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Holmes, David, jun., dairyman, 148 Calder St.; ho.
50 do.
Holmes, F. G., civil engineer, burgh surveyor, Town
Hall, Goran ; house, 3 Biighton pi., Govan.
Holmes, George, baker, 19 Morrison st. and 149
Gloucester st. ; ho. 1.5 Morrison st.
Holmes & Jackson, modellers and sculptors, 55 to
61 Jane fit., Blythswood sq.
Holmes, James, & Son, yam agents and merchants,
33 Virginia street ; ho. 3 George place, A.shton.
Holmes, John, & Son, wrights and builders, Sandy-
fauldslane; house, Hilipark, Barrhead.
Holms, John A. (of Stirrat & Holms), Formakin,
Holmes, J. H., & Co., electric light and power
engineers, 19 Waterloo street. Telephone Nos.,
National 984 Argyle ; P.O. 4984; telegrams,
" Efficiency."
Holmes, J. & Co., plasterers and modellers, 32 Kjng
Btveet, s.s.
Holmes, Jai. A. (at Holmes & Allan), 5 Lynn gnds.
Cranworth St., Hillhead ; Tel. No. Nat., 1482
Holmes, John, wine snd spirit merchant, 26 Bedford
St. and 41 Warnock st. Tel. Nat. No. 262 Y 6
Gorhals ; house, 1 6 Albert road, Crossbill.
Holmes, Joseph R. & Co., electric, steam,
hydraulic, and torpedo engineers, speciality appli-
ances and indent exporters, 93 Bothwell street;
head office, 7 and 8 Idrd lane, London, E.G.
Holmes, Laurence, egg importer, 14 Bridgegate street,
ho. 49 Kent st.
Holmes, MacTavish, & Mackillop, writers, 208 St.
Vincent street.
Holmes, Peter, coach and motor body builders,
837, 339, and 341 St. Vincent street; P.O.
telephone No. 6024; ho. Knightswood Hous^e,
by Scotstounhill.
Holmes, Richard A. (of Inland Revenue"), 280
George St.; ho. Highfield, Lenzie rd., Lenzie.
Holmes, Robert L., wholesale bookseller and stationer,
8, 5, and 11 Dunlop st. ; ho. Cochrane cottage,
Holmes, Robt. F. (of Alex. & Robt F. Holmes), ho.
26 Strathyre st.
Holmes, Thomas, physician and surgeoa, 6 Derby
terrace; surgery, 42 Old Kelvinbaugh road.
Holmes, Thomas, building and carting contractor, 87
Orchard St., Partick; bo., 101 Hozier st., do.
Holmes, Wm. & Co., Zitd., wholesale newsagents,
bookspller?, stationers, and fancy goods importers,
9 Mitchell lan^, off Buchanan st. Telegrams,
" Newspapers," Glasgow ; j telephones — P.O.,
3995; Nat., 3973 ; Branch (newspapers), 592a
Holmes, Wm., boot maker, 27 Morrison street, s.s.,
and 2B6 Cumberland st.
Holms, Wm., yam merchant and agent, 153 Queen
st. ; ho. 38 Sardinia ter.
Holmes, W. & R., wholesale booksellers and stationers,
3, 5, and 11 Dunlop st
Holmes, Wm., & Son, carriage builders, 218 Eglinton
St.; ho. Bank st., Irvine.
Holmes, William., wholesale hardware merchant
and ironmongers' factor, importer of American and
Continental goods, 66 King street. City; National
telephone No. 9Y Tron.
Holmes, Miss Marion W., Heathfield, Woodburn rd.,
Merrylee, Newlands.
Holmes' Lights, sole wholesale depot in Scotland
for Holmes' original patent inextinguishable
marine signal lights to pass Board of Trade, 101
Waterloo st. (late of 51 Cadogan st.); telephone
No. 474 Avgyle; telegraphic address, " Stephanos."
Holmes' Lights Co., Jos. R. Holmes,sole proprietor
and original mtroducer of the inextinguishable life-
buoy light, inventor and Government contractor of
torpedo indicating lights, " Beresford Detacher,"
" Victory " life - boat equipments, &c.; no agents,
or connected with any trader using the name of
Holmes; beware of gross imitators; 93 Both-
well street, and 7-8 Idol lane, London, E.C.
Holmes' Marine Life Protection Association, original
patentees and manufacturers of Holmes' lights, 101
Waterloo st. (late of 51 Cadogan st.)
Holm.es' Ozone Co., bleaching and disinfecting fluid
manufacturers, 93 Bothwell st. and 7-8 Idol
lane, London, E C.
HOLM^, A. 0., 28 Athole gardens.
HOLMS-KERR.D. B.(of Holais-Kerr&Hedderwick);
ho. Prospecthill, Largs.
Holms- Kerr & Hedderwick, stockbrokers, 79. St.
George's place and Stock Exchange.
Holms- Kerr, R. K. (of Holms- Kerr & Hedderwick),
res. 27 Park circus and Under bank Hon-e, Largs. |
Holms- Kerr, Wm. (of Holms- Kerr & Hedderwick),
ho. Brabloch, Paisley.
HOLT, Son, &Co. , hosiery manufacturers, 45 Bridg«
street ; ho. 113 Somerville drive.
Holt, Tiiomas G., tobacco leaf importer, 25 Wellington
St., a nd at 6 Stanley st., Liverpool ; ho. Ashville
HOLTON, F., commission agent (of Holton &
M'Kenzie), ho. Glenbanl:, Uddingston.
Holton & Mackenzie, wholesale jewellers and
silversmiths (to the trade onlv),'52 St. Enoch sq.
Holy Cross Catholic School, Daisy st. Govanhill; Rev.
Wm. P. O'Brien, clergyman.
HoLYTOWN Colliery Office ; James Nimmo & Co.
Ltd., 21 Bothwell street.
Holzapfel's Compositions Co. (Limited),
12 Waterloo street, and at Loudon, Liverpool,
Cardiif, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Genoa, Hamburg,
Copenhagen, Sebastopol, and New York, with
agencies at principal ports of the world;
works, Felling - on - Tyne ; manufacturers
of International Antifouliug Composition,
National Antifouling Composition, Improved
" Rahtjen's " Antifouling Compo.sition, Danboline
Anticorrosive Composition, Soapstone Anticorrosive
Paint, Lagoline Paints, Patent Enamel for coating
sailing ships ; special compositions for yachis.
Telegrams, "Holzapfel," Glasgow; telephones, Nat.,
No. 1476 Argyle; P.O., 1476.
HOMBERG, Gustav, commission agent, 119 Virginia
place ; ho. 46 Cathkin road, Langside.
HOME, William, 3 Berkeley terrace.
Home and AmericanXaundry Supply Stores, 422
and 430 New City road; John Kennedy, proprie-
Home and Colonial Acetylene Gas Syndicate, Ltd.,
203 West George street; mana^^er's office, 113
St. Gorge's road-
Home & Colonial Stores, Ltd., tea merchants, 7
St. George's rd.. Charing Cross, H24 Argyle street,
Anderston, 113 Canning st., Calton, 38S Dumbar-
ton road, Partick, 813 New iliy road, 583 Gal-
lowgate, 188 Main street, Bridgeton, 37 Lang-

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