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Lang, H. M. & Co. iron and steel
wire, bright, annealed, galvan-
ized, coppered, and tinned, 196
St. Vincent st
M'Donald, Robt. 45 Union street;
works, 28 to 32 Thistle st. s.s.
North British Wire Manufacturing
Co. 71 West Nile st
Riddell, Wm. & Co. 636 Spring-
field road, Parkhead, and 35
Mitchell st
Rylands Bros. Ltd. Warrington,
iron and steel wire, barb wire,
wire netting, springs, ropes, &c.;
quotations from John Stewart &
Co. 28-32 Oswald st
Stewart, John, & Co. 28-32
Oswald street
United Wire Works, Ltd. Baltic
Wire and Metal Works, Dale st.
Allan, Whyte, & Co. manufacturers
of every description pf iron and
steel wire ropes for collieries,
mines, cranes, &c. Clyde Patent
Wire Rope Works, Rutherglen
Barton, W. & Co. 55 Clyde place
Bajne, John, hawsers, &c. 21 Graf-
ton street
Brown,W. B. & Co. Ld. (Liverpool);
H. M. Lang & Co. agents, 196
St. Vincent st
Bullivant & Co. Limited ; sole
agent, Andrew B. Grant, 7 Royal
Bank place
Caledonian Wire Rope Co. Ltd.
manufrs. of steel wire ropes for
collieries, mines, aerial railways,
suspension bridges, cranes,
shipping, &c., Airdrie. Tele-
grams ''Caledonian, Airdrie;"
telephone No. 18, Airdrie
Campbell, T. M. manufr. of reels
and winches, 46 and 47 Clyde
place, s.s
Crawhall, Joseph, & Sons, St.
Ann's Wire Rope and Brattice
Cloth Works, Newcastle- on-
Tyne ; ag.ents, Wm. B. Barr &
Gourlay, 53 Bothwell st
Dixon, Corbitt, and R. S. New-
all & Co. Ltd. (late R. S. Newall
& Co.), office, 4 W. Nile st ;
warehouse and rigging-lofts, 76
and 78 Hydepark st
Dumbarton Rope Works Co. 114
Frew, Bowie, & Co. 88 to 90
Dobbie's loan
Garnock, Bibby & Co. Ltd. Old
Swan Rope Works, Liverpool;
agent amongst shipowners, Jas.
D. Thomson, 105 W. George st
Glaholm & Robson, Sunderland ;
agent, Alan M'Culloch, 93 Hope
Gourock Ropework Co., 9 Black-
burn street
Govan Ropework Co. Ltd. Helen
street, Govan
Haggle Bros. Ltd. Gateshead-on-
Tyne; agent, Wm. M'Laren,
134 St. Vincent street
Haggle, D. H. & G., Wearmoutb
Rope Works, Suoderland; agents,
W. Maclaren, Walker & Co. 31
St. Vincent place. Telegraphic
address " Hematite, Glasgov? ;"
telephone No. 709
Haggle, R. Hood & Son ; works,
Newcastle-on-Tyne ; Glasgow
office, Robt. Currie, res. represen.
for Scotland, 137a St. Vin. st.
Branch stores — London, Cardiff,
Hull, North Shields, Newcastle-
on-Tyne (head office). Speci-
alities — Manufacture of manilla
and coir ropes, Russian and
sisal ropes, sisal packing cords,
iron and steel wire ropes for
standing and running rigging;
flexible steel hawsers and tow-
lines (guaranteed up to Lloyd's
tests), with coir springs and
appliances, Lightnirjg conductors
and wire cords of all kinds, Ex-
port orders have special care.
Flat and round hemp, manilla
and wire ropes for mines and
other purposes. Indents carefully
attended to. Registered tele-
graphic addresses are : — Head
office, " Haggle," Newcastle-on-
Tyne. Branches, " Haggle,"
London ; " Haggle," Hull ;
"Haggle," Cardiff; "Haggle,"
Glasgow ; " Haggle," North
Hendry Bros. 79, 80 Gt. Clyde st
Houghton, W. D. Sankey Wire
Mills and Wire Rope Works,
Warrington, manufacturer of
round and flat ropes of every
description, patent steel music
wire for pianofortes, deep sea
sounding, and other special pur-
poses, plough and patent steel
rope wire for collieries, mines,
tramways, aerial railways, steam
ploughs, cranes, and other pur-
poses where extraordinary
strength and toughness are re-
quired ; galvanised plough and
patent steelwire for bridges,cables
ships' hawsers, rigging, and other
purposes; signal and fencing
strand, pinion and round steel
wire in lengths or rings, and
cast steel wire of every descrip-
tion ; for watches and clocks
purposes, drills, and other tools,
steel cycle spokes, headed, bent,
and nickel plated ; Glasgow
office, Central Chambers, 93
Hope St.; telegraphic address,
"Hough tons;" G. R. Galbraith,
agent ; London office, 101
Leadenhall st. E.C.
Jenkins, James, & Son, 33 Renfield) <
street ' )
Latch & Batchelor, Ltd. Birming-
ham ; agents, A. & P. Mac-
farlane, 95 Hope st
M^Ewan, Wm. A. 199 Claythorn st.
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. (mer-
chants), 129 Trongate >
Main, A. & J. & Co. Ltd. Clydes-'
dale Ironworks, Possilpark ;i
city office, 54 Gordon st
NewaU, R. S. & Son, Ltd, 19 Royai
Exchange square \
Niramo & Co. agents, 57 and 59
Mains st
Reid Brothers, 67 St. Enoch sq
Rylands Bros. Ltd. Warrington;
quotations from John Stewart &
Co. 28, 32 Oswald st
Rylands Bros. Ltd. Warrington ;
agents, Chas. Henderson & Co»
Baliic Chambers, 102 Holm st
Smith, G. B. & Co. wire fencing,
netting, &c. Craighall IroB
works, and 127 St. Vincent st
Smith, J. B. & Co. 12 Waterloo sb
Speirs & Co. (wire rope suspension
bridges); city office, 125 West
Regent street
Stewart, Jas. T. 79 W. Regent st
Stewart, John, & Co. 28-32 Oswald
Stewart, Thomas and John, Leitcb
& Co. Ltd. 68, 69 Anderston qy
Wilson, William & Alex. 24, 26,
and 28 Broad st. near Bridge-
ton cross
Anderson & Munro, wire gauze
blind, 136 Bothwell st
Birmingham Battery and Metal
Co. Ld. Selly Oak, Birmingham,
brass and copper ; sole agent,
Jas. Ritchie, 40 St. Enoch sq
Braby, Fred. & Co. (Lim.), (nett-
ing), 47 and 49 St. Enoch
sq. and Eclipse works, Peters-
hill road
Christie, Geo., Limited, 51 to 57
Ladywell st
Cousland, A. & Co. 37 Hunter sb
Cousland, A. & Son, 3 Mitchell st
Croggon & Co. Ltd. (and netting
makers), 7 John st
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Robert-
son st
Dobbie, W. L. & Co. brass, cop-
per, and iron wire- cloth, wire
work all kinds, 101 Waterloo sk 3
Fleming, P. & R. & Co. fences and
gates, 29 Argyle st. and 1
Dowanhill pi. Partick; works,
Kelvin st. Partick

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