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Boyle, Miss A. F. 37 CecU street,
Brady, Emmit, Kelvinside Academy
Brady, Emmit, 101 St. Vincent st
Brinkley, R. & Son, 230
Sauchiehall st
British & Foreign Glass Coy.
(stained glass and decorative),
137 Howard st
British Artist Studio Co. 192 Main
street, Gorbals
Brown, Alex. K. R.S.W., A.R.S.A.
152 Renfrew st
Brown, Miss H Paxton, 101 St.
Vincent st
Brunton, M. Campbell, 113 West
Regent street
Burrell, May H., 65 W. Regent st
Carter, D. Broadfoot, 136 Welling-
ton st
Catterns, Edward R., 122 Well-
ington st
Christie, J. E. 81 St. Vincent st
Clark, Jas. (landscape), 79 W
Regent street
Collins, Wm., Sons & Co. Ltd.
Herriot Hill Works, 144 Cathe-
dral st
Combe & Co. (colourmen), 160
Buchanan st
Corr, Jas. D. (scenic), 988 Pollok-
shaws road
Couper, J. R., showrooms, 22 India
St.; works, 34 and 36 Elmbank
lane ; res. 22 India st
Coventry, R. M. G. 256 West
George st
Craig, Jean M. B., 227 W. George
Crawford, C. P. 128 Hope st
Crawford, R. C, 241 W. George st
Crawford, Susan F., A.R.E. 68
Renfield st
Cunningham, Hector W., 164
Bath st
Dalglish, Wm. 26 Renfield street
Dewar, D. C. L 93 Hope st
Docharty, A. B. 3 Jane st
Docharty, Jas. L.C. 134 Bath st
Dotchin, James (artists' materials),
83 St. George's road
Dowell, Cbas. R. 101 St. Vincent
Downie, John P., B.S.W. 160 Bath
Dunbar, .365 Sauchiehall st
Elder, James, 175 Stevenson drive
Eunson, M., 137 Sauchiehall st
Faulds, Jas. 114 W. Campbell st
Findlay, Wm. 175 St. Vincent st
Frater, Henry, 2 4 1 St. George's rd
French, Annie, 227 W. George st
Fulton, David, R.S.W. 183 West
George st
Gauld, David, 4 Bljthswood sq
Gibson, W. A., ISi Bath st
Gillies, W. G. 58 W. Regent st.
Gilmour & Dean,Ltd.(litho.), 50 N.
Hanover st
Gilmour, M., 179 West George st.
Gorman,Wm. & Co. Ltd., 107 Clyde
St., Anderston
Gray, No rah Neilson, 141 Bath st
Guthrie, J. & W. & Andrew
Wells, Ltd. artists in stained
glass, 237 W. George st
Guthrie, John (decorative and
.stained glass), Hairmjres, East
Hall, Jno. C. & Co. (stained glass),
278 St. Vincent st
Hanb ridge, J. E., 104 Queen's
drive, Crossbill
Hay, W. Hardie, 112 Bath st
Henderson, John, 207 W. Campbell
Henderson, Jo.seph, 11 Blythswood
Henderson, Morris, 207 West
Campbell st
Henry, Geo , 2 West Regent st
Herbert, Joanna L., 69 St. Vincent
Hill & Hodge, 116 St. Vincent
Hillaon, A K., & Co., 62 Buchanan
Hood, Miss, 202 Hope street
Houston, Geo., 96 Buchanan st
Hunt, Thos., R.S.W., 227 Hope st
Hutcheson, Walter, 54 Albert rd. ,
Kay, Archd., R.S.W. 259 Sauchie-
hall 8t
Kay, James, R.S.W., 67 W Nile
Kennedy, Wm,, 104 W. George st
Kerr, Robert, & Co., 79 West
Regent st
King, Miss (in hair), 15 Houston
King, Jessie M., 101 St Vincent st
Knox Bros., decorative, 16 York
Kyle, Martin, 1 2 Langside rd.
Lafayette, Ltd. 15 Gordon street
Laing, James G., R.S.W. Albany
Manaions, 3 5 I Renfrew st
Langfier, S., 137 Sauchiehall street
Lauder, Charles J., 257 West
George street
Lawson, Jno. 42 Hill st. Garnethill
Lochhead, John, 81 St. Vincent st
Logan & LaiDont, 114 Great
Western rd
Lyon, Wm. (lithographic), 389
Sauchiehall st. and branches ;
wholesale, 474 Sauchiehall st
M'Adam, Walter, R.S.W., 259
Sauchiehall st
M' Bride, Alex. 87 St. Vincent st.
Macbride, Wm. 176 Bath st
MacdoDgall, Norman M. 211 West
Campbell street
M'Ewan, Tom, 2 Darniey road,
M'Geehan, J. M., 134 Bath st
M'Ghie, John, 65 W. Regent st
Mackay, Neil, 67 Kirkland st
M'Kechnie, A. B,, R.S.W., 104W.
Genrge st
M'Kellar, Dun. R.S.W. 257
West George street
MacKenzie J. H., 24 Sandyford pi
M'Lellan & Co., 209 Stobcross st
M'Nab; Alexander, photo, 92 West
Nile st
MacMee, R. Russell, 104 West
George st
Martin, Alex. , 298 Crown st
Meikle, Wm., & Sons, decorative.
Industrial Art Studios, 19
Wellington st
Melville, J. Stark, 10 Blythswood
Middleton, James R., 132 West
Regent st.
Miller, John, 40 W. Nile st
Miller, Wat. , 10 i St. Vincent st
MiUer, Miss S., 45 Clincart rd.,
Mount Florida
Mitchell, Colin G. 164 W George
Mitchelson, Wm. H. (decorative),
98 S. Portland st
Monro, S. Orr, Laigh Kilmeny,
Chapelton, Lanarkshire
Morison, John, 141 Bath st
Morton, C. T., 231 St. Vincent st
Morton, Wm. G , 114 Campbell
Muir, John, artist, designer, and
engraver, lithographer, and colour
printer, 14 King st. and 109
Trongaie; telephones, P.O. 116
Bell; Nat. 219 Y 3 Tron
Munro, Miss Minnie, studio, 174
Pitt st
Jlylne, John M., 101 St. Vincent st
Napier, Robt. 113 W. Regent st
Newbery, Francis H., Glasgow
School of Art, 167 Renfrew st
Nisbet, Jane, 136 Wellington st
Ogilvie, Chas. H. E.,206 Sauchie-
hall st
Orr, Patrick W. 134 Bath street
Owen, J. J. 3 Gray st
Parker, E. Rose, 79 W. Regent st
Paterson, W., 196 St. Vincent st
Paterson, Oscar, & Co., 10 Blyths-
wood sq. 167 W. Regent st
Pearlmann, M., & Co., 254 St.
Geo'ge's rd
Perman, Louise E. 131 West
Regent street
Petrie, Wm. M. 248 W. George st
Pratt, Wm. 113 W. Regent st
Reynolds, Warwick, 309 Hope st
Robertson, Thos., 127 Woodstock
Robinson, Harry W., M.B., 104 W.
George st
Bomney, Geo. photo., Albany Photo
Studio, 534 Sauchiehall street
Rowat, James, 65 W. Regent st.
Russell, R. Ramsay, 282 Wood-
lands road

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