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Scouller, J. 17 and 19 Drury st
and branches
Seaton, Robt. 350 St. Vincent st.
and 103, 105 North st
Seligman & Co. (wholesale), 237
Buchanan st
Sellar & Co. agents for Glenskiach
Distillery Co. Ltd. 66 Bath st
Shand, Wm. 60 King st. Calton
Shanks, Jas. 80 Cowcaddens st.
and 64 Cornwall st
Sharp, Archd, 125 Duke st
Sharp, Wm. 117 Renfield st
Sharp, Mrs Edward N. 262 Sara-
cen street
Shaw, Archd. J. 7 No. Claremont
Shaw, Donald, 214 St. George's rd
Shaw, James, 86 G. Hamilton st
Shaw & Thomson, 256 Buchanan
Shaw, Mrs. J. 73 Abercromby st
Sherry, P. 196 Springburn rd
Sherry, P. 9 Cranston st
Sherry, Mrs, 30 Stewart st. and 2
Water st
Shields, Robt. 155 Queen st. and
31 South Portland st
Shuttleton, John, 1 Govan rd
Sim, Chas. 18 So. Woodside road,
and 26 Willowbank cres
Simpson, Jas. 326,328 Scotland st
Simpson, Jas 226 St. James st.
Paisley road
Simpson, J. 41 Ardgowan st
Sinclair, Doig. & Co. 26 Anderston
quay, and branches
Sinclair. Doig & Co. (wholesale),
182 West George st
Sinclair, Thos. 40 Shuttle st
Slater, George, 41 N. Frederick st
Sloan, David, 62 Argyle arcade
Sloan, James, 31, 33 Port-Dundas
Sloan, R. 62 Paisley road, west,
and branches
Small, Andrew, 62 Nithsdale rd
Smith Bros. 15 Madeira court
Smith, F. 1097 Pollokshaws road,
Smith, Hugh, 51 E. Nelson st
Smith, Mrs. Wm. 53 Cowlairs rd
Smith, Wm. 147 Castle st
Sneddon, Jas. 246 Gt. Eastern rd
Somerville, David, 133 Henderson
St. W. and 22 Garriocbmill rd
Somerville, John, & Co. Limited,
Leith, and 81 St. George's pi.
J. F. Cunninghame, manager
for West of Scotland
Somerville, Mrs. Helen, 157 Stock-
well st
Sproule, A. 433 Eglinton st
Steel, J. & J. (wholesale), 156, 158
Cowcaddens st
Steel, J. & J. (wholesale), sole
proprietors of the famed " Old
Moses " Scotch whisky, Cadogan
buildings, 6 Cadogan st
Stenhouse, W. & Co. 80 W. Regent
Steven, Geo. 17 Queen st. Govan
Stevenson, Alex. 180 London st.
and 39 Ladywell st
Stevenson, J. 574 Springburn rd
Stevenson, Norman, 257 Gallow-
Stevenson, Robert, Taylor & Co.
260 Buchanan street
Stevenson, Wm. 362 London rd
Stevenson, W. W. 84 Ingram st
Stevenson, Wm. 241 Gallowgate
Stevenson, Mrs. E. 481 Spring-
burn rd
Stevenson, Mrs, M. 656 Gallowgate
Stevenson, Mrs. R. 254 Gallowgate
Stewart, Alex. 733 and 641 New
City road
Stewart, Allan, 11 Adelphi st. s.s.
Stewart, Archd. 1133 Dumbarton
road, Whiteinch
Stewart, Dun. 90 Kirk st. Calton
Stewart, James, 74 Oxford st
Stewart, John, 21 E. Vermont st
Stewart, Pott, & Co. (wholesale),
office, 45 and 51 Miller st
Stewart, Wm. 26 N. Albion st.
Stewart, Mrs. P. 22 Vermont st
Stirling, Thos. 348 St. Vincent st
Stobo, David, 60 Rottenrow
Stodart, J. & G. 80 West Nile st
Storer, And. 186 N. Dalmarnock
Storer, Mrs. M. 125 Dumbarton
rd. Partick
Storrie, John, sen. 517 Gallowgate
Strachan, Arthur, 14 Kelvinhaugh
Strang, Wm. 461 Aikenhead rd.
Strathern, John, S8^ Elderslie st
Santer, Jas. F. 37 George st. Mile-
Sutherland, Ales. 630 Victoria rd
Sutherlaad, Mrs. A. 35 Kelvin-
haugh st
Swan, Mrs. D. 82, 84 Castlebank st
Sweeney, D. 88 Main st. Anderst.
Sweeney, Jas. H. 1 Canal st. Port
Sweeney, Vincent, 29 Castle st
Sword, James, & Son (wholesale),
43 and 47 Hutcheson street
Tait, Adam R. 739 London rd
Taylor, Alex. 69 Hutcheson st. and
151 Springfield rd
Taylor, Ed. G. 184 S. Wellington
Taylor & Ferguson, Ltd. (whole-
sale), 38 Oswald st
Taylor, H. H. 385 St. Vincent st
Taylor, Jas. 674 Garscube rd
Taylor, J. D. 361 Langside rd
Taylor, John, & Co. Glasgow, Ltd.
(distillers, whisky brokers, and
blenders), 75 Hope st
Taylor, Matt. 73 Green st
Taj lor, Wm. 224 Gallowgate and
7 Stevenson st
Taylor, Mrs. M. 56 West st. 161
Gt. Hamilton st. and 15 Cathe-
rine st. Anderston
Teacher, Wm. & Sons (wholesale),
14 St. Enoch square
Templeton, Jno. 148 Albert road,
Templeton, John, jr. 632 Eglinton
Tennent, Hugh, jun. 11 Jordan st.
Thorn & Cameron, Ltd. export, 93
Cheapside st
Thom, Richie, 221 Buchanan st
Thomson, David, 524 Gallowgate
Thomson, Geo. 708 Pollokshaws rd
Thomson, Jas. 262 Maui street,
Thomson, J. G. & Co. (wholesale),
110 Wellington street
Thomson, John, 108 Rottenrow
Thomson, John, 41 Houston st
Thompson, Robert B. & Co. all
kinds of bottles, capsules, bottle
wrappers, goblets, &c., suitable
for the trade, 54 W. Howard st
Thomson, W. B. Ltd. 96 Renfield
St. and 60 Canal st. Perth
Thomson, Wm. 30 Caledonia rd
Thomson, William, 2 Soho st. and
164 London road
Tough, Ernest, 88, 90 Cornwall st
Towart, John, 327 Cumberland st.
and 138 Sandyfaulds street, s.s.
Toye, Mrs. E. 124 Stobcross st.
and 46 M'Intyre st
Train & M'Intyre, Ld. brokers, 60
Wellington st
Trickey, F. 98 Barrack st
Trueman, Elijah, 110 Bellgrove st
Turner, Anderson, 2, 4, 6 Hall-
side St. and branches
Turner, J. B. "Columba" blend,
4 W. Howard st
Turner, Jas. 83 Garscube rd. and
6 and 8 Grove st
Tweedley, Duncan, 266 Bath st
Ure, Wm. & Co. 55 Stevenson st.
Urqnharf, J. 1 Houston st
Urquhart, John, 259 Crown st
Urquhart, Wm. 148 Nelson st. s.s.
Usherwood, M. 721 Garscube rd
Vallance, Alex. 84-86 West Nile
VallaDce, Thos. 22 Paisley road W
Vannan, A. & R. Ltd. 53 Bothwell
Vernall, Frank, 782 Pollokshaws
Vogt, Joseph, 7 Gt. Hamilton st
Vogt, Robt. Anthony, 102 Norfolk
St. and 2 So. Portland st
Walker, A. B. 87 Cowcaddens st
Walker, Alex. 147 Elderslie st
Walker, Geo. C. 31 Paisley rd. W.
and 117 and 119 Oxford st
Walker, H. L. & Co. 286 Buchanan
Walker, Jas. 136 Stobcross st

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