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Neilson, W. 166 Main st. s.s.
Neish, George P. 36 William st.
Neish, John, 355 Eglinton street
Nesbitt, James, 55 Paisley road
Newlands, Chas. P. 150 Dumbar-
ton road, and 222 Kent road
Newton, Arthur, 60 Turner st
Newton, George, 126 Parlia-
mentary road
Newton, Jas. & Sons, 369 Spring-
burn road
Nicholson, Alex, (stocktaker), 12
Waterloo st
Nicholson, Jas. 116 Main street,
Nicholson, John S. 125 West
Graham street
Nicholson, John, 62-70 Thistle
street, s.s.
Nicol, Geo. M., 25 Caledonia rd
Nicol, James, 5 and 7 Mains st
Nicol, James M'G. 1 E. Vermont
Nixon, Robt. A. 75 Ardgowan st.
and 139 Pollok st
Nixon, Thos. 204 Broomlelaw
Ogilvie, Geo. 108, 110 George st
Ogston, Geo. H. 386 St. Vincent st
and 1 Cleveland st
O'Hara, Jno., 45 Norfolk st
O'Malley, Thos. 125 Broad street.
Mile- end
Orr, J. K. & D. (brokers), 29
Waterloo st
Orr, John, 6 Kent street
Orr, Wm. 467 Gallowgate
Osborne Excise Bonded Warehouse
Co. 45 to 65 Osborne st. and
114 to 124 King st
Osborne Whisky Co. 40 Welling-
ton street
Page & Sandeman, 57 Buchanan st
Park, Wm, 81 King st. Tradeston
Park, Mrs. Martha, 96 Hospital st
Parker, A. & J. 354 No. Wood-
side road
Parker, Wm. H. 155 Grseme st.
and 171 Gt. Hamilton st
Paterson, A. L. & Co. 258 Albert
road, Pollokshields
Paterson, John, 5 Monkland st
Paterson, Peter, jun., Ill High st
Paterson, Thos. 5 Monkland st
Paton, Thos. 119 Norfolk st
Patrick, Hugh, 99 Paisley rd, W
Peacock, John, 529 Garscnbe rd
Peaston, Alex, broker, 27 Hope st
Peat, George S. 216 Hope st
Peden, Jas. (wholesale, cordial,
and tonic bitter manufacturer),
246 West George st
Peden, John, 363 Dumbarton rd.
Par tick
Peden, Robt. & Co. 168 Sauchie-
hall st
Penman, Jas. jun. 55 M'Neil st
Penman, Robt. 4 Stonefield ter.
and 1 So. Wellington st
Perry, T. 88 Parliamentary rd
Peters, John, 87 New Dalmarnock
Peters, John, 59 and 61 George st.
Petrie, Thos. 1000 Cathcart rd
Pettigrew, John, 54 Muslin st
Pincock, Samuel, 159 James' st.
Pirie, Thos. A, 346 St. Vincent st
Pollock, John, 112 Canning at
Porter, D. 68 Centre street
Porter, Margt. 40 Kirkpatrick st
Power, W. H. 40 King st. city
Prangnell, Geo. 77 Stirling road
and 182 St. James' rd
Prenty, John, 19 William st.
Price, James H. 94 Great Western
Queen's (The) Restaurant, 70
Buchanan street
Quigley, Hugh, 180 Stobcross st
Quin, Mrs. Agnes, 726 and 742
Springburn rd
Quinn, Geo 213 Hospital st. and 5
Caledonia rd
Quinn, Hugh, 97 King st. s.s.
Ramsay, John, 75 West st. s.s.
Rattray, Andrew D. 188 Dumbar-
ton road, Partick
Reid, Alex. 191 Castle st
Reid, G. S. 47 Nelson st. s.s. and
Reid, H. 16 Bridgeton cross
Reid, Matt. 82 Dundas st. and 256
Parliamentary road
Reid, Robert, 281 Crown st. and
226 Cumberland st
Reid, Thos. 796 Garscube road and
188 New City rd
Reid, Wm. 24 Brunswick st., &
177 Eglinton st
Riddell, A. 187 Main st. s.s.
Riddell, A. C. 23 Shamrock street
and branches
Riddell, C. 152 Gt. Hamilton st.
and branches
Riddell, James, 81 Glassford st
Riddell, James, 123 Nelson st. s.s.
and 95 London st
Riddell, Matthew, 438 Gallowgate
Risk, Moses, & Sons, Ltd. (whole-
sale), 58 Dundas st
Ritchie, James, & Co. wholesale,
67 Gt. Clyde st
Ritchie, James, 2 Crawford st. and
42 Cowcaddens st
Ritchie, John, 452 Cathcart road
Ritchie. John, 1013 Cathcart rd
Robb, Charles, 45 Morrison st
Roberts, John, 249 and 251 Duke
Roberts, Mrs. Agnes, 600 Duke
Robertson, Angus, 131 George st
Robertson & Baxter, Ltd. (brokers)
106, 108 W. Nile st
Robertson Bros. 5 Stirling street,
Robertson, Donald, 156 Crookston
Robertson, James, 196 Rose st. s.s
Robertson, John D. 149 Trongate
Robertson, Robt. 115 Garngad id
and 115 Bishop st. Anderston
Robertson, T. 319 London rd
Robertson, Wm. 5 Tobago st
Robertson, Wm. 194 Garngad rd
Robertson, Wm. 47 Lambhill st
Robertson, Rachel, 705 Gallowgate
Robin, M. & Son, 9 East Howard
Rodger, J. & W. 52 Rumford st.
Rodger, J. & W. 26 Main street,
Rodger, J. & W. 48 William St.
Rodger, J. & W. 733 Gt. Eastern
rd. Parkhead
Roger, J. H. 11 Exchange place
Rodger, Wm. 75 Oswald street,
Rodger, Mrs. Geo. 289 Crookston
Rodger, Mrs. 5L H. 63 North st.,
and 91 Main st., Anderston
Rodie, J. & H. 144 Kent rd
Rodie, Henry, 143 West Nile st
Rorke, F. & J. 24 North st. and
1049 Dumbarton rd
Rose, Wm. 184 Caledonia rd
Ross, D. 306 Argyle street and
Ross, David M. 27 Smith street,
Ross, Jos. D. 224 London rd
Roy, P. 90 Port-Dundas rd. and
77 Milton st
Ruddock, J. W., Blochairn rd
RuDciman, Jno. 110 Renfrew st.
and 74 Stewart st
Russell, Jas. S. 55 Camden st
Russell, John K. 27 Clyde st. Port-
Russell, John, 738 Pollokshaws rd
Russell, Wm. F. 866 New City rd
Russell, Mrs. E. 46 Hill st. Anderst.
Rutherford & Co. 9, 11 Jamaica
Ryan, Thos. 347, 349 Dalmarnock
St. John, Richard, 157 Main st. s.s.
Sandeman, David, & Son, 53
Miller street
Sanderson, Mrs. Geo. 19, 21 Bridge
st. Partick
Scobie, Alex. 209 Parliamentary rd
Scobie, Chas. 249, 251 Paisley rd
Scott, Geo. 105 Main st. and 1
and 3 Rutherglen rd
Scott, Geo. 720, 722 Pollokshaws
Scott, Jno. 90-98 Queen st
Scott, J. 250 Main st. Bridgeton
Scott, Wm. 26 Lancefield quay
Scottish Whisky Co. 40 Wellington

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