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WbB County Publishing Coy.
of Scotland, 33 Bath street
Watson, Charles P., 33 Renfibid
St. Established 1856. Tele-
grams, " Advertising," Glasgow;
telephones, Nat. 317 Argyle ;
Post Uffioe 4069
Wilson Advertising Com-
pany, 83 Jamaica st.; contract
for Scottish tramways, i aside
railway carriatres, street adver-
tisiug ciris with horses, wheel
boards, shoulder boards, &c., &c.
P.O. tel. 60 ; and at Dundee
Woolley, G. & A., 175 Both well
Yeats Limited, 52 St. Enoch sq
John Wilson,
83 Jamaica Street, Glasgow-
The first to establish a General
Advertising Agency in Scotland.
Tramways, railway carriages.
circular;!, newripapers, artistic
jprinting, &c P.O. tel. 50
■Baumann, P. A., & Co., Ltd., 93
Hope .'t.
IBogdan, J., & Co., 37 Candleriggs
iBrownlie, Wm., Ltd., 116 James
street, Bridget on
IDrumtEond, Wm. C, 83-85 St.
James' road
JForbes, Alex., enquiries soli-
cited for small articles with any
advt. afBsed, such as cigarette
cases, vesta boxes, knives, cal-
endars, &c., &c., 140 and 142
Renfield street
Forman, Thos. & Sons (ingenious,
new, and up-to-date), 15 Gordon
street, and Nottingham
Forrest & Son, for advertising
clocks, barometers, thermome-
ters, show cajes, &c., to adver-
tise any product, 11 to 19
Bishop St., Anderston cross
Hancocii & Corfieid, Ltd., 147 W.
Regent street
jHildesheimer, Albert, & Son, 74
Yorli: St. ; Nat. tel. 2187 Argyle;
head office, Coventry House,
South pi., Loudon, E.G.
. Johnston, Ltd , W. & A. K., Castle
Chambers, 55 West Regent
Kirkland, Jas. M'M., 34 Findlay
Lightowler, Charles, 128 Hope
' Livingstone Bros., 85 Maxwell st.
;Stewait & "Woolf, 16 Bothwell
■^Woodward & Co., 147 and 149
Renfield st.
The Edgar Elliot Co., Ltd., London,
east; agent, N. Gillies, 31
Robertson st
Baird, John, Ltd., 99 Milton st.
Bischoff & Co., Ltd., 112 Bath st.
Drummond, Wm. C, 83-86 St.
James' rd.
Thompson Bros. ^ Co.(Gla.sgow)Ld ,
showbottles,barrels,water bottles,
&c. hand painted or with vitrified
designs for advertising, 29 to
39 Surrey st. s.s.
Brown, R. G., 166 Buchanan st.
Nat. tele., 1215 Royal; P.O. 84
Red Central
Browne, T. B., Ltd., 22 Renfield
St.; Nat. lelephone Royal 18x;
head office, 161-163 Queen
Victoria street, London. Excep-
tional facilities for the rapid and
effiictive handlingof prospectuses.
Important lists of investors com-
piled fr.im private sources are
placed at the service of clients.
This agency possesses a thorough
knowledge of the merits of every
newspaper for this clais of ad-
vertisement, and details regard-
ing every publication, collected
on the spot, are carefully re-
corded for use of clients. Esti-
mates are promptly furnished by
telegraph if necessary
Burrell & Co., 93 W. Regent st
DuiT & Co., 49 Cadogan street
M'Bride, R., & Co., 57 Ladjwell
street, Denni.'-toun
Macrae, Paul, 93 Hope street.
Nat. tBi., 234Y2 Argyle
Macduff & Compy., Ltd., 94
Hope st; Nat. telephone, 2330
Argyle; telegrams, " MacDuft,
M'Murtrie, John, 11 Bothwell at.
Telephone Nos. Nat. 398 Argyle,
Post Office 117; telegrams
" Courage," Glasgow
Menzies, Peter A , 64 Gordon st
Munro, J. M., Ltd., *i2 Mitchell st
Sells Advertising Agency, Ltd.,
54 Gordon st.
Sha>p, A. F., & Co., 14 Rojal
Exchange sq. Telephones —
Nat, 6036 Royal; P.O, 5036
Watson, Charles P., 33 Renfield
St. Established 1866. Tele-
phones, Nat. 317 ArgyJe; P.O.
4059; telegrams, " Advertising,"
Wilson Advertising Com.'
pany, 83 Jamaica street ; P.O.
tel. 60.
Allan & Bogle, 216 and 248 Aber-
cromby street
Bratby & Hinchliffe, Ltd., general
providers to the aerated water
trade. Largest stock of new and
second-hand rrachinery in the
Kingdom. Patentees and sole
makers of automatic gas-making
apparatus and .steam lilling-
machines (Chavasse's patents)
bottles, cases, essences, seltzo-
genes, syphons, &c. 48 York st;
telegraphic address," Hinchliffe,"
Glasgow. Head-offices andworks,
Sandford st., Ancoats, M'chester
Brown & Co. (boxes), 73-85
M' Alpine street
Clarksoa Bros., Strathcona road.
Temple, and 358 Cathedral st.,
Ferguson, John, & Snns, makers of
all kinds of bottles, brushes,
repairing machine brushes a
speciality; telegraphic address,
" Brushes, Glasgow;" telephones,
Nat. 990; P.O. 990, 54 York
Gatherar & Co., new and second-
hand soda water machinery
list on application, 79 Robertson
Hamilton, Robert, & Sons (trucis
and trollies). Thistle Truck
M'Glashan, John, & Co., aoda
water machinery of al! kinds.
Complete plants to do from 400
to 5000 dozen bottles per day.
Riley's Psitent Automatic Cork-
ing and filling machine. Cork-
inif and filling machines for
ordinary corked and patent
stoppered bottles, bottle washing
machinery, steam boilers, steam,
water, and gas engines, tin cap-
sules, wood tops, wire, cases
and boxes, essences, bottles,
filters, &c., and every possible
requisite for the trade. Illus-
trated lists free ; Albany Works,
Catherine lane, off Cathedral
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co., ma-
chinery every destriptiou, lig-
nutivitae and vulcanite stoppers,
foils, capsules, straw envelopes,
corks, &c. 222 St. Vincent st

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