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T' wo extremes are met with among users of
STATIONERY the man whose sole care is to
get it cheaply and he who neither notices its
quality nor knows anything of its cost. These
are both bad attitudes to this question of
Stationery. In the former case as PRICE is
the only consideration QUALITY immediately
suffers, and its value for actual use and as a business-
impressing agent is nullified ; while, in the latter case, a
factor which tells in a really eflFective way in one's business
is lying neglected for want of attention.
is his business. Show us an individual who knows paper
or any other commodity outside his own trade as well as
the man who is selling it to him and we say. Give such "a
wide berth." He will waste your time as he does his own.
Nor can the alert City man afford to IGNORE his Stationery.
Convenient, well-conceived, serviceable Stationery plays an
important part in the smooth running of Office and Factory,
while substantial and attractive Stationery leaving the Office,
— often the only way by which one's firm can be judged, — in
the desirable impression it makes, is of great value.
A good workman uses good tools, and so the Wise Business
Man surrounds himself for his supplies with firms who know
their trade. These will probably not be the cheapest people.
But this does not bother the W.B.M. His eyes are on the
essentials his business ; time saved for that is money saved.
If he has ideas they are carried out intelligently and promptly
by such firms ; if suggestions are required they are at once
forthcoming. We say therefore
We ourselves are Stationers doing High-class Printing, Bookbinding and the
other Manufacturing Branches of our Trade in our own Factory attached to our
Warehouse. Our business has been built up from the inside, by the quality
of work produced. This work is now favourably known.
To all W.B.M. requiring improved Stationery, convenient Administrative Forms,
attractive Printing, business-compelling Advertising or Catalogues to men who
apprehend that Time is Money, and their first business their business — we
offer our services. We can assure all such of their getting " JUST WHAT THEY
WANT" at once and with the minimum of trouble. This "is business" and
worth paying for. The value you get for your money will satisfy you.
U p - 1 o - d at e Stationers and 'Printers
Telegrams: "GUMMING, GLASGOW.'
Telephones: POST OFFICE, 4022; NAT., 7 X Argyie

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