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Britannic anti- corrosive and anti-
fouling composition, Nicol
M'Lean, agent, box 9 Royal
British A-uti-Fouling Cornpoaition
Co. Ltd. (Von Hoveling's pro-
ce b); agts. Mungo Gray & Go.
94 Hope St
British (The) Colour Compiiny,
"Abington" anti-fouling marine
enamel for ships' bottoms and
hold composiii'ins, 102 Bath
street; works, Woodside
Blundell, Spence & Co., Ltd.,
agents, Brown, Prirr.rose &
S iiyth, 68 Gordon street
Brown, William, Sons, & Co.,
97 Portnnan st., Kinning Park
Carruihers, Son & Co. (Tarrs
Copper Paint and Yacht Con-
position), 70 to 78 King street,
Clutha Paint & Oil Co., 31 Gt.
Wellington st
Craig & Rose, Ltd., 85 Cadogan st
Craig Sharp Ltd., 177 Maxwell
Dampn^y, J. & Co., Ltd., Cardiff,
Liverpool, &g. ; agents, Nisbet,
Calder & Co., 144 St. Vincent
Danbotine anti-corrosive composi-
tion for pi otecting steel and iron
structures from corrosion; mann-
facturrrs, fiolzapfel's Cornposi-
tions Co. Ltd. 12 Waterloo st
Dick & Parker, 76 Milton street,
Dick, W. B. & Co. Ltd. anti-
corrosive and anti-fouling com-
position for ships' bottoms, 24
Queen st.
Eadie, Arch. & Co., Ltd., Tradeston
Paint, Oil, and Grease Works, 64
Cook street
Economic Anti-fouling Composi-
tions, Storry, Sraithson & Co.,
Ltd , Hull ; agent, John M
Gibson, 2 1 Hope st
Gardner, G. P. & Co. anti-fouling
composition manufacturers, 73,
75 Hydepark st
Gardner, G. P. & Co. grey varnish
enamel paint for inside of steel
vessels, 73-76 Hydepark st
Gas (The) Residual Products Co.,
Ltd., 166 Buchanan st
Glasgow Patents Co. Limited,
" Electroid" anti-fouling com-
position for ships' bottoms,
" Clutha" composition for ships'
holds, &c.; 94 Hope St.; works,
Kininug Park
" Hay's Compofitions," The Mari-
tine & General Improvement
Co., Ltd., London; agents, Geo.
Stuart & Co., 83 Rentieid st
Hinshelwood, Thos., & Co., Ltd.,
Glenpark st
Hu-d, Hastie, & Co., 73 Park st ,
Kinning park
Hogg, Chas., & Co., 44 VVebt
George st
Holzapfel's Compositions Co. Ltd.
manufacturers, 12 Waterloo st.
and at London, Liverpool, Cardiff,
Newctetlp - on - Tyne, Genoa,
Hamburg, Copenhagen, Sebas-
topol, and New York, with
agencies at all ports of the
world ; works, Fellmg - on-
Tyne ; Telephone Nos National
1476 Argyle, P.O. 1476.
InternationalAnti- foaling Composi-
tion Manufacturers ; Holzapfel's
Compositions Co. Ltd. 12 V/ater-
loo sr.
Jestyi & Cramonds, 13 Port Dun-
das rd; telephones, P.O., 5368;
Nat., 586?^ Kojal
Julien Anti-fouling and Anti-Cor-
rosive Composition of Marseilles;
ayeuta, J. & R. Neill, 32 Clyde
place, s.s.
Kirkaldy, John, & Son ; trade
mark, " Kalyx all ," representa-
tive, Andrew Smith, 12 York
" Kremasticon " for steel vessels ;
manufacturers, Wm. Brown,
Sons & Co., 97 Portman st
Lagoliue Paint Manufacturers,
Holzapfel's Composition Co. Ltd,
12 Waterloo st
M'Xiuies, John, & Son (Ziiver-
pool), anti-fouling composition
in green and red ; agents, Harris
& Co., 67 Hope st
M'Intyre. Thomas, & Co. Dundas
Colour Works, 300 to 316
Dobbie's loan
Mathews, Maclay, & Mansan,
111 4 Hydepark st
National Anti-foaling Composition
maiiufrs. Holzapfel's Composi-
tions Co. Ltd., 12 Waterloo
Nomos & Farola, compositions
for ships' bottoms, btat-tops,
holds, &c. ; agents. Warden &
Bell, 75 Bothwell st
Peacock & Buchan, Ltd. South-
ampton ; agents, M'Symon &
Potter, 3? Gt Wellington st
"Pintoff" paint, enamel, and
varnish remover manufac-
turers, Holzapfelo Compositions
Co., Ltd., 12 Waterloo st
Port-Dundas Composition Co., 61
Crawford st, Port-Dundas
Rahtjen's (Hartmann's Improved),
Snter, Hartmann, & Rahtjen'e
Ci>m position Co. Limited, Baltic
Chambers, 3 Cadogan st
Rahijen's Improved Anti-foul-
iiig Composition ; manufrs.
Holzapfel's Compositions Co.
Ltd., 12 Waterloo st
Rahtjen's " Red Hand Brand
Water-Line Paint," strong anti-
fouling manfrs. ; Suter, Hart-
mann & Rahfjen's Composition
Co. Ltd. Baltic Chambers, 3
Cadogan st
Rar.bin & Co., 53 Waterloo st
Scoit, Jas. & John G. Crown
Colour Works. 309 Dobbie's
Shipowners' Composition Co , Ltd.
"Greyhound Brand," Sam. M.
Brown & Co., 1-^ Waterloo st
Silverette Paint Manufac-
turers. Holzapfel's Composi-
tions Co., Ltd., 12 Waterloo ht
Soapstone Anti- Corrosive Composi-
tion for protecting steel and iron
structures from corrosion; manu-
facrnrers, Holzapfel's Composi-
tions Co. Ld. 12 Waterloo st
Storer, .James, & Co., Ltd. Barrow-
tield Works, Bridgeton
Stott, A., & Co., Ltd., Liverpool;
Robert Davie, jun., sole agent,
13 Hamilton street, Greenock
The British Colour Co., "Abing-
ton " anti-fouling marine enamel
fo ships' bottoms, and hold
compositions, Hopehill road
The Firhill Lime and Whiting Co.,
Ltd., 60 Firhill road
Von Hovel'ug American Composi-
tion Co., Ltd., 22 Oswald st
and at Whitehall buildings, 17
Battery place, New York
Westwood, M'Nelll, & Co.,
118 Queen street
Williamson, Morton &Co., Crown
Colour Works, 3U9-361 Dobbie's
Wood, E., Ltd. London ; agents,
Jas. S. Crawford & Son, 41
Robertson street
Anti-Attrition Metal Co., Ltd.,
London; agents, Forbes & M' Bar-
net, 29 Waterloo st.eet
Baird Archd, & Son, Ltd., Pea-
cock Cross, Hamilton
Barclay, Andrew, Sons & Co.,
Ltd. (manufs. of " Lion"'), West
Langland streef, Kilmarnock
Brown, Alex. & Co., 233 St.
Vincent st
Dewrance & Co. (London); 79 W.
Regent street ; P.O. and Nat.
Donald, James T., & Co. Ltd., 85
M 'Alpine street
Gemmell, Wm., & Co., 492
Argvle street
Glyco Metal Company, Ltd., 107
S . Vincent st
Gray, Andrew & Co. 557 Govanst
Henderson, Charles, & Co., 78
Robertson st

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