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New MauDj N.ofS.Bank, John Duncan
Newmill (Keith), ...Town and County, J. Clark
Newmtlns, Royal Bank of Scotland, James
' Clydesdale Bank, A. Cameron
New Pitsligo, Union Bank, John Scott
Newport (Fifeshire) Clydesdale Bank, W. Bremner
[Sub branch to Dundee
NEWTON(St.Boswells)Eoyal Bank, T. T. Muir
[Sub branch to Melrose
Newton-Stewart, British Linen, A. B. Matthews
" Clydesdale Bank, Thos. Kerr &
[Geo. Kerr, joint agents
" Commercial Bank, J. Stroyan
" National Bank, A. Waugh
North Berwick, ...Brit. Linen, W. H. Montgomerie
" Clydesdale, R. M. Mackechnie
Oban, Bank of Scotland, D. C.Brown
Clydesdale Bk., D. B. Robertson
" Commercial Bank, A. M'Arthur
" National Bank, Hugh M'Intosh
N. of Scot., D. & J. S. M'Caig
" Royal Bank J. D. Sutherland
Old Deer, North of Scot., Wm. Anderson
Old Meldrum, Town & County, James Bruce
" North of Scotland, D. Reith
Paisley, Bank of Scotland, G. S. Veitch
" British Linen Co., D. D. Aucott
" Clydesdale, R. Russell
" Commercial Bank, James Ross
" National Bank, A. Buchanan
" Provident, -i Cause yside Street,
[J. D. Wilson
" Royal Bank, Wm. Dickson
" Union Bank, Wellmeadow, John
[E. I\Iurray
Partick National Bank, Adam Mitchell
" Royal Bank, R. Carr
" Union Bank, G. Smith
" Clydesdale Bank, A. Sharp
" Commercial, J. W. Wilson
" Mercantile Bank of Scotland
[(Ltd.), Wm. Craig
PATHHEAD(Kirkcaldy),National Bank, George Blair
" Commercial, E. G. Paton
Peebles, Bank of Scotland, R.Thorburn
" Commercial, J. & W. Buchan
" British Lin., J. R. Smith & H.
Penntcuick, Clydesdale Bank, J. Anderson
Perth, Bank of Scotland, D. J. Wilson
" do. W. End, A. Weatherstone
" British Lin., Geo. A. Mackenzie
[& F. W. Bedford
" do. West End, R. A.H.Wood
" Commercial Bank, J. A.Webster
" National Bank, J. Thomas
" do. West End, P.
" North of Scotland, Ales. Hay
" Royal Bk. of Scot., M. Jameson
" do. West End, R. B.
" Union Bank, A. Butter
" Clydesdale Bank, R. Kinloch
" Town & County, Robertson
[& Dempster
Peterhead Town & County, P. Irvine and
[John Ramsay
Petb.rheaDj. ....;. ...Commercial, R. Robertson
'• North of Scot., D. Morgan
" Union Bank, Robert Gray
Pitlochrie, Bank of Scotland, A. Macbeth
" Commercial, D. M'Naughton
" Union Bank, H. Mitchell
PlTTENWliEM, Sub to
[Anstruther, Clydesdale Bank, D. Cook
" National Bank, A. C. Mackintosh
[& H. Watson
PoLLOKSHAWs, Com. Bank, John Campbell
" Clydesdale, James Dunlop
PoRTKLLEN (Islay)..Royal Bank, D. M'Kenzie
Port-Errol, North of Scot., A. Bruce
Port-Glasgow, Clydesdale Bank, John Hood
" Bank of Scot., John Anderson
" Mercantile Bank of Scot., Ltd.,
[J. M. Brodie & Co.
" Royal Bank, P. Forfar
" Union, H. M. Hewison
Portobello, Clydesdale Bank, Wm. Baird
" Royal Bank, W. H. Brodie
" National Bank, G. A. Douglas
Portree, National Bank, R. Macdonald
" Caledonian, D. M'Lachlan
" North of Scotland, J. Simpson
PoRTSOT, North of Scotland, Geo. Pitie
" Union Bk. of Scot., H.Lumsden
Port- William, British Lin., CM. Routledge
Prestonpans, Royal Bank, Wm. Fraser
[Sub branch to Tranent
Prestwick Clydesdale Bank, Sub branch
[to Ayr (open Mon. Wed. & Frid.) Chas. Smith
Renfrew, British Linen, John M'Laren
" Union Bank, G. Jenkins
Renton, Sub branch to
[Alexandria, Clydesdale Bank, Jas. S. Bell
Rhtnie Town & County, J. Hopkins
" North of Scotland, J. Stewart
Roseheartt, Union Bank, Alex. M. Shirran
Rothes, Caledonian Bank, R. Dick
" N. of Scotland, J. G. Walker
" Town & County, Jas. Burgess
RoTHESAr, Royal Bank, John Thomson
" Clydesdale Bank, P. Stewart
" Bank of Scot., J. L. Masterton
RuTHEKGLEN, Commercial Bank, R. S. Murray
" National Bank, A. Macallan
St. Andrews Bank of Scot., E. H. Littlejohn
" Clydesdale, David Ogilvie
" Commercial, D. M. Nisbet
" Royal Bank, C. S. Grace
Vj-. , N I Union Bank, Alex. Campbell
Saltcoats,.... Royal Bank, Wm. Allan
" Bank of Scotland, J. Campbell
Sanquhar Royal Bank, Jas. R. Wilson
" B. Linen Co., W. Murray
Sauchen (Cluny)... North of Scotland, W. Home
Scalloway (Shetland), Union Bank (Tue. & Fri.),
[A. Mitchell
Selkirk British Linen Co. , J. Steedman
" National Bank, C. Alexander
" Commercial, Mathieson and
Shettleston, Royal Bank, W. L. Goold
" Union Bank, D. Rintoul
Shotts, Commercial Bk., Jas. Smith
Slamannan, Bank of Scotland, T. Mitchell

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