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(121 Cameron, J. W.
Young & Strang
Strang, James, & Sons
Hunt, Edmund, & Co.
Chalmers, George
Eeid & Bannerman
Renfield street intersects
133 Commercial Bank of Scotland
137 Duncan, Walter, & Co.
Currie, Donald, & Co.,
Union-Castle Mail Steamship
Co., Limited.
Kiep, C & Brother
Kiep, J., German Consul
139 Riddell, A.
141 Strang & Weir, writers
Anderson, W. H.
Brodie, John B.
State Fire Insurance Co.
Ltd , The
Grischotti & Co., Ltd.
Clark, Wm. & Co
General Life Assurance Co.
Jack, D. Hill, & Son
Bruce, D., writpr
Watts, Watts, & Co.
Anderson, J. A., & Young
143 Fulton, W. E., & Co.
145 Bannatyne,Kirkwood, France,
& Co., writers
147 Hamilton & Winning
149 Kerr, Andersons, & Macleod
Thomson, M'Lintock & Co.
Beckett, CunliflF & Co.
Whimster & Co.
Macbiide, M'Grouther & Co.
& Stevens
Scott- Craig & Brown
151 Alliance Assurance Company
153 The Edison and Swan United
Electric Light Co., Ltd.
155 Scot. Equit. Life Assur. Soc.
157 Sayers, James E., & Caldwell
The King Insurance Co , Ltd.
Rosslyn, Mitchell & Bell
M'Lelland, Thomas, writer
Edington, P. F. W., writer
Steven & ConneU
Findlay, J. Crawford, writer
159 Verel Bros.
Hay, Thomas J.
163 Crawford & Laird, writers
Martin & Barrie, writers
Glasgow Mercan. Assoc, for
the Protection of Trade
Mitchell & Smith, C.A.
Car and General Insurance
Corporation, Ltd.
Woodburn, J. S.
Meikle, John -
Eoyal Exchange Assurance
Lamond, R. P. & Son
Shotts Iron Co.
165 British Linen Bank
165ASimplex Conduits Co., Ltd.
Hope street intersects
169 Maclay, Murray & Spens
175 Brown, Fleming & Murray
The Climpy Coal Co.
Bryce, .John
Milne & Co.
Burmah Oil Co , Ltd.
Dick, Kerr & Co., Ltd.
Cargills, Limited
Sinclair, George J.
Tennant, Cbas., & Co.,
Prentice, Service, & Henderson
Wood, James
Samana & Santiago Railway
Co. , Ltd.
Dominican Consulate
Biles, Gray & Co.
Durcanson & Henderson
Galloway, T. Lindsay, C.E.
United Steamship Co. of
New Zealand
177 British Insulated and Helsby
Cables, Ltd.
179 Kirkpatrick, A. J. & Co
Cowan, John
Paterson, A. G.. & Co.
Walker, J. Cradock
Dunlop, James
Dixon, Erskine, & Co.
M'Kinnon & Bannatyne
Gilmour, M., artist
181 Craig, James, & Son
183 M'Culloch, Geo. & Richard
Hall, John & W. D. , accts.
Smith & Campbell,
British (The) Crown Assur.
Corporation, Ltd.
Donald & Binnie, writers
Fulton, David, artist
Rankin, Alex.
Philp & Crawford, writers
187 Guardian Assm-ance Co.
Gordon, Smith & Parker
Depsmore Typewriter Co.
Cleghorn & Templeton
Blackett & Howden
Arbuckle, J. B. K., writer
M'Lean, Baird, & Neilson
189AMowat, Robert
189 Thomson, Jas. & Son
191 Bannatyne & Guthrie, accts.
Anderson, G P., writer
Mackenzie, Daniel, writer
Harper, R. Ranken
195 Nobtl's Explosives Co. Ltd.
Wellington street intersects
201 Aiken, & Co. writers
203 M'Farlane, Hutton, & Patrick
British India Steam Naviga-
tion Co. (Limited)
Aitchison, John G.
M'Kinnon, W., & Co.
Nairn, Bowes, & Craig
Young, Thomas, M.I.
Temple ton,W. J. Mexican Con.
Cuban Consulate
Costa Rican Consulate
Glen, Wm , shipbroker
Rankin & Ferguson
Reid, Robert, I.M. measurer
205 Jeffrey, John, & Co.
207 Pirrie, Foote, & Co. merchts.
Registrar Bly thswood District
Knox, Robert
209 Moores, Carson & Watson
211 Anderson, Alex., painter
2 13 Sbeniff, J. B., & Co.
215 Furnival& Co.
217 Mackie & Co., distillers. Ltd
Anderson, T. G., jun.
Yule, Charles
Kennedy Brothers
Wessenberg, Frank
219 Cameron & M'Lean, painters
221 M'Gibbon, Wm. F.
Barr & Fyfe, measurers
Jack, James M.
Associated Iron Moulders of
223 Bryce & Rumpff
Murray, A. & W. M.
225 Brownlie, Watson, & Beckett
225ABrown, J. S. & J.
West Campbell st. intersects
227ABrown, Wm., painter
227 Brown, W. Rounsfell, writer
Morrison, J. A.
Maclntyre & MacAndrews
French, Annie, artist
Younger, Jane, artist
Craig, Jean M. B.
Beaton, Wilson
Young,'*Miss'B. I., artist
237 Guthrie, J.& W.& A. Wells, Ld
Lucas, W. & W. L., writers
Crosthwaite, John M., writer
Mackay, A. C, com. agent
241 Crawford, R. C, painter
Dansken, Joho, & Purdie
S:even, S., writer
Sellars, G. W., painter
Cormack, David, writer
243 Robertson, Alex., writer
247 Empire Gaurantee & Insur-
ance Corporation, Ltd.
249 M'Coll& Rogers, com. agents
Scott, A. & J., painters
257 M'Kellar, Duncan
M'Lean, Rev. John, D.D
Lauder, Chas. J.
Davidson, James
259 Henderson & Reid
Fulton, A., & Co.
261 Bruce & Hay, architects
Charteris, J., elec. engineer
Allan, Pett-r, writer
M'Connechie, Wm.
Ingles, Wm., architect
Stewart, Andrew, measurer
Baird, John, I.M., measurer
Low, Hugh A., measurer
Grant, Jas., house factor
Mains st. Blythswood sq. here
260 Borland, Mrs.
Kerr, Wm.
256 Coventry, R. M. G.
254 Douglas, William, & Sons
252 Howarth & Stewart
260 Reid, William

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