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BrowD, J., & Co., 1 1 and 19 Queen
street, and 3 j Miller st
See Append!; for members of the
following institutes — Institute of
Accountants and Actuaries incor-
porated by royal charter, Scottish
Institute of Accountants, Institute
of Chartered Accountants in Eng-
land and Wales, Society of Ac-
countants and Auditors, incorpor-
ated 1885, Corporation of Account-
ants, Limited.
Ad.tie,Jas. L.,F.S.I.A. 125 North
Montrose .st
Aikinan & Glen, 107 St
Vincent street
Aikman, Patk. H. 107 St. Vincent
Aitken, Arthur C, C.A., 65 Bath st
Aitken & Ramsaj, C.A.. 66 Bath st
Alexander, Daniel, 82 W. Nile .st
Allan, Robert, 3 Arundel drive,
Langside •
Anderson, Geo. P. 54 Gordon st.
Anderson, Henry Kerr, 149 W.
Georsje st
Anderson, Thos. L., 124 St. Vin-
cent Bt
Anderson, Thos. 149 W.George st
Anderson, Wm. J. 149 W. George st
Arrol, Wm., & Co , 5 Oswald st
Arthur, Ales. 40 W. Nile st
Arthur, Henry M. (of M'Omish &
Arthur), 40 Queensborough
gardens, H\ ndl 'nd
Auld, H. Wyiie, F.S.A.A. 189 St.
Vincent street
Auld & M'E wan, 24 St. Vincent pL
Bain, Dunn & Forrester, 113 W.
Regent st
Bannatyne, Dugald (of Bannatyne
& Gtrthrie), 191 W. George st
Bannatyrie & Guthrie, 191 West
George street
Ba'hour & Mallooh, 102 Bath st
Barton & Bell, F.S.A.A. 58 Bath st
Beale & M'Tavish, 49 Virginia st
Bell, John, F.S.A.A (Barton &
Bell), 58 Bath st.
Berry, V. B , 219 St. Vincent st
Biack, David, 203 Hope st
Black, John A., 27 Hope st
Black, Stewart & Co., 203 Hope st
BLtck, Thomas, & Son, National
Bank Chambers. Cambuslang
Blackhnrst, 4rthur, 2 W. Regent st
Blair, D. K., 190 West George st
Blair, Tayler & Co., Herald
building-, 69 Buchanan st
Boyd, Wm. 116 St. Vincent st
Brodie, Burns & Anderson, 116
St. Vincent st
Brodie, MacLean, & Forgie, 22
Ren field st
Brodie, MacLean (ot MacLean
Brodie & Forgie), 22 Renfield st
Brodie & M'Morland, 156 St Vin-
cnt st
Brodie, Thomson (of Brodie &
M'Morland), 156 St. Vincent st
Brown, A. Rerbeit, 180 Hope st
Brown, Charles Leigh, C.A. (of
Forrest, Brown & Co.), 79 W.
Regent st
Brown, Fleming, & Murray, 175
W. George st
Brown, Gavia, jun., 274 Maxwell
road, Polloksliields
Brown, Hamilton, 55 Bath st
Brown, J. Campbell, 65 Bath st
Brown, Jas. & Sandeman (shipping,
&e.), 69 West Regent street
Brown, John T., 67 W. Nile st
Brown, R. S., 121 W. Regent st
Brown & Wateon, 55 Bath st
Bruce, J. W.,& Co. ,55 Cromwell
Cadell, Geo. Allan, 1 1 6 St. Vine, st
Cadell & Simmers, 116 St. Vin-
cent street
Cairney, Wm. D. 163 Hope street
Cairnp, A A., 112 Bath street
Cameron, J. W. Sun bdgs. 121
W. George st. and 23 King St.,
Campbell, Ja<. (of Carstairs,
Hunter & Campbell)
Campbell, John (of Reid & Camp-
bell), 67 W. Nile St.
Campbell, Thos. M. 225 St. Vin-
cent street.
Carrick, Keilock & Bnrclay, 26
Renfield st
Carton, John, 65 Bath st
Carstairs, Alex. M. Albany Cham-
bers, Charing Cross
Carstairs, Huntf^r & Campbell, 163'
St Vincent st
Carswell & CUrk, 116 St Vir)cent;
Cwsweli, Murray & Lauder, 69 St,
Vinci-nt st
Chrystd, W. Y. (of Moore, Chrystall
& Irvine, C.A.), 226 St Vincent
Church & Greig, 104 W. George
SI reet
Clark, Robt H., 124 St. Vincent st
Cochrane, A. M. , & Co., 47 Oswald
Colville, David, 48 W, Regent st
Cooper, Craig & Craig, 156
St Vincent street
Copeland, Albert E. R., 196 St.
Vincent st
Copeland & Allan, 196 St Vincent
Cor.<te, Robert, & Co., 67 West
Nile bt
Cowley, Hector, 11 Gardner street,
Craig, E. a. Stanley, C. A., 63a St
Vincent st
Craig, T. A., 139 St Vincent st
Crawford, Robert, 62 St. Vincent st
Gutbbertson, D. & A., Provan &
Strong, 190 W. George st
Dallachy, B., & Son, 145 Green-
head street
Davidton, Workman, & Gilchrist,
190 West George st.
Davies, Jas. Mair, F.S.S. (of Daviea,
Tait & Co.), 168 St. Vincent
sti eet.

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