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Nicol, W. 15'i London street
Noble, Mark, 115 Ledard rd
Notman, A. Finlay, 28 St. Enoch sq
O^ilvy, John, 73 Nithsdale drive
Onniston, J. (at Gumming &
Smith's, Ltd.)
Osborne, John, 452 So. Welling-
ton st
Osborne, Robt. W. (at Gray, Dunn,
& Co.'s)
Paisley, Donald, 79 West-end.
Park St
Paterson, Quintin G. 15 Princes
street, PolJokshields
Paton, Harry, 155 Blythswood
Paton, W. E. (at J. Gray & Co. Ltd.)
Pearson, Wm. M., 21 Kelvingrove
Penman, David, 21 Granville st
Perrett, Wm., 3 Thorn wood, ter.,
Phiison, R. K. (Cha3. Morgan &
Ralston, E. W. 17 Stanley street,
off Woodlands rd
Reid, A. (at Gray, Dunn, & Co.'s)
Reid, Irvine, Nenthorn, Cadzow
drive, Cambuslang
Renfrew, Eobt. 1094 Cathcart rd.
Mount Florida
Rennie, Jas. C. (at Jas. Davidson
& Co.'s)
Ritchie, John, 61 Cambridge drive
Robb, John (at Speirs, Gibb, & Co.)
Robertson, Geo. (at Wm. M'Ewan
& Co. Ltd.)
Robertson, John G. (John White
& Sons')
Robertson, R. S. (at Wm. M'Ewan
& Co. Ltd.)
Ross, George, Vine cottage, Govan
Scott, Thos. W. (at Wright &
Greig's, Ltd.)
Semple, Alex. 102 Bath st
Semple, Peter, 461 Sanchiehall
Sharp, Andrew, sen. 63 West
Graham st
Shirra, Jas. (at Ferguson, Shaw,
& Son's)
Shirra, Jas. D. (ilaclay & Co. Ld.
Alloa), 90 Bellgrove st
Silcox, J. W. (at A. Arrol & Sons',
Ltd.), 16 Dixon st
Sloan, Wm. A. (at John Gray &
Co.'s Ltd.)
Smellie, Jas. (of Slater Bros. & Co.,
6 Wood St. London), 21 Herriot
st. PoUokshields
Smith, Frank, 27 Oswald st
Smith, John A. 99 Glassford st
Smith, Wm.(at M'Call& Stephen's)
S pence, John, 61 Cadder street
Stevens, Chas. White, 7 Millbrae
Stevenson, Robt. 69 Cadder st
Stevenson, Wm. B. 9 Breadalbane
Stewart, James D. 30 Pollok rd
Stirling, Robert M'B. (at Stirling
& M'Lelland's), 38 Queen st
Strang, J. (at John Ure & Son's)
Summers, G. .1. 105 Blythswood dr
Taylor, James (at " Acme " Manu-
facturing Co. Ltd.)
Tennant, Clias. (at Jas. Marshall's,
25 Cumberland st. Calton)
Thom, John (at Fletcher, Parker,
& M 'Alpine's), 66 Miller st
Thomson, H. Arthur (at Wm,
Ramsay & Co.'s), 11 Jamaica st
Thorp, Frederick, 20 Battlefield
Tod, W. B. (at Wm. M'Ewan &
Co.'s, Lid.)
Tough, John M'A. (to Crawford
Bros. Ltd. Beith, Scotland),
office of Crawford Bros. Ltd. 86
Wilson st
Towart, John H. 10 Dixon st
Urie, Jas. 114 Hospital st. s.s
Vietch, Adam, 11 Both well st
Waddell, Jas. (at A. & R. Coch-
Waldie, Richd. 27 Washington st
Wallace, Angus, 27 Washington st
Wallace, D. (at John Gray & Co.'s,
Wallace, Hugh (at J. Gray & Co.'s,
Walter, J. Staffordshire Tileries Co
Wardrop, John H. 200 Battlefield
road, Langside
Wark, Wm. C. 23 Circus drive
Watson, Robt. (at W. Gentles & Co.)
Watson, Wm. (at Jno. Gray & Co.'s,
Watt, John (at British & Foreign
Glass Co.)
White, G. N. (at Gray, Dunn,
& Co.'s)
Wbyte, A, C. (at A. & R. Coch-
Wight, R. H. 94 Henderson st. W.
Wilkie, Geo. (at John Dre & Son's)
Wilson, Geo. (Jas. Gemmell & Co.)
Wilson, Wm. (at Jas. Marshall's),
25 Cumberland st. Calton
Wilson, Wm. 60 St. Enoch square
Wishart. John, 230 W. Regent st
Wood, D. H. 36 Westfield st
Wjlie, George, 83 Jamaica street
Yuille, John W. 34 Bothwell st
Argyle (The) Rubber Co. 17 Ren-
field street
Campbell, John, & Co, 142 Tron-
Carrick, James G. & Co. 23 North
Wallace st
Dickson, Wm. 186, 188 Albert st
Dove, John (hampers of every
description) 31 and 33 St.
Andrew's st. and 1 St. Andrew's
Forsyth, R. W. solid leather sample
cases made to any measuremeot,
sample bags, &c. Renfield street
and Gordon st
Fraukenburg, Julius, & Son, 18
Montrose street
Handley, John, & Sons, 101 Argyle
Irving Bros. 86 Renfield street;
telephone No. 4397
Leckie, Graham & Co. 116 Union st
M'Haffie & Co. 107 John st
Stevenson Bros, (repairs done),
Catherine lane, 100 Stirling rd
Thompson, Kemp & Co. leather
sample cases made to special
order in any design. Eclipse
Works, 96 Damley street, s.s. ;
telephone No. 1853
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co. (leather
sample cases made to special
order in any design), 64 West
Howard st
Adair & Co. 158 Argyle st
Argyle (The) Rubber Co. 17 Ren-
field street
Bow, Wm. (Bow's Emporium), 61
to 71 High st. corner of Bell st.
Brodie, D. & Co. American trunk
manufacturers, Londoa ; agent,
James Walker, 12 Waterloo st
Burton, Henry, & Co. 78 Bu-
chanan st
Cameron, R. E, 80 Maitland st
Campbell, John, & Co. 142 Trong.
Carrick, Jas. G. & Co. 23 North
Wallace st. Parliamentary rd. —
See Ad.
Dickson, Wm. 186-188 Albert st
Dickion, W. D. 29 Stirling st. city
Dove, John, 31, 33 St. Andrew's
St. and 1 St. Andrew's square
Dnnlop, S. W. 140 Buchanan st
Forsyth, B. W. solid leather trunks
and travelling cases, cabin trunks,
air-tight cases, &c. Ranfield st.
and Gordon st
Frankenburg, Julius, & Son, 18
Montrose street
Glasgow Sheet Metal Works, ja-
panned steel, &c. 107 John st.
— See Advt. in Appen
Glen, John, 159 Ingram street ;
telephone, 4084
Goudie, J. N. & Co. 55 Buchanan
Handley, J. & Sons, 101 Argyle
Husband, G. R. school and cabin
trunks and air-tight clothing
cases, 89 Renfield st. and 56
Bath st. (corner)
Irving Bros. 86 Renfield street;
telephone No. 4397
2 U

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