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Simpson, Jas. L. (mannfrs.), 19
Qneen st
Sinclair, A. W., 12 Waterloo st
Sinclair, B. W., 6 Hanover street
Singleton, Dunn & Co. (Jarrah
paving block), 27 Union street
Skea, Jas. 5 Dixon st
Smale, Albert, 170 Prospecthill rd.
Mount Florida
Small, John F., 33 Gordon st
Smart, Jas. (manfr?-.), 153Queenst
Smith, Alfred J., 62 Buchanan st
Smith. ClatwoTthy & Co. (mnfrs.')
13 St Vincent place
Smith, Duff & Co. (manfrs'.), 13
St. Vincent place
Smith, James (matiufrs.'), 40 St.
Enoch sq.
Smith, John (manfrs ), 11 Miller st
Smith, John, 93 Hope st
Smith, John Y. (soft gooda). 76
Wilson st
Smith, J. Wylie, 40 Union street
Smith, W. J. 33 Virginia st
Smith, William R. & W. & Co.
(yarn), 6 Hanover st
Snodgrassi, Allan T., 1 15 Howard st
Stejjben, Arthur, 293 Duke st
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. 28 32 Oswald street
Stewart, John, & Co. (ship and
insurance), 82 Gordon st
Stewart, Rob. (paper), 86 Wilson st
Stewart, Wm., 219 St. Vincent st
Stirlii.g, Wm.. 11 Bothwell st
Stiathearn, Joha (manfr.), 163
Queen st
Sturgeon, Wm. (manufs'.), 119 Vir-
ginia street
Sutherland, Wm. (financial), 37
Jamaica street
Swan, Finlay & Son (manfrs'.), 6 '
St, Enoch square
Tagart. Beaton & Co. (timber), 134
St. Vincent st
Taylor, 4lex. 109 Hope street
Taylor, David, 49 Virginia st
Taylor, J. Arthur, 8 Dixon st
Taylor, Wm., 6 Drury st
Taylor, W. E., & Co. (pharmaceu-
tical products), 68 Cadogan st
Telfer, John, 87 Union st
Thorn & Cameron (Limited), 93
Cheapside st
Thomson, Donald, 87 Union street
Thomson, Robt. 20 So. Frederick st
Thomson, R. B. & Co. sole agents
for the " Lancaster" steam traps,
pistons, packings, steam dryers,
&c. 38 Stockwell st. ; tel. Nat.
508 ; P.O. 4037 ; tel. "Pistons."
Thomson, W. R. M. & Co. (for
patents), 96 Buchanan st
Thomson, Wm., 52 St. Enoch sq
Tinto, J. & W., sole agents in
Sc'tland for Irwell & Eastern
Rubber Co., Manchester, and
Castleton Steam Packing Co ,
Broodheath, 95 and 97 Holm st
Tuddenham, Fred. H. 23 Mitchell
Turner, Alex. 76 Virginia street
Walker, Andrew, G. N. & N.-E.
Railys., College station
Walker, Harry, 85 Queen street
Walker, Jas., 12 Waterloo st
Wallace. John A. 6 Dixon st
Wallis, J. M. (manfrs.), 60 St.
Enoch s-quare
Wardrop, Jas. jun. agent for Saml.
Berger & Co. Bromley-by-Bow,
London, E , 65 W. Regent st
Wassell, 0. T., 30 Broompark dr
Watfon, And. (manfrs.), 38 Mon-
trose street
Watson, Jas. Y. (manfrs.), 119
Virginia st
Watson, John, 33 Virginia st
Watson, P. W. & Son (manufrs.),
11 Maxwell street
Watson, T. M.,for brushes, ropes,
hardware goods, jewellery,
mu-iical instruments, French and
Vienna pipes, combs, foreign
boots, boot uppers, and boot
manufacturers' supplies, and
m'inj other kinds of general
goods for the wholesale trade,
207 Ingram street
White, J. B. 183 Nithsdale road,
White, J W. (paper), 134 St.
Vincent street
White, T. G.,& Co. (manufrs.), 40
Montrose street
Whitelaw, R M., 51 Buchanan st
Whyte, Robt. M. (manufacturers'),
76 Virginia street
WikoD , Allan (manufacturers'), 12
Waterloo lane
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. for home
and foreign papermakers and
Milner's aud Ratner's safes, 335
St. Vincent street
Wood, Arch. 469 Duke st
Wright, Wm., & Son (manufrs.'),
67 Miller st
Wyli«, Hugh K. (matifrs.') 66
Virginia st
WylMe, .John Ross. 120 Ark lane
Young, Jas. (Wigtonshire Cream
ery Co.), 156 Gt. Western road
Young, John C. (manufrs.') 49
Queen street
Agricultural Lime (ground and in
shell), Alex. M'Ara, 66 Morri-
son street, s.s. Telephones,
Nat., 1775 S.S.; P.O. Xli!2
Avery, W. & T., Ltd. (weighing
apparatus), 8-10 Stockwell st
Cochrane & Co. (steel harrows),
Gamtyne Station, Shettleston
Crowley, John,& Go. Ltd. 79 W.
Regent street
Dixon & Corbitt and R. S.
Newall & Co., Ltd., sole
makers of the celebrated
" Buffalo " binder twine.
Works, Gateshead on - Tyne ;
offices, Glasgow, 41 St. Vincent
place; London, 130 Strand,
W.C. Telegraphic address —
" Wirerope," Glasgow ; tele-
phones, Nat. Royal, 4838 ; P.O.
Central 4888
Dunlop, Matthew, 8 Graham square
Fleming, P.&R.& Co. 29 Argyle st.
18 and 24 Stockwell street, 16
Graham sq. and 1 DowanhiU pL
Grant, Cameron, & Curie (hay
waggons, milk carts and vans,
farm carts, wheels and axles),
83 to 99 Kennedy st ; telephone
National No. 3801, Post Office,
No. 1001
Hall, James, Halfway House
Hamilton, Robert, & Son, trucks,
barrows, carts, wagons, wheels,
&c., Thistle Truck Works
Hill, Thos , & Co. auctioneers and
valuators, 66-68 Robertson st
Jack, Alex. & Sons, Ld.,20 Graham
Kelly, J. H. all kinds of farm carts,
waggons, milk carts, &c., Van
St., Parkhead
M'Cormick& Campbell, 132 Stob-
cross street
M'Farlane, J. & A.. Ltd., Albert
Woiks, 40 Springbank st., New
City road
MacLellan, P. & W., Ltd., 129
Pooley, Henry, & Son, Ltd.,Albi9n
Works, 69 M'Alpine street
Shanks, Alex., & Son, Ltd., Dens
Iron Works, Arbroath ; repre-
sented by Jas. C. Soutar, Clutha
place, Uddingston
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow),
Ltd , 28, 30, 32 Oswald st
The Firhill Lime and Whiting Co.,
Ltd., 60 Firhill road
Thomson, Wm. & Co. puUey blocks,
67 Smith st., Kinning park
Waddell, Alex., 32 and 34 Moir at
Wallace, John, & Sons, Ltd., 28
Giraham square
Airdrie Iron Co., Ltd., " Biedler
patent," Airdrie
Allen, W. H., Son & Co., Ltd.,
Bedford ; agents, Charles
Henderson & Co., 73 Robertson
Alley & Maclellan, Ltd. Sentinel
Works, Polraadie
Blackley, Young & Co. " Bracketts"
Patent, 70 Wellington st
Fleming & Co., 31 Robertson st. ;
agents for IngersoU Band Co.

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