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Walker, John, & Co. 73 St, Vincent
Walher, Wm. W. 92 Gt. Eastern rd
Walker, Mrs. 81 Henderson st W
Wallace, Kenneth H. 151 Duke st
Wallace, T. N. 164 Crown st
Wallace, Wm. & Co. (exporters),
Walls, T. J. 161 Gt. Hamilton st
Wands, A., 342 New City road
Ward, Geo. 67 Dumbarton road,
Ward, Jas. T. 336 Dumbarton rd.
Partick, and branches
Ward, James T. 69 Westmuir st.
Ward, Wm. 233 and 235 Dum-
barton rd. Partick
Wardlaw, Joseph, 161 W. Nile St
Warnock, J. 668 Springburn rd
Waroock, Wm. 46-48 Hopehill rd
Warren, T. 254 Garngad hill
Wan-en, T. jr. & Co., 39 Scotia st
Watson, Alex. jr. 122 Broomielaw
Watson, C. 207 W. George st
Watson, C. & G. 11 Westmuir st.
Watson, James, 27 Hyndland st.
Watson, John, 207 W. George st
Watson & Middleton, (wholesale),
19 and 21 Oswald st
Watt, Jno. 70 Cowcaddens st. and
30 College street
Wauchope, A. 100 John street,
Weir, John, 45 to 46 Adelphi st. s.s
Weir, W. 216 New City road and
43 Stirling st. Cowcaddens
Welsh, Wm. 371 Crown st. and 54
Caledonia rd
Whyte, A. S. 293 Cathcart road
White, David, 12 and 14 East
Miller St.
White, Jas. 234 Hope st
White, Jas. 71 W. Scotland st
Whyte, Jas. 400 Victoria rd
White, John, 35 Kent st
White, Thomas, & Smith, 7 and 9
Gordon st
White, Mrs. Jas. 416 Garscube rd
Whyte, Mrs. K. 66 Canal st. Pt.
Dun das
Whitelaw, And. 32, 34 Cleveland st
Whitelaw Bros. 3 Silverfir st
Whitelaw, Jas. 524 Rutherglen rd
Whitton, Mrs. M. 14 Alelphi st. s.s.
Wilkinson, Charles & Co., 130
W. Regent street
Williamson, Geo. 314 Saracen st.
Possil road
Williamson, John, 481 and 483
Sauchiehall st
Williamson, J. G. 83 Stirling st.
Williamson, J. & R. 3 Royal Ex-
change court, 85 Queen st
Williamson, Mrs. Eobt. 25 Stob-
cross st
Wilson, A. 147 Garngad road
Wilson, Jas. & Son, 771 Spring-
burn road
Wilson. John, 267 Gallowgate and
42 East John st
Wilson, M. F. 2 Sauchiehall st.
and 255 Buchanan st
Wilson, Peter, 438 Gt. Eastern rd.
Wilson, Robt. 18 Govan st
Wilson, Robert, 13 Stirling road
Wilson, W. H. Clarendon Bar, 251
Argj'le st
Wingate, AVm. 142 Houston st
Withers, David, 51 Grove st. and
112 King st. Tradeston
Woodside, Alfred, 138 Eeid street,
Worton, John, 579 Gt. Eastern rd
Wotherspoon, And. 16 Dowanhill
street, Partick
Wright & Greig, Ltd. wholesale, 8
Cadogan stieet
Wright, Wm. 97 Hope st
Wyllie, Wm. T. 483 Dumbarton rd.
Wyper, Jno. & Sons (wholesale),
78 E. Market street
Young, Alex. 7 Springfield quay
Young Bros. (Italian & Spanish),
46 Gordon st
Young, J. D. &Co. 152 Holm st
Young, Robt. 572 Rutherglen rd
Young, Wm. 464 Paisl ey rd
Young, Mrs. J., 38 Old Dalmar-
nock rd.
Ackerman - Laurance, Saumur,
" Dry Royal " Sparkling Saumur;
agents, D. MacdougaU, jun. &
Co. 82 W. Nile st
Ayala & Co. Ay, France; agents,
Bulloch, Lade, & Co. Ltd. 4
Both well street
Baird, Chas. J. & Co. Oporto
Baird, Chas. J. & Co. Tarragona
Baird, C. J. & Co. 27 Oswald si
Ballantine, G. & Son, 100 Union
Barr, Thos. Ltd. 53 Bothwell st
Beanfoy & Co. 22 St. Enoch sq
Bennet Bros. 44 W. Nile st
Bennett & Co. 84 York st
Binet Veuve Fils & Co. Reims;
agents, Arch. Arrol & Sons, Ld.
16 Dixon st
Bocquet, Lconce, Chateau du-
Clos- de Vougest, Beaune, Bur-
gundy; agents, D. MacdougaU,
jun.,"& Co., 82 West Nile st
Bodega Co. Lim. 11 So. Exchange
Carey Bros. Tarragona; agent,
Arch. Macmillan, 65 Bath st
Cockburn, Smithes, & Co., Oporto ;
agents, Robertson & Baxter, Ld.
106, 108 West Nile street
Collier & Co. Plymouth, the Devon-
shire Sloe Gin (under H.M.
Royal Warrant) ; agents, D.
MacdougaU, jun. & Co. 82 W.
Nile street
Comptoire Viticole dela Gironde,
Bordeaux; agent, R. P. Gemmel},
49 Virginia st
Compton & Co., Jerez and Oporto;
agents, Alex. Ferguson & Co.
Ld. 108 W. Regent st
Conacher, R. L. (agent for P. B.
Burgoyne & Co. London, Mel-
bourne, and Adelaide), 51 Grant
Craig, James, & Son, 181 West
George st
Craig, Wm. 36 Pollok st
Croft & Co. Ltd. (port). Oporto ;
agents, D. MacdougaU, jun. &
Co. 82 W. Nile St ,
Cruse & Fils, Freres, Bordeaux;
agents, Robertson & Baxter, Ld.
106, 108 West Nile street
Darthez, S. Reus, near Tarragona;
agents, John Hopkins & Co. 66
York st
Deinhard & Co. Coblenz; agents,
Bulloch, Lade & Co. Ltd. 4
Bothwell st
De Luze, A. & Sons, Bordeaux;
agents, Archibald Campbell',
Hope & King, Lmtd. 65 Bath
Del Salto, Rafael Garcia (sherry
grower and shipper), Jerez de
la Frontera; agents, Greenlees
Brothers, 40 Wellington st
Domecq, Peter, & Co. Xerox de
la Frontera; agent, Archibald
Macmillan, 65 Bath st
Drucker, Jacob (of Rhine wines,
brandies, and spirit colouring),
Coblenz; agents, D. MacdougaU,
jun., & Co., 82 W. Nile st
Feldheim, August, & Sons, May-
ence-on-Khine ; agents, James
L. Denman & Co. 116 St.
Vincent st
Ferrer, Debenath & Co. Reus,
Tarragona (wine) ; agents, D.
M'Dougall, jun. & Co. 82 West
Nile st
Fountaingrove Vineyards, Santa
Rosa, California ; C. W. Pearce
& Co., 206 W. George st
Forrester & Co. Jerez de la Fron-
tera; agents, John Hopkins &
Co. 66 York st
Foucher & Co. Epernay ; agents,
Greenlees Bros. 40 Wellington
Fraser, Arch. & Son, 31 St. Vin-
cent place
Garvey & Co. Jerez ; agts. Robert-
son & Baxter, Ld. 106, 108 W.
Nile St.
Genoves, F. & Co. 88 Great Clyde

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