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Macrae, Paul, all British, For-
eign and Colonial newspapers,
magazines, etc., agent for the
Financial Netof- 93 Hope st.
(Central chambers); Ndt. tele.,
234 Y 2 Areyle
Menzies, Peter A., 54 Gordon st
Miller, John, Ltd., 116 Renfield st
Munro, J. M. Ltd. 82 Mitchell st
Murray, Thomas, & Co., Ltd., 90
Mitchell st
Newnes, George, Ltd. (Lon-
don), publishprs of the Strand
Magazine, Tit Bits, and other
well-known periodicals ; rates
and copies sent on application,
62 Buchanan street
Pollock, Alex., 62 West Nile street
Porteous, Wm. & Co.: adveitite-
ments inserted in all newspapers,
home and foreign, 9 South
Exchange pi
Scrimgeour, John, 13 St. Vincent
Selh Advertising Agency, Ltd.,
54 Gordon street
Sharp, A. F. & Co. 14 Royal Ex-
change square
The Wilson Advertising Co.,
83 Jamaica street, and at 5
Reform st., Dundee — News-
papers, tramways (sole lessees),
railway carriages, horse adver-
tising boards, street hoards
and men, envelope addressing,
circular delivering, artistic print-
ing; P.O. telephone, 50
Watson. Chas. P., 33 Renfield
St.; established 1856; telegrams,
"Advertising," Glasgow; tele-
phones, Nat. 317 Argyle; P.O.
Yeat's Agency, 157 St. Vincent
Adamson, D., &; Son, 12
Waterloo st
Burrell & Co., 93 W. Regent st
Macrae, Paul, 93 H.ipe st.;
Nat. tele., 23i Y2 Argyle
Sharp, A. F., & Co., 14 Royal
Exchange square
The Wilson Advertising Co.,
83 Jainaica street; P.O. tel.
60 ; and at Dundee
Browne, T. B., Limited, 22
Renfield st. ; Nat. telephone No.
18x Royal; head office, 161
ind 163 Queen Victoria St. Lon-
don, and at New York, Man-
che ter, and Paris, agents in
lea«Uag American cities.
Wilson Advertising Co., 83
Jamaica St. P.O. tele. 50
Glasgow (The) Numerical Ticket
and Cueck Book Printing
Co. 31 Finnieston street; tele-
phone Nos. Nat. 350 Argyle;
Post Office 6350
Browne, T. B., Limited, 22 Ren-
field St. ; Nat. telephone No. 18x
R.yal; head office, 161 and 163
Queen Victoria st. London, and
Manche-'ter, Paris, and New
York. Direct dealinjjs with
colonial press
Burrell & Co., 93 W. Regent st.
Macrae, Paul, agent for all
c ilonial and foreign newspap-rs,
magazines, &c., 93 Hope st.
Nat. tele , 234Y2 Argyle
Wilson Advertising Coy., 93
Jamaica st ; Post Office tel. 50
Browne, T. B., Limited, 22 Ren-
field st. ; Nar. telephone No. 18x
Royal; head office, 161 and
163 Queen Victoria st. London;
also Paris, Manchester, and New
Adams, W. Hanbury, 6 Airlie
gardens, Partick
Adamson, D., & Son, contracts
placed in all parts of United
Kingdom; head offices, 12 Water-
loo St.
Alexander & Co. Rutherglen
Ltd., 46 Main St., Rutherglen ;
Nat tel. 206X5 Rutherglen
Alexander & Co. Rutherglen Ltd.,
59 Main street, SLettleston
Allan, David, & Sons, Billposting
Ltd., 1X1 and 183 Bothwell st
Beith, Robert, 87 Union st.
Brown, R. G., 166 Buchanan st.
Nat. tele. 12l.'> Royal; Post
Office 8 1 Red Central
Browne, T. B., Limited, 22
Renfield street; National tele-
phone 18x Royal; head office,
161 and 163 Queen Victoria
St., London ; also at Man-
chester, Paris and New York ;
the entire press of the British
Isles and the leading news-
papers, magazines, and periodi-
cals of the whole world ; sole
advertising agency for Ptople^g
Friend, Good Words, &c.
Burnham & Co, advertisement
contraciors, makers of glass and
enamelled iron signs, enamelled
copper and prismaiic and glass
window letter.", 83 Jamaica st. ;
56 Cannon st, London ; 17 Withy
Grove, Manchester; works, St.
Paul's wharf. Deptford, London
Burrell & Co., contractors to
H.M. Government, 93 West
Regent street
Cole, Isaac, 189 Pollokshaws rd
Cossar, John, Press buildings, 577
Govan road, Govan
Cullen, H. C. & Co., 196 St. Vin-
cent st
Daglish, Wm., 2?0 Gt. Western rd.
Duff & Co., envelopes addressed,
circulars distributed, 49 Cadogsn
street; Post Office tel. 611
Forbes, Alex., 140 and 142
Rentield st.
Glasgow Billposting Co., 146
Bothwell st
Gray,Thos. & Co., 97 Bishop street,
Ring, J. G. & Son, 96 Renfield st
Locke, Glasgow, Ltd. billiooms and
workshop, 183 Bothwell street;
office, 190 W. George street
Macd'inald, John, & Son, 81 St.
Geiirge's rd (near Charing cro^s)
Macduff & Compy., Ltd.,
railway, tramway, press, and
billposting advertising con-
tractors, 94 Hope street ; Nat.
telephone 2 330 Argyle; telegrams
" MacDuff," Glasgow, warehouse
30 West Regent lane
M'Ginn, Patrick M., 22 Maitland
5 TVWesrCain^beHSK
NaLPpne 43y2 Ar-^/l*
M'Murtrie, John, 11 Bothwell st.
tele Nos., Nati-nal 398 Argyle
Post Office 117 ; telegrams,
" Courage," Glasgow.
Macrae, Paul, all British,
Foreign, and Colonial news-
papers, &c , agent for The Fin-
ancial Neios, 93 Hope st.
(Crntral chambers.) Nat. tele.,
234Y2 Argyle
Menzies,^Peter A., 5 I Gordon st
Munro, J. M., Ltd., 82 Mitchell
Pollock,';Alexander, 52 West Nile
Sharp, ; A.; F., & Co., 14 Royal
Exchange sq.
The County Automatic Advertising
Bureau, 14 Queen street.

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