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Maclellan, p. & W., Ltd., 129
Magnolia(The) Anti-friction Metal
Co. of G. B Ltd, 196 Central
•Chambers, 93 Hope st
Mnrchie, James, 39 Mains st
Murray & Patterson, Ltd.,
Coatbank Engine Works, Coat-
National Metal Co., Ltd. (The)
117-121 Houldsworth street
^'Richards," J. R. Russell, 147
Bath street
Sbeveus & Struthers, East Vale
place, Kelvinhaugh
Storer, Isaac, & Sons, Ltd.,
Manchester; agents, Philip &
Chisholm, 50 Wellington st
Tangyes Ltd., Ill Hope st
The Delta Metal Co., Ltd.; agents,
Alex. Brown & Co., 233 St.
Vincent st
Bissett, Alex., & Sons, 235 Hope st
Burleigh, Alex., 381 St. Vincent st
Chisholm, M., 27-29 Trongate
Connell, Jas. & Sons, 3 1 Renfield st
and 47 Old Bond St., London, VV.
Craibe, Angus & Son, 106 Hope
St., near Central Station
Gumming, R. & Co., 148 Cathedral
Gumming, Thomas, 23 Lyne-
douh street
Hill, B. Wylie, & Co, Ltd., 20 Bu-
chanan st
Hunter's (diamond, jeweller}',
silver plate dealers), 228 Argyle
Hunter's, 305-309 Argyle st
Hutchison, James F., 121 Douglas
Hyman, Louis, 73 Buchanan
Irvine, R. Ashton, 33 Renfield st
Jacobson, Joseph, 284 Buchanan st
Johnston & Co. 53 Buchanan st
Lunam, L., 18 Newton st, Char-
ing cross
M'Anarney, Jas. 32 Sister st
M'Dade, Catherine, 8 Old Dalmar-
nock road
Moffat, Muirhead & Co. antique
furniture, clocks, china,weapons,
engra-sangft, &c., 134-138 Doug-
las st. W. (2 doors from Sauchie-
hall st) ; works 120 Kent rd.
Telephones, P.O. 5625; Nat.,
232 XI Douglas
Naismith, King, & Co., Ltd.
(furniture, china, and oriental
imports), 180 Ingram st
Pollock, Wm. 522 Sauchiehall st
Reston, John, 13 Orr st.,Bridgeton
Shearer, H. (furniture, china, and
oriental imports), 27 St. Enoch sq
Societe (La) des Beaux Arts, 117
and l2l West George st
Sorley, Robt. & Wm , antique
p^ate, clocks, miniatures, and
curios, 93 St. Vincent st and 24b
Renfield bt
Van Baerle, Chas. 112 Hope st
Walker, John, 736 Dumbarton rd.,
Waring & Gil low, Ltd., 29 St
Vincent place
Wylie & Lochhead, Ltd. 45
Buchanan street
Barclay & Mathiesou, 159 Centre
street, s.s.
Brooks & Cooper, Mousehole Forge,
Sheffield; agent, Peter Smith,
112 Bath 3t
Cruicb shanks & Cook, Ltd., 74
Galbraith street
Cruickshanks, J. J. H. (agent), 95
Bath st
Dalziel, Wm , & Co., 53 Waterloo
Dempster, Moore, & Co. Ltd., 49
Robertson street
Donald, James T., & Co. Ltd., 35
M'Alpine st
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cadogan st
Fergus, Jas., & Co., 58 York st
Goudie & Whittet, 62 Howard
Hill, Thos. & Co. 66-68 Robertson
Murchie, James, 39 Mains st
Richards, Thos. R. (agent), 41
Ann st
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. 28, 30, 32 Oswald street
North- Western Electric Appliance
Co., Railway Appliance Works,
Cathcart, Gla^^gow
For members of the Glasgow Insti-
tute of Arcliitects see Appendix,
Abercrombie, Balfour, 131 West
Regent st
Adam, Alex. 212 St. Vincent st
Aird, Wm. Baxter, 196 St. Vin-
cent st
Anderson, John, 69 W. Regent st
Anderson, T. Glas,2l7 W. George
Andrew, D. jun. 248 W. Geo. st
Arthur, John, 131 West Regent st
Baillie, Wm. 223 Hope street
Baird, John, & James Thomson,
LA 88 Bath street
Baird, Thomas, jun , F.R.I.B.A.,
LA., 134 Bathst _;^^5?5^
Balfour, Andrew, F.R.LB.A., I.A.,
110 Mains St., Blythswood^sq.
Ballantyne, John, 95 Bath st
Barbour, John, 196 St Vincent st
Barclay, David, F.R.LB.A. & LA,
245 St. Vincent street
Barclay, David, jun. 215 St. Vin-
cent st
Barclay, H. & D., 245 St. Vin-
cent street
Beaton, Wilson, 227 W. George st.
Beattie, Geo. Morton, 121 St.
Vincent st
Bell, Geo., F.R.LB.A,, LA.. 212 St.
Vincent st
Black, Andrew, F.B.I.B.A., LA.,
58 Renfield st
Bonnar, Peter C, 26 Annette st
Boston, W. J., LA., 180 Hope st
Boswell, Gejrge A., 53 Both well
Boyd, Joseph, 274 Paisley rd. W.
Boyd, Wm. C, 50 Wellington st
Brand & Lithgow, 131 West
Regent st
Brenan, G. Woulfe, 10 1 St, Vin-
cent s'.
Bromhead, Horatio K., F.R.LB.A.
and LA., 243 St. Vincent st
Brown, Robt. (factory), 15 Welling-
ton street
Bruce, Donald, LA. 261 West
1 George st
Bruce & Hay, LA. 261 West
I George st
I Bryden, Andrew F., 147 Bath st
I Bryden, R. A., & Robertson,
i 147 Bath st
; Bulk, L. B., 196 St. Vincent st
Burch, James C, 217 W. George
i street
I Burke, Fred V. 141 Bathst
i Burnet, Frank, F.S.I. 180 Hope
Burnet, Frank, Boston & Carruth-
I ers, IHO Hope st
Burnet, John James, A.R.S.A. 239
' St. Vincent street
Burnet, John, & Son, 239 St.
j Vincent street
'. Cairns, Jas. 116 Hope st
i Campbell, H. '56 St. Vincent sfs
I Campbell, John A., F.R.LB.A.,
I 124 St. Vincent st
Carrick & Hope Thomson, 21
Hope st
Carrick, Wm. Arthur, 21 Hope st
Garruthers, James, 180 Hope st.
Chalmers, James, I. A., Central
chambers, 93 Hope st
Chalmers, P. Macgregor, LA.,
F.S.A. Scot., 95 Bath st
Clarke & Bell, I. A.212 St Vincent st
Clifford, H. E,FRLB.A.,225St.
Vincent st -4 -) ""^
Copland, Geo. Donaldson, 146 W.
Regent st
Cowan, J. L., 136 Wellington stl ,
Cowan & Watson, 95 Bath st
Craig, Jas. J., C.E., 219 St. Vincent
street ^^if ,^^

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