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Peacock, William (of J. S. Dunn & Co., Ltd.), ho. 6
Doune gardens.
Peacock, Wm. (of Paisley), Peacock's cable cord,
coffin cord, and tassels; David Taylor, 49 Vir-
ginia St., agent.
Peacock, Win., watchmaker and jeweller, 450 New
City rd. ; ho. 211 W. Princes st.
Peacock Auto-Car Co , motor car agents, 10
Exchange sq.
PEALING, James W. (at Duncan, Turnbull & Co.),
ho. 4 York ter.. Sand j hills.
PEARCE, C. W., & Co., wine growers and shippers,
Fountaingrove Vineyards, Santa Rosa, California;
A. Pernay & Co., Reims; J. Estevez & Co.,
Oporto; Diez Hermanos, and J. Estevez & Co.,
Jerez de la Frontera ; Saciedad Vinifola Espanola,
Valencia ; W. Rammer, Bremen Pilsener Beer
Brewery (telegraphic addre-^s, " Zinfandel " ; tele-
phone No. 1490), 139 West Regent st. and 104
West Regent lane.
Pearce, George, & Co., morocco, roan, and wool rug
manufacturers, 6 Bucknall street, London, W.C. ;
agent, Geo. A. C. M'Neill, 47 Oswald street.
Pearce, H. M., woollen merchant, \b Renfield street;
ho 71 Queensborough gardens, Hyndland.
Pearce, Mrs. (of C. W. Pearce & Co.), house,
Nithsdale, Maitland avenue, Langside.
Pearks Stores (Scotland), Ltd., registered office;
62 St. Vincent st.
Pearl Life Assm'ance Co. (Limited), 45 Renfield st.,
J. Cherry, general supt. ; house, 17 Ailsa drive,
PEARLMANN, M. & Co., photographers and artists,
254 St. George's road, St. George's crofs.
PEA US ALL, Jas., & Co., silkmen and art needle-
work, 11 Virginia st.
PEARSON, Andrew G (at Wm. & John Porter's) ;
ho 53 Durward avenue, Shawlands.
Pearson, Andrew, H.M. inspector of mines, The
Grove, Rutherglen.
Pearson, Dr. Arch ,90 Plantation st. ; ho. 4 Middle-
ton terrace, Ibrox.
Pearson, Beckitt, & Co. (branch of the British
Oil and Cake Mills, Ltd.), seed crushers, oil mer-
chants, oil boilers and refiners, Eockvilla Oil Mills,
Pearson, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 61
Glassford st. and 72 Wilson st.
Pearson, Charles, paper makers' agent, 53 Lauder-
dale gdns., Hyndland.
Pearson, David, Crannich,Woodend drive, Jordanhill
Pearson, Douglas, joint manager. The British Oil
and Cake Mills, Ltd. (Peaison, Beckitt & Co.
branch), ho. 3 Rosebery ter., Kelvinbridge.
Pearson, George (of Main, Pearson & Co.), ho. 28
Gray street, W.
Pearson, G. T. , commission agent, 65 West Regent
street; ho. 3 Church road, Bellahouston.
Pearson, Henry T. (of Isaac B. Pearson & Co.), ho.
Deneholm, Park gardens, south, Broomhill.
Pearson, Howard, boot manufacturers' agent, 49
Queen st. ; ho. 243 Great Western rd.
Pearson, Isaac B., & Co., shipbrokers, 69 Buchanan
Pearson, Isaac B. (of Isaac B. Pearson & Co.), ho
26 Queensborouih gardens.
Pearson, James (of J. J. Cochrane & Co.), house,
Glenpark, Uplawmoor.
Pearson, James, jr.. pbotogrrapher 328 Renfrew st.
Pearson, John A., grain merchant, 34 Robertson st.j
ho. 8 Cecil street.
Pearson, John, M. B., CM., 15 Sussex street, Paisley
road, W. ; ho. 4 Middleton terrace, Ibrox.
Pearson, John (at M. & J. Macfarlane), ho. 165
North street.
Pearson, Joseph Henry, certificated patent agent
(with Bottomley & Liddle) ; ho. 3 Cathkin avenue,
Pearson & Knowles Coal and Iron Co., Ltd., iron
masters and engineers, iron and steel manufac-
turers, 217 Buchanan st. ; Thomas Hannay, agent.
Pearson, Patrick, commission agent, 60 St. Enoch
square; ho. 11 Osborne villas, Cathcart.
Pearson, Peter, boot and shoe maker, 171 Salt"
market; ho. 263 Cumberland st.
Pearson, Robert A., watchmaker and jeweller, 286
Woodlands rd. ; ho. 54 Gibson st., Hillhead.
Pearson,.Sons&Co., Ltd., Nitshill Ironworks, NitshilL
Pearson, Thomas (Dykes Bros.), ho. 18 Nithsdale
dr., Stralhbungo.
Pearson, W. Douglas, commission merchant, 68 Bath
St. ; ho. 235 W. Prince's st.
Pearson, W. N., grocer, 9 Bjres road.
Pearson, Wm. Henry, secretary (The Steel Co. of
Scotland, Ltd.), ho. 2 Royal ter., Crossbill.
Pearson's Antiseptic Co., Ltd., 50 Wellington st. ;
Nat. tel., 66 Y 2 Argyle.
PE ASTON, Alex., wine and spirit broker and whisky
merchant, agent for Gve. Martineau, Cognac;
Jose Ramirez, Xerez; Niepoort & Co., Oporto;
P. Rademakers & Co., Delfshaven; Jas. Henderson
& Co., Pulteney Distillery, Wick ; David Watt &
Co. Ltd., distillers, Londonderry; Munzer et Fils,
Bordeaux ; Diez Hermanos, Paris; 27 Hope st. ;
ho. 27 Robertson st., Greenock.
PEAT, George (of P. Henderson & Co.), ho. Strath-
allan, Uddingston.
Peat, J. C , & Co., commission agents, 28 Cochrane
st. ; ho. 58 Bankhall st.
Peat, P. T. S., yarn merchant, 11 John st. ; hcs
Ormidale, Bearsden.
Peat, W. S., draper, milliner, and general warehouskn^
man, 63, 65, and 67 Crown street; ho. 2 Salisbury
quad., Strathbungo.
Peat, Mrs. Jane, wine merchant, 216, 218 Hope St.;
ho. 20 Rupert street.
Peat, Mrs. P. S., 8 Kelvin drive, Kelvinside, N.
PEATTIE, Alex. C, manager. Carriers' Quarters
60 Queen street ; ho. 310 N. Woodside road.
Peattie, Charles, goldsmith and jeweller, 65 Jamaica
street ; ho. 333 New City road.
Peattie, Henry, cashier. North British Rly. Co., Sight-
hill Station ; ho. 333 New City road.
PECK, James J., manager (John Reid & Co., Ltd.,
shipbuilders), ho. 52 Randolph gardens, Partick.
Peck, W. Edwin, manufacturer and agent, 38 and 40
N. Frederick st; telegraphic address, "Peck,"
Glasgow; house, Newington, South Brae drive,
PEDUIE, James, tea agent, 6 Oswald street; house,
235 West Regent street.
Peddie, Wm. George, inspector of works, 76 Sinclair
drive, Langside.
Peddie, Miss, milliner, 1306 Argyle street.
PEDEN, Alex. W., watch and clock maker, jeweller
and optician, 270 Dumbarton road, Partick, and
388 Byres road; ho. 26 York a v., Partick.
Peden, Andrew, tailor and clothiT, 66 S» ''^'tland st.

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