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Ann A.rbor Organ Co., Michigan,
D.S A. ; hole representative for
United Kingdom, Win. Thom-
son, .S to 7 Govan road
Bardett Organ Co., Chicago,
U.S.A. ; Weaver Organ Co.,
York, Pa., U.S.A.; sole rep. for
United Kingdom, Wm. Thomson,
3 to 7 Govan road
Miller Organ Co., Pennsylvania,
U.S.A. ; sole repTesentative for
United Kingdom, Wm. Thom-
son, .S to 7 Govan road
Thomson, Wm , direct importer and
sole representative for United
Kingdom for the Ann Arbor
Organ Co., Burdett Organ Co.;
Miller Organ Co., and Weaver
Organ Co ; bead distributing
house, Beethoven House, 3 to 7
Govan road
Glasgow (The) Iron and Steel
Co. Ltd. (sulphate of ammonia),
Wishaw, N.B.
The Coatbridge Gas Co. (sulphate
of ammonia), 84, 86 Bumbank
street, Coattiridge
The Scotch aid Irish Oxygen Co.,
Ltd., anhydrous ammonia for
ice making and refrigerating
machines (see Oxygen Mfinu-
facturers), Rosehill Works, 493
Aifeenhead rd., Polmadie
Western Chemical Co., manufac-
turers of " Thistle Brand, "
regd carbonate of ammonia,
Inchgreen Works, Bogston,
Boots, cash chemists, lOl and 105
Sauchiehall St.; tel., P.O. 4437;
Nat. 768 Douglas.
Oollinslee Chemieal Co., Limited,
ladie, B. B., & Co, 14^ and 16
Douglas et
Hill, Wm., " Sophos " and " Petrel "
brands, 78 M 'Alpine street
Sharp's Ammonia Works, 73-75
Hydepark st
The Glasgow Cheroical Co. Ltd.
(Kopeen Brand), 13 M'Neilst
Walker, Geo., & Son, Ltd. house-
hold ammonia, 48 French St.
Kley Brothers, Ltd.; sole agents for
Scotland, Jaa. Fenier, & Son,
Herald buildings, 68 Mitchell st
Ferrier, Jas. & Son, agents for
Eley Bros. Ltd. Herald build-
ings, 68 Mitchell street
Findlay, M. F. & Co. sole agents
for Nobel's Explosives Co. Ltd.
and F. Joyce & Co. Ltd. London,
19 Cadogan street
Fleming & Co. sporting cart-
ridges, black and smokeless;
guns, wadding, shot, &c. ;
31 Robertsi.n street
Horton, W. 98 Buchanan St.;
works, 64 Osborne st
Kynoch, Ltd , Birmingham ; sole
agents for Scotland, Hunter &
Wan'en, Ltd., 19 Wattrloo st
Martin, Alex., 20 Royal ex-
change square, and at Aber-
deen, incorp: 'rated with Alex.
Henry & Co., 18 Frederick st.
Nobel's Explosives Co. Ltd. 196
W. George st
Barrie, Thos. S., Ph.C, F.C.S., 4
Newton street. Chafing cross
Biggart, J. W. & W. L. (esUb-
lished 1872); public laboratory,
29 Cathcart st. Greenock
Boots, cash chemists, 101 and 105
Sauchiehjill st ; tel., P.O. 4437;
Nat. 768 Douglas
Clark, John, Ph.D., F.C.S., F.LS .
1.^8 Bath st
Craig, Geo., F.I.C., 95 Bath st
Harris, F. W., F.LC, F.C.S., 26
John street
MacCallum, Douglas A., F.C.S.,
93 Hope st
Lynn, R. Rankine, 141 Bath st
Robertson & Gregory, 128
Wellington st
Sieberg, Henry E., & Co., 114 W.
Campbell st
Tatlock, R. K., & Thomson, 156
Bath st
Young, John, 164 Bath st
Actien- Gesellschaf t fur Anilin Fa-
hrikaiion, Berlin ; agents for
Scotland, Jas. Miller, Son ACo.,
79 West Nile street
Aithur & Hinshaw, 88 Cadogan
Basle Chemical Works, Basle,
Switzerland; agents, Hendeison,
Hogg & Co., 15 Cadogan st
Bayer (The) Co., Ltd., 42 Bothwell
Bryce & RampfF, 223 West
George st
Caf sella, Leopold & Co., G. M. B. H
Frankfort-on-Main; agents, D.
Crawford & Co., 59 Bath st
Chemisclie Fabrik Griesheim-
ElekiTon (late K. Oehler),
Frankfurt main,Germany; agents,
M-Aulay Bros., 73 Dun lop st
Claus & Ree, Clayton, Manchester;
agents, Henderson, Hogg & Co.,
15 Cadogan st
Clayton (The) Aniline Co., Ltd.,
agents, A. W. Wardrop & Co.,
13 Bath street
Hogg, Chas. & Co., 4 4 W. George st
Holliday, Read, & Sons, Ltd. 142
West Nile st
Kalle & Co Biebrich on Rhine; agts.
Donald Mills & Son, 55 George
Levinsteins, Limited, Marichester,
Philips & Co. agents, 10
Waterloo st
Meister Lucins & Bruning, Ltd.,
50 Wellington .sireet
Miihlheim, Farbwerk Vorm. A.
Leonhardt & Co, Miihlheim,
o/M.; agent, Andrew Wallace,
1 5 York street
St. Denis Dye Stuff and Che-
mical Co. Ltd. Pans; agents,
Wm Bunten & Co. Gordon
chambers, 90 Mitcnell street
Shand Brothers, 6 Dixon stieet
Blacklock & Macarthur, manu-
facturers of " Stig brand "
patent hold enamel, " Stag
brand " boot topping, " Stag
braid" patent quick drying
topside black; offices, 165-173
West St. ; works, 102-118 Dale
St., Tradeston, aud at London,
Carfiiff, and Luton
Craig Sharp, Ltd., 177 Maxwell rd
Gardner, G. P. & Co. registered
manufacturers of anti-corrosive
"lacquer" or water line paint,
also for inside of steel vessels,
general iron work, &c. 73-75
Hjdepark street
Rule, Wm., & Co , manufacturers
of anti-corrosive compositions,
Whitecrook, Clydebaik. Nat.
tel., 218 X 7 Clydebank; tele-
grams, " Rule, Clydebank."
Alexander, Fergusson, & Co. Ltd.
50 Ruchhill st., Mary hill
" Aluminium Yacht Paint "
manufacturers, Holzipfels Com-
posidons Co., Ltd., 12 Waterloo
anti - fouling composition for
ships' bottoms, 165, 173 West
St., Tradeston, aud at London,
Cardiff, and Luton

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