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Aberdeen Union Bank, West-end, J.
Aberfeldt, Union Bank, Chas. Munro
Bank of Scot., D. M'Diarmid
" Commercial, James Gray
Aberlouk, Union Bank, W. M'Gowan
" North of Scotland, A. Murison
Abington, Commercial, J. W. Paterson
Abotne, North of Scot., A. G. Anderson
AiRDRiE,. Bank of Scotland, Jas Mitchell
" British Linen, A. Calder
" Clydesdale Bank, G. H. Arnott
" National Bank, J. Russell
" Royal Bank, John A. White
Alexandria, Clydesdale Bank, Jas. S. Bell
" British Linen, Thomas M'Lean
Alford, Town & County, John Clark
" North of Scotland, F.Stephen
Alloa Clydesdale, A Monteath
" Com. Bank, J. W. & A. P. Moir
" National Bank, C. D. M'Watt
" Union Bank, Wm. Mackie
" Royal Bank, James Young
Alness, Commercial Bank, H. Ross
Alva, Union Bank of Scotland, E. G.
[Cowan & J. M'Whirter
Alyth, Royal Bank, Airlie Street, W.
[Jaap & J. Ye am an
" Town & County, G. Duncan
Annan, , Bank of Scot., A. Macdougall
" British Linen Co., D. Brown
" Commercial, Wm. Roddick
Anstruther, Clydesdale Bank, D. Cook
" Commercial, Oliphant &
" National Bk., A. C. Mackintosh
l& H. Watson
Arbroath, Bank of Scotland, R. C. Kinloch
" British Linen, J. M. M'Bain
" Clydesdale Bk., Wm. Alexander
" Commercial, W. RoUo
" National Bank, J. R. W. Clark
" North of Scotland, Miln &
" Royal Bank, Geo. Reid
Ardrishaig, Clydesdale Bk., Wm. Stewart
" Union Bank, H. & A. Macewan
Ardrossan, Bank of Scotland, E J. Hill
" Clydesdale Bank, Jn. Hogarth
" Royal Bank, John Stewart
" Union Bank, James Cook
Armadale, Commercial, J. Gray, agent at
Auchenblae, Town & County, William
" North of Scot. Bank, R. Crabb
Auohinleck, Clydesdale, Sub to Cumnock
[W. G. Ogilvie
AuCHNAGATT, Town & County, Alex. Fowler
Auchterarder, ....Bank of Scotland, J. S. Leslie
" Union Bank, W. L. Young
AucHTERMUCHTY,... Union Bank, W. T. Lawrie
" Bank of Scotland, A. Walker
AvocH, Caledonian Bank, Jas- M. Fraser
Atk, Bank of Scotland, W. Pollock
" Clydesdale Bank, C. Smith
" Commercial Bank, W. Macrorie
" National Bank, T. Gemmell
" Royal Bank, T. M'Connochie
Ayr Union Bank, J. T. Duncomhe
" British Linen Co., W.Kilpatrick
" Mercantile Bk. of Scot. (Ltd.),
[J. T. Scott
Ayton, Commercial Bank, R. Purves
" Royal Bk. of Scot., A. Thomson
Badenscoth,.. Town & County, R. & W. M. Hunter
Baillieston, Clydesdale Bank, Peter Aitken
[Sub to Parkhead, open Tues. & Fridays
Balfron, British Linen, J. Macadam
Ballantrae, Commercial Bank, H. A. Inglis
Ballater, Union Bank, J. Simpson
" North of Scot., J.Beaton
" Town & County, F. Coutts
Balmacara, Commercial Bank, S.W.C.Gauld
Banchory, Town & County, J. Gordon
" North of Scotland, W. Sim
" Union Bank, G. G. Sharp
Banff, To wn & County, D. Baxter
" Commercial, Nathaniel Watt
" National Bank, R. Hardie
" North of Scot, A. 0. Morrison
" Union Bank, R. Wyllie
Barrhead, Bank of Scot., Joseph Watson
" National, John Mackinlay, Jr.
" Union Bank, J. Pollock
Barrhill, Union Bank, Andw. M'Credie
Bathgate, National Bank, Ales. Sloan
" Royal Bank, David Simpson
" Union Bank, J. Wright
Beauly, Bk. of Scotland, JohnM'Kenzie
" Com. Bank, Simon Macdonald
Beith, Clydesdale Bank, M. Gilmour
" Com. Bank, A. Stewart
" Union Bank, W. Williamson
Bellshill, Bank of Scotland, W. Neilson
" Clydesdale, James Hogg
Bervie, Town & County, Jas. Andrew
" North of Scot., A. Legg, juur.
BERwicK-on-Tweed, British Linen Co., W. Madden
" National, S. Sanderson
" Commercial, G. & W. J. Bolam
BiGGAR, Commercial Bank, R. C. Smith
" National Bank, W. B. Pairman
" Royal Bank, Thomas Robb
Blackford, Bank of Scot., D. & J. Lawson
Blair-Athole, Union Bank, James Stewart
Blairgowrie, Bk. of Scot., R. Robertson
" Royal Bank, David Mitchell
" Com. Bank, A. W. Bennett
" North of Scot., J. B. Miller
" Union Bank, J. D. Sharp
Blantyre, Clydesdale Bank, G. Campbell
Bonar Bridge, Caledonian Bank, D. Shaw
Bonhill, Commercial Bank, J. M'Murray
Bo'ness, Clydesdale, Wm. Swan
" Royal Bank, R. M'Morran
" Union Bank, John Marshall
Bonnybridge, Commercial, R. H. Lochhead
Bothwell, Clydesdale Bank, W. M'Nab
BowMOKB, Royal Bank, M. Mactaggart
Braemar, Union Bank, James Aitken
Brechin, ..British Lin. Co., W.M.Vallentine
" Clydesdale Bank, J. Black
" National Bank, John Shiel &
[James Don
" Royal Bank, D. Guthrie & Sons
" Union Bank, Lamb & Craig
" Provident, W. W. Watt

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