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E f Waverley Terrace, 116 Great Western road. 13.
G g Weaver Street, from Rottenrow to Stirling road. 8.
Ij Webster Street, from Swanston street to
Carstairs street. 1.
E e WeU Road, off New City road. 13.
H i Well St., from Gt. Hamilton at. to Main St.,
Gallon. 3
Bf Well Street, f. Bridge st. to Kelvin st. Partick 23
F i Wellcroft Place, off Eglinton street. 17.
Ej Wellcroft Street, off Eglinton street. 17-
D g Wellesley Place, Sandyford street. 12.
H d Wellfield St., off Avenue rd., Springburn. 6
/ e Wellfield Terrace, off Montgomery street. 6.
F g Wellington Arc, 122 Sauchiehall st. to Renfrew
street. 9
Wellington Chambers, 100 Cowcaddens. 9.
F g Wellington La., f. Wellington st. to Pitt st. 10.
F g Wellington St., f. Argyle st. to Sauchieh. st. 10.
D / Wellpark Place, Crossmyloof. 19.
H h Wellpark Street, off Barrack street. 3.
H h Wellpark Terrace, Ark Lane. 4.
D I Wellroad Place, Crossmyloof, 19.
Wellshot Road and Terrace, Shettleston. 21.
Pg Wemyss PI , off Cambridge street. 9.
BJ Wemyss Place, 18 Merkland St., Partick. 2'.
F / Wendover Crescent, Mount Florida. 19.
/ A Wesleyan St , f. Gallowg to E. Waterloo st. 3.
E i West St., Tradeston, f. Clyde pi. to Gas Wks. 17.
Hi West Street, off Canning street. 3.
Eg West Bothwell Street. 11.
F g West Campbell St., f. Argyle st. to Sauchiehall
street. 10.
E h West College St , f. M'Alpine st. to Brown st. 10
Ef West Cumberland St., off Woodlands rd. 12.
Ef West Garden Place, off West Garden st. 13.
EJ" West Garden Street, from Burnbank gardens to
New City road. 13.
F g West George La., f. W. Nile st. to Douglas st. 10
F g West George St., f. George square to Blyths-
wood square. 10.
EJ" West Graham Street, off Cambridge street. 9.
D g West Greenhill Place, 80 Finnieston. 1 1.
F h West Howard Street, see Howard street.
/ g West Nile Street, fr. Sauchiehall street to Cow-
caddens street, 9 ; from Gordon street to
Sauchiehall street. 10.
Ef West Pnnces Street, off St. George's rd. 12.
Fg West Regent Lane, f W. Nile st. to W. Campbell
street. 10.
F g West Regent Street, fr. West Nile st to Pitt at
Nos. 1 to 187 and 2 to 212, 10; from 189
and upwards and 214 and upwards, 11.
F g West Russell Street, off Hope street. 9.
D i West Scotland Street, Kinning Park, f. St James
etreet to County Boundary, 1". North side
fr. No. 2-2 and upwards to Cornwall st.. 25.
South side fr. No. 225 and upwards to Corn-
wall sirfet, 25.
D/ Westbank, Gibson St., Hillhead. 12.
D/ Westbank Lane, off Gibson street. 12.
D/ Westbank Quadrant, Gibson st., Hillhead. 12.
Westbank Terrace, Shettleston. 21.
B h Westbourne Drive, off Copeland road, Govan. 24.
Be Westbourne Gardens, off Great Western roa^,
Kelvinside 12.
f Westbourne Place, Whiteinch. 23.
^« Westbourne Terrace, south, Kelvinside. 12.
B h Westbourne Ter., off Copeland road, Govan. 24.
Westburn Place, Car Terminus, Whiteinch 23.
Ef Westbury Street, off St. George's road. 13.
Df West-end Pk., f. Royal cres. to River Kelvin. 12.
Ef West-end Park Street, off Woodlands road. 12.
B h Wester Craigs, off Duke street. 4.
F e WesterhiU Street, off Craigbank street. 7.
H h Westerlea Terrace, Cardross street. 4.
Cf Western Infirmary, Dumbarton rd. , Partick. 12.
Westerton Gardens, Shettleston. 21.
D k Westfield Lane, off Pollofohaws road. 19
E I Westfield Place and Villas Hutherglen. 22.
D k Westfield Street, off Minard rd. Crossmyloof. 19.
Westfield Villas, Rutherglen. 22.
A e Westland Drive, off Dumbarton road, Victoria
park 23.
Westminster Crescent, off Crow road. 23.
C e Westminster Gardens, Kersland st. Hillhead. 1 2.
C i Westminster Ter. and PL, Paisley rd., Ibrox. 26
D ^r Westminster Ter., f. Fitzroy pi. to Kelvingrove
street. 11.
E k Westmoreland St., off Allison St.. Govanhill. 16-
H I Weatmnir Place, Rutherglen. 22.
L i Westmuir St., off Gt. Eastern rd., Parkbead. 2.
WestviewCots., off Park dr.. So., Whiteinch. 23.
/ h Westview Gardens, Whitehill street. 4.
C i Weymouth Terrace, Paisley road. 25.
K i Whinny Park Place, Elba Lane, Parkhead. 2.
A g White Street, Govan. 24.
Bf White St.,f.Hyndland St. to Gardner St., Part'k. 23.
C h Whitefield Place, off Govan rd., Govail. 24.
C 6 Whitefield Road, Govan. West side, 24; East
side, 25.
Whiteford Terrace, 493 to 525 Alexandra
parade. 4.
Eh Whitehall Street, off Stobcross street. 11.
Ig Whitehill Gardens, off Armadale street. 4.
/ h Whitehill St., f. Duke st to Onslow drive. 4.
E Whitehill Terrace and Brae, New Cathcart. 19.
C c Whitelaw Street, off Kelvin st., Maryhill. 14
/ h Whitevale Street, fr. Gallowgate to Duke st 2,
A d Whittingehame Drive and Gardens, Gt. Western
road. 12.
C b Whitton St., off Caddercuilt rd. 14.
Fe Wigton Street, Canal Bank, Old Basin. 9.
rh Wil'kie St., f. Whitevale st. to E, Nelson st. 2.
E g William St., Anderston, off North street. 1 1.
Hi William St, Greenhead, south of Canning st. 3.
/ i William Street, off Broad st., Mile-end. 3.
Ff William Street, f. Milton st. to Stewart st. 9.
F i William Street, off Eglinton street 17.
William Street, Tollcross.
K i Williamson Street, off London road. 1.
.^ i Williebank Place, Shettleston. 21.
Df Willowbank Crescent, off Willowbank st. 12.
Df Willowbank Street, off Woodlands road. 12.
G h Wilson Street, f. Candleriggs to Virginia st. 10.
D e Wilson St., Hillhead, off G. Western rd. 12.
Bf Wilson Street, off Douglas st., Partick. 23.
Wilson Street, Pollokshaws. 20.
Wilson Street, Govan. 24.
E e Wilton Crescent, off New City road. 13.
E e Wilton Drive, off Wilton street. 13.
E e Wilton Gardens, off W ilton street. 1 3.
E e Wilton Mansions, Kelvinside, North. 13.
E e Wilton Street, off New City road. 13.
E i Windmillcroft Quay, f. West st. to Swing
bridge. 17.
E ■) Windrow Terrace, Keir st., Pollokshields. 18.
C e Windsor Circus, Kirklee road, Kelvinside. 12
Windsor Cottages, Scotstoun. 26,

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