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29 Powerloom Beamers' Com-
mittee Room
30 Buchanan, Marquis, & Co.
86 The Imperial Tobac-co Co. of
Great Britain and Ireland;
Stephen Mitchell & Son
42 Dove, W. S.
48 Inelis, Malcolm, & Co.
Wood, Jamea W.
68 Central Police Office
St. Andrew's Street. 2.
21 Family Home
31, 35 Dove, Jobn
32 Anderson, J. S.
28 Little & M'Lean, Ltd.
Andiew, Burns
24 Croal, G. B. & Co.
16 Telford, R.
12 M'Lean, Alex.
4 Bryce, Peter B.
St Bernard's PL, Hillhead.
See Great George Street.
St. Bride's Boad, Newlands.
Hamilton, VVm., Cruzerio
Smith, Mrs., The Haven
Walker, Tbos., Westerhill
Watson, G. C, Ard-en-tigh
Garvie, Jobn, Rosemount
Dick, David Higbstun
MacKay, J. L., Arbutus
Johnston, A. S., Eedrigg
M'Callum, Peter, Netherlee
Andrew, Mrs., Tredinnock
Newlands road here
Langwell, David, Narachan
Climie, And., Cal-ye-hant
St. Clair Street. 17.
7 Urqubart, E.
13 Thorn, J.
17 Morrison, R.
23 Black, A.
46 M'Kenzie, John B.
22 TuUoch, Wm.
12 Ross, John
2 St. George's Co-op. Store
St.EnoclL Square. 10.
3 Allan, Dick & Buchanan
Goudie, J. T. & Co.
North drive here
5 Glasgow & S.-W. Railway
St. Enoch Hotel
Henderson, James, Ltd.
29 Hotel goods entrance
31, 33 Anderson, Nicol, & Co. Ld
35, 37 Canadian Govt. Agency,
John Webster
39 Brown & Son
41, 43 Pringle, Peter
45 British and Foreign Glass Co.
47 Wyllie & Co.
Smart, Jas. A., shipping agt.
61 Peebles, A.
Howard street here
64 Scott, A. L. & Son
62 Crawford, G. & M.
60 Herron, William
Weir, J. A
Ducat, T. & J. L.
Powell, W. H., & Co.
Kerr, Robt.
Wallis, J. M.
Jackman, J. W. & Co.
Smith, A. A.
Wallace, E. K. & Son
Bryce, Junor, & White
The North British & Hawkes
Bay Freezing Co.
Travis Brothers, merchants
Walker, W. G. & Sons
Scott, Hudson & Sons, Ltd.
Hotel Employees' Society
Gemmell, James
Morton, James
Pearson, Patrick
Jackson Bros.
Johnasson, Gordon & Co.
Brown, A.
58, 56 Cockburn & Co., Ltd.
64 Baird, Thomas, optician
52 Goldie, James, & Son, Ltd.
Alpine, R. L. & Co.
Grant, Bamett & Co.
Newton, Robertson & Co.
Monteith, R. M.
Wallace Bros.
Cant & Kemp
Thompson, Wm.
Coull, James
King, Robert A., & Co
Pascoe, S. H.
The Caledonian Tyre Repair-
ing Co
Melling, Wm. & Co.
Holton, & M'Kenzie
M'Naughton, Jaa. John
Greenhill Colliery Co., Ltd.
Robert Young's Trustees
Campbell, W. Laurence & Co
Gardner, Thos., colliery agent
Kinghorn, A.
Duff, Alex.
Young, James G., jun.
Buchanan & French
Maclm-e, John G.
Alexander, D. D.
Brown, Andrew
Martin & Co.
Catchpole, G. G.
N'Nair, James W.
M'Murray, Wm. & Co.
Nimmo, Jas. B. R.
Baddeley, John
Macdonald, R.
Martin, Hugh, & Co.
Rodger, Matthew A.
M'lndoe, J. B.
Turcan, W. H.
Sinclair, G. F.
Swan, Finlay & Sons
Hayes, Candy & Co.
M'Intyre, John, agent
Yeats, Ltd.
52 Bamett, Robert
Budgett, Samuel, & Co.
60 Eggar, Charles P.
48 Manson, Alex.
46 Dick, R. & J.
44 Wallace & Connell
42 Weir, A. R.
40 American Line United States
Mail Steamers
Malcolm, Andrew
Malcolm, A. & A.
Combat, James W.
Graham, Matthew, & Co.
Ronald, Thomas
Martin, William
Bain, Wm. N.
Woodburn & Co
Coats Brothers
Allison, Walter
Hardie, John
Riddel, John H.
Swan, W. B.
Fletcher & Smart
M' Bride, Robert
Conner, James
Muir, John
Marshall, Geo. D.
Hamilton Coal Co.
Smith & M'Lauiin
Dunlop & Co.
Macfie, Archd. F.
Fraser, Robert A.
Muir, John
Baxter, John
Burnett, J. M.
Hughes, W. G.
Landels, F. P.
Boyd, J. & C.
Philips, J. & N., & Co.
Cunninghame, Robt. D.
Cowan & Co.
38 Munn, James, & Co.
36 Meiklejohn, R. B., butcher
34 Citizen Buildings
Royal Liver Friendly Society
Alex. M'Lean, res. secy.
Deakin, James, & Sons, Ltd.
Morgan, John
Macaulay, P. F. & Martin
Eennie, Robert, engraver
The Glasgow and District
Heritable Investment Co.,
Murray & Muir
Alston & Tulloch
Campbell, John
Brown, F. H.
32 Commercial Bank;
John Dodds, agent
30, 28, 26 Spite, F. & Ca
28 Bowie, D.
Bowie, T. C.
Muckle, Thos. A.
Hudson, Geo. G.
M'Menimin, James
Roed, M'Nair, «& Co.
Johnston, D.
Greenlaw, H. T.
Rowntree & Co., Ltd.

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