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XX. Robert Sloan, 113 Watt St., s.s., convener;
Alex. Brown, 26 Cathcart Street, s.s., secretary,
XXI. Arch. B. M'Fie, 300 Langside Road, con-
vener; Jas. Alexander, 221 Langside Rd., secretary.
XXII. Hugh Haddow, 2 Grange Ter.. Langside,
convener; John Scolt, 3 May Terrace, Mount
Florida, secretary.
XXIIL James Crichton,201 Nhhsdale Rd.,Pollok-
sbields, convener; M. M. Graham, 42 Dalziel Drive,
Pollokshields, secretary.
XXIV. Prof. John Yonng, M.D., 19 Bute Gdns.,
Billhead, convener ; Alex. Russell, 54 West Nile
Street, secretary.
XXV. John S. Galbraith, 2 Doune Ten-ace, Kelvin-
side Road, convener; Wm. P. M. Black, 51 Mont-
gomery Street, Kelvinside, N., secretary.
Sir John N. Cuthbertson, LL.D., chairman ; Robt.
S. Allan, vice-chairman ; Mrs. Black, James Boyd,
Rev. Dr. Boyd, Charles Byrne, Dr. Dyer, the Very
Rbv. Canon Dyer, Wm. Graham, Francis Henry,
Rev. Andrew Luidlaw, Miss Paterson, Rev. Alex.
Simpson, Dr. Sloan.
Officials. — G W^. Alexander, M.A., clerk; James
Stewart, B.L., deputy clerk; J. Macwhannell, trea-
surer; John Macdonald, principal officer; Joh,n
Clark, M. A.., official visitor of schools; John Connell,
master of works.
A Coloured Map of the City, showing the Revised Wards, may be had from the
Publishers of the Directory.
Longest Day, June 21.
Midsummer Day, June 24.
Coronation Day, June 26.
Fair Week Begins, July 14.
Lammas Term, August 1.
Day and Night Equal, Sept. 23.
Glasgow Autumn Holiday, Sept. 29.
Hallowe'en, Oct. 31.
King's Birthday, Nov. 9.
Martinmas Term, Nov. 11.
Shortest Day, Dec. 22.
Christmas, Dec. 25. '
Bank Holidays in Scotland— First Monday of August, Christmas Day, New Year's
Day, Good Friday, and Fii-st Monday in May, and any day which may be appointed by Royal
Proclamation ; upon Sacramental Fast Days and Local Holidays, the Bank Offices will be open
only from 9 till 10.30 a.m.
Bank Holidays in England and Ireland — First Monday of August, Christmas Day
and December 26th, Good Friday, Easter Monday (April 13th), and Monday in Whitsun Week
(May J 8th),
Old New Year's Day, Jan. 13
Candlemas Term, Feb. 2.
Valentine's Day, Feb. 14
Day and Night Equal, March 20.
Good Friday, April 10.
Easter Sunday, April 12.
Glasgow Spring Holiday, April 13.
Whitsunday Term, May 15.
Victoria Day, May 24.
Flitting Day, May 28.
40 JOHN STREET (City).
Practical India-rubber Stamp Maker and Stencil Plata
Cutter. Best Rubber and Stencil Inks. Dating,
Revolving, and Pocket Stamps, in handsome Nickel
Plate Mounts, with the latest Improvements. Having
many years' experience in the making of Rubber
Stamps, a Genuine Article, as well as cheap, neat,
clearness of impression and durability, is obtained.
A great success— the " ECLIPSE " Marking Ink for Linen,
Stamp Maker to the Post Offi.ce Telegraphic Department, Inland, Revenue, Banks,
Railways, Insurances, d'C,
V.R. Patent.

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