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(Brodie, Robert, Commissioner for
.taking affidavits ia the Irish
Conrts (of M'Glure, Naismith,
Brodie & Co.) 77 St. Vincent st
IDickie & Simons (England, Ire-
land, Anstrsha, Tasmania, and
New Zealand), 173 St Vine, st
IDanlop, J»s., M.A., LL.B., 179
W George st
jFrame & Macdonald (English and
Irish affidavits), 104 W. George
Hishop, John, M.A., 103 Bath st
Kay, Catbcart, Commissioner for
taking Colonial affidavits (of
M'Clure, Naisinith, Brodie &
Co.) 7 7 St. Vincent st
M'Clure, Naismith, Brodie, & Co.
Commissioners for taking
affidavits in the Englu-h, Irish,
and Colonial courts, 77 St.
Vincent st.
Morison, William, Commissioner
for taking affidavits in the
Colonial Courts (of M'Clure,
Naismith, Brodie & Co.), 77 St
Vincent st
Muirhead J. (English aiid Irish),
30 Gordon street
Paterson, W. B. & Co. (for English,
Irish, and Foreign Courts), 101
St. Vincent street
Turnbull & Findlav, 156 St. Vin-
cent street
Young, T. C, 93 W. Regent 8t
Adams, J. K. G. (manfrs.), 50
Wellington st
Adamson, D., & Son (advertis-
ing), 12 Waterloo street
Adamson, J. Scott (servants and
employers), 40 Unioii st
Addie, Peter G., 464 Victoria rd
Agency for British, coL)ijial, and
foreign patents, designs, and
trxde marks; Hunt & Co.,
Edmund, 121 West George st
Agency, British and foreign patents
and trade marks, J. Alfred
Brewer, chartered patent agent,
58 St. Vincent st. ; Nat. tel.,
6654 Royal. Notes on patents
and trade marks free.
. Agency for British, Colonial, and
Foreign designa, patents, and
tr-de marks; V*'. R. M. Thom-
son & Co., 96 Buchanan street,
experts in patent cases,
from their long and practical
experience, give the fullest and
most important information re-
garding patents, designs, and
trade marks, and undertake
every business in connection
therewith at lowest charges ; the
"Inventor's Guide" gratis; tele-
phone No. 829 Eoyal.—See
Aiht in Appe.n.
Agency Centre : J. & T. P.
Caldicott, Coventry, ribbon
manufac nrers; L. & A. Legrand,
Brussels, window blinds and
laces ; J. & D. M'George,
Dumfries, knitted silk t'es ; J.
J. Nef, St. Gall, Switzerland,
Swiss muslins ; E. Gruni^er, St.
Gall, Scotch finished embroidery
H. C. ai'Ausland & Sons, 51
Buchanan St., Glasgow; tele-
grams " M'Auslau'.i," GlasgOTT;
teles., Nat. 5460 Royal; P.O.
516 Central
Agency for British, foreign, and
colonial patents, designs, and
trade m<)rks, H. D. Fitzpatrick,
I 00 Wellington street
Agency for designs, trade marks,
and patents in every cou'itry,
Bottomley & Liddle, 154 St
Vincent street
Aird, John A., 41. St. Vincent pi.
Aitchison, Arch., agent for Chance
Bros. & Co., Ltd., Birming-
ham; W. E. Chance & Co., Olrt-
bnry ; Locke, Blackett, & Co.
Ld., Newcast'e-on-Tyne; Shar-
ratt & Newth, London ; Parker
& Lester, Londori; Hooper &
Bullock, Moseley; 37 to 53
Bishop street, Anderston
Aitken, John M., 11 Miller st
Alexander, D. D.,52 St. Enoch sq
Alexander, Win. (jewellers), 68
Gordon street
Allan, Hugh (m»nufr's) 87 Union st
Allison, Jas. (carpet manufrs.), 57
West Nile st
Allison, Walter, 40 St. Enoch sq
American (The) Agency (office
furniture), 27 Royal Exchange
Anderson's, Limited, manut'ring
silversmiths' agents, 26 Gordon
And' rson, Thos., 188 Pollokshawa
Arbuckle, Smith & Co. (Custom
House and shipping agents),
fi3A St. Vincent street
Arendt, Ch., & Sons, 87 Union st.
Arrol, Arch. & Sons, Ld. 16 Dixon
Arthur E. (manufrs.), 93 Hope
Arthur, E., jun. (manfrs.), 37
Jamaica st.
Arthur & Sandeman, 41 Robertson
Ashby, William Percy, Hope villa,
Baird, Adam R. (manfr.), 11 Miller
Baird, Archd., & Son, Ltd.,
Peacock cross, Hamilton
Baillie, S. H., 96 Miller st
Ballantyne, J. T. 9 S. Frederick st
Barrie, John, 1 1 Miller st.
Bates, Daniel, & Son (raanfr^.), '/l
Queen st.
Baxter, John (manfrs.), 40 St.
Enoch sq.
Bell, John (manufacturers), 24
Queen st
Bertram, Peter, & Sons, 335 Argyle
Bischoff & Co., Ltd., 112 Bath
Bishop, Thomas (paper), i34 St.
Vincent st
Black, James M. 5 Dixon st
Black L S. (manfr ), 109 Argyle st
Blackbura, John (manufrs.), 87
Union street
Boosey, A.H.A. (sUks, ribbons, and
woollens), 20 Dixon st
Borthwick, John F. & Co., 19
Waterloo st
Bottomley & Liddle, chartered
patent agerits, 154 St. Vincent st
Bottomley, William, charterj'd pa-
tent agent, 154 St. Vir.ceat st
Boyd, .John, 82 Virginia st
Boyle, Miss, 242 Sauchiehall st
Breeze, G. B. 182 Trongate
Brodii", D. M. (estate), 30 Ren6e!d
Brown, Andrew, 62 St. Enoch sq
Brown, Jas. T., 72 Waterloo st
Brown, John & Co. (yarn agents,
foreign & home), 19 Montrose st
Brown, Peter (manfrs.), 49 Vir-
ginia street
Brown, Robt. (tea), 17 Oswald st
Brown, Robt. & Co. 41 and 45
Washington street
Brown & Stewart, 34 and 36 King
St. , city
Brown, Wm. (golf), 50 Wellington
BrownhJll, Geo. 88 Bath st.
Bryson, A., 67 Miller st
Burnet, Jas. M. (manfrs.), 40 St.
Enoch sq
Burns, Morrison & Co., 13 i St.
Vincent street
Bnrrell & Coy., 9 Mid Wharf, Port
Butters Bros. & Co. 18 and 20
Waterloo street
Byth, George, 82 Virginia st
Calderwood, Sobt. W.49 Jamaica st
Campbell, D Eraser (manufrs ), 57
Miller street
Campbell, Jas. 120 Wellington st
Campbell, Jas. A., 128 Hope st
Campbell, Thos. B. & Sons, 29
Wellington street
Campbell, "W. G., 25 LanceBeld
Capes, W. J., 118 Queen street
Carrick, James, 73 Dunlop st

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