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Whitelaw, Chas. S. Ltd. 100 and
127 Commerce st. s.s.
Austin, G. 37 Pitt street
Cameron, John, & Co. Windsor st.
Hector & Inglis, 160 Berkeley st
M'Phun, J. P. & Co. 40 Mill st.
Mowat & Miller, Drumoyne road,
Stewart, Colin Y., 207 St. James'
Stewart, J. & A. 120 Kelvinbaugh
Victoria Patent Saw Mills Co.
207 St. James' road
Wylie & Lochbead, Ltd. 45 Buch-
anan street; works. Kent road
Woyka, Jno. & Co. 241 Govan st.
and at Shieldhall Veneer Saw
and Moulding Mills, Shieldhall
Anderson & Munro (also wire gauze
and cloth), 186 Both well st
Brown & Co. 134 W. Nile st
Brown, Jas. (also patent spring
sunshades, and every descrip-
tion of holland, wire, and
sash blinds, &c. ; showrooms,
83 Jamaica st.; works, Newfield
Steam Factory, Rutherglen
Brown & M'Neil, 29, 39, 47 Surrey
street, s.s
Bryden, John & Sons, 60^Renfield
Bryden, Wm. & Son, 300 St. Vine.
st. ; telephone No. 1072 ; also
at 65 George St. Edinburgh
Calder^ Eben. (also Holland and
wire gauze), 290, 292 Shields rd
telephone No. 1600
Cardnell, Wm., 91 Westmoreland
St. Crosshill
Gardner, A. & Son, 36 Jamaica st.
Hutcheson, Jas. (also holland and
wire gauze and spring roller
sunshades), 247 W, George
St.; telephone No. 4647
M'Gregor, Robt. 6 Kelvindale lane
off New Ciiy road
M'Lachlan, D. 91 Renfrew st
Malloch, Chalmers & Harvey, 37,
41 Pitt st
Meighan, James, & Son, self-acting
and other sunshades, and every
description of cloth and wire
blinds, 62, 64 Clyde st. Calton,
and at Rutherglen
Miller, Mackenzie & Co. 161, 166,
169 North st
Stirling, Chas. 73 Pine st
Wylie & Lochhead, Limited, 45
Buchanan st
Adam, J. M. & Scott, Ibrox Iron
Aitchison, Arch, agent for patent
improved louvre glass ventilator,
70 and 72 Waterloo st
Anderson, John, & Son, 156
Bothwell st
Baird, Thompson. & Co. see the
Grahtryx Co. Ltd
Balderston & Co. agents for the
'' Wing Disc " ventilating fan,
201 St. Vincent st
Bishop, Thos. 62 Clyde place
Blackman Ventilating Co. Ltd.
engineers and specialists in
ventilating and warming, and
in drying, 162 Hope st
Blair, Ju. & Co. 161 Finnieston st
Boyle, R. & Son, Ld. (patent self-
acting air pump ventilators), 110
Bothwell street. — See Advt. in
Braby, Fred. & Co. (Limited), 47,
49 St. Enoch sq.; and Eclipse
Works, Petershill road
Brown & Co. 63 Wigton st
Brownlec, Alex. & Co. 33, 34
Anderston qnay
Buchan, W. P. 38 Renfrew st
Carrick, Jas. G. & Co. 23 North
Wallace street, Parliamentary
rd. — See Ad. in App.
Clark, Wm. & Son, 100 John st
Cousland & Mackay (" Climax "
patent direct-acting ventilators,
and Mackay's patent ventilators,
&c.) 150 Hope st
Croggon & Co. Lmd. archimedian
and all kinds, 7 John street
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. Ld. (Aland's
patent air propeller and fans),
345 Argyle st
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cadogan st
Donald & Donald, patent self-acting
exhaust ventilators and other
ventilating appliances, 60 Both-
well circus; wnrks, 27 Douglas st
Finnieston (Tbe) Engineering Co.
(ship), 169 Finnieston st
Forrest & Davidson, Dockside,
Grahtryx VentilatiDg& Engineering
Co. Ltd. (successors to Baird,
Thompson & Co.), 20 Union
St. and at London
Hayward Bros. & Eckstein, Ltd.
141 W. Resent st
Hooper & Bullock, Moseley, makers
of patent improved louvre glass
ventilator ; agent. Arch. Aitchi-
son, 70 and 72 Waterloo st
Jamieson, Thos. & Co. 48 New
Johnston, J. D. & Co., makers of
the " Premier " ventilators, 9
Shutte st
Johnsons, Messrs. patent office,
handbook, "Hints to Inventors,"
gratis, 115 St. Vincent st
Key, W. (ventilation by mechanical
means), 109 Hope sc
Lumsden, Jas. & Son, 134 to 138
Renfield street
M'Haffie & Co. 107 John St.— <See
Ad. in Appen ■
M'HafBe, James, 9 Grafton st
Mechan & Sons, 60 Elliot st
Menzies, D. P. F.S.A. Scot, (patent
engineer) 30 Bishop street, west
Miller, A. B. sole representative
for the Sutcliffe patent ventilat-
ing fan, 103 Bothwell st
Murray, M'Vinnie & Co. Maviabank
Phillips, John, & Co. 1 7 Anderston
quay and 113 Hydepark st
Ramsay. Wm. & Co. 195§ Argyle st
and 11 Jamaica st
Thomson, William (Gill's patent
vacuum), 5 Dixon st
Utley, Thos & Co. (ship), 46 W.
Nile st
Anderson, Wm. F.R.C.V.S. 397
Parliamentary road
Bishop, Jas. 754 Garscube road
Blue, Allan P. M.R.C.V.S. 59
Pitt street
Brock, H. 118 North street
Currie, Thos. (farrier), 55 East
Nile st
Forbes, A. C, M.R.C.V.S., 224
Byres road, Hillhead
Frew, G., M.R.C.V.S. 8 and 10
Tureen st
Hamilton, Andw. 197 Dumbarton
Hart, Andrew, 9 Hunter st
Hill, Geo. C. M.R.C.V.S. 427
Hill, John, & Sons, 427 Gallow-
gate, 679 Duke st. 84 Main st.
Anderston, 89 Fordneuk st. 143
Commerce st. s.s. 10 Charles st.
St. RoUox, and Belmont place,
Imiie, David, 145 Castle st
Jardine, Jas. 2 Victoria st. s.s. and
6 AUi.'on st
Limont, Wm., M.A., M.B. Edin.,
Glasgow Veterinary College, 83
and 85 Buccleuch st
Lunn, George, 90 London rd
iVI'Call, James, F.R.C.V.S., 85
Buccleuch st. (Vet. College) {
M'Call, Jas. M'Intosh, M.B.C.M.,
M.R.<1V.S. 83, 85 Buccleuch st
(Vet. College)
M'Call, John Raphael, M.R.C.V.S.
Glasgow Vet. College
M'Dougall, John, M.R.C.V.S. 20
Berkeley st : .

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