Electrical Co., Ltd.,
9 Holland place; showrooms,
121a St. Vincent st
Hoskios & Sewell, Ltd. (John
M'Condless, representative), 19
Wattrloo street
Hutcheson, James, 199 Bath st.
Lindsay, Chas., Rumford Works,
33 Gt. Hamilton street
M'Naught, John, 81 Hospital
street, s.s.
M.9iD, Thos., 130 Sauchiehall st
Meikle, Wm., & Sons, Industrial
Art Studios, 19 Wellington at
Reid & Kemp, 75 Robertson st
Ritchie & W^hiteman (sheet copper
and brass), specially manufac-
tured for art metal works, 24
Robertson street
Showell, E., & Sons, Ltd., 17
Cadogan st
Smith, Thos., & Son (polishers
and fine art fioishers), 98 Com-
merce st, lace Queen st
Stewart, Alex., & Co., 102^
North street
Taylor, James, jun., Ltd , 1 West
Resent street
The Finnieston Engineering Co.,
169 Finnieston street
The Metallic Art Co. Ltd. (fine art
eastings), 53 Waterloo st
The Scottish Guild of Handicraft,
Ltd., 414 Sauchiehall street
Tyre, David M. 12 Orr street,
Biidgeton cross
Winthorpe, Wm., 106-108 Elm-
bank street
Annan, T. & R. & Sons, 518
Sauchiehall st
Baumann, P. A., & Co., Ltd., 274
Central chambers, 93 Hope st
Boots, cash chemists, 101-105
Sauchiehall st ; tels , P.O.
4l«7; Nat. 768 Douglas
Crow, V. G., &Co., 136 Buchanan
Miliar & Lang, Ltd., 46, 50
Darnley st, Pollokshields
Brown, J. (successor to the late
Mrs. Scott of Scotch robe fame,
ladies' and infants' outditer, &c.)
depot for arc needlework and
Ayrshire embroideries, 17 and 18
Argyle st
Harris, J., & Sons, Ltd., 151
Sauchiehall .st
AndiTson & Nicoi, 59 Brown st.
oiF Argyle st.
Angus, Geo. & Co. Lid. Sc. John's
Works, Newcastle - on - Tyne.
Agent, J. M. Brown, 116 Hope
Argyle (The) Rubber Co., 33
.Jamaica street
Bell's Asbestos Co. Ltd., 185 Hope
British (The) Asbestos Co.,
Ltd., 53a Oswald street
Binney & Son, 101 Bothwell street
Boardman Bros. (Manchester), 99
Waterloo st.
Cairns, A., & Co., 98 Commerce
st, s.s.
Campbell, Achnach & Co., Thistle
Rubber Miils, 110-112 Com-
merce street
Campbell, James, 120 Wellington
Cape (The) Asbestos Co., Cale-
dnniaii chambers, Uuion st
Clyde (The) Rubber Works Co. Ltd.
2 Clyde street, Port-Duudas
Cochrane, Thos., &; Co.; agents,
Rochdale Asbestos Co., Ltd.,
spinners, weavers and manufrs.
of every description of asbestos
goods, '' Vixit '' jointing for h.p.
and superheated steam, 73
Robertson tt
Creswells Asbestos Co. Ltd. 11
Bothwell st
Ourrie,Thomson, & Co. 45 Jamaica
st; wholesale dept., 9 Howard
Dempster, Moore & Co., Ltd., 49
Robertson st
Duff, Wm., & Co., 60 Elliot st
Dunlop (The) Rubber Co. Ltd., 61
and 63 Bath st
Fields Patent Packing Co., Ltd.,
106 Clyde street. Anderston
Goudie, Jas. T., & Co., 49 Queen st
Hollywood, Wm. & Co , 36 and 36a
King st. Tradeston
Lewis & Taylor, Ltd., 67 Oswald st
Leyland (Ttie) & Birmingham
Rubier Co., Ltd., 93 Hope st
Lindsay, R. B. & Co., 31 Mair st
Liverpool Rubber Co., Ltd., 54
Gordon street
M'Cormick, W. R. & Co., 5 Dixon

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